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Survivor 41 Covid status & Filming UPDATED NEWS

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The Caribbean might be an option and there is hope that three seasons can be filmed.

The French Survivor just finished filming. The crew used a cruise ship as their base/

Apparently all went well!

So it is POSSIBLE...

The filming in Taha'a thus mobilized nearly 300 people for more than a month. 200 people for the filming and production team, and nearly one hundred local partners who took part in the entire organization and setting up of the game. "The mayors of the municipalities of Uturoa and Taha ' have told us that it was a great breath of fresh air for the population of these islands with the difficult context that we know today, ”explained Alexia Laroche-Joubert.

<<A team of 300 people who therefore lived for more than a month in a health bubble. In particular, a cruise ship was dispatched to Uturoa to accommodate the whole team. An essential means to ensure the good performance of the shoot. "As soon as we had people with the coronavirus in our team, the shooting stops and a Koh-Lanta shoot that stops is a shoot that is canceled", exclaimed Denis Brogniart . "It is for this reason that we opted for an accommodation option concentrated on a cruise ship with people who have been tested at least three times. It is this rigor, this health protocol that allowed us to go after 40 days without having any case of Covid. ">>


Looks like Season 41 might be able to film in April, with 42 in June.


“Survivor will be filming in Fiji with the crew expecting to arrive in the next few days. They have to stagger the way they actually come because most of the crew are sitting in different parts of the world but all done under the guidance of the Ministry of Health. We follow the necessary protocol to protect our own citizens.”[/font][/size][/font]
The filming for Season 41 in Fiji was postponed last year due to the growing concern over the Coronavirus outbreak."

This is the greatest news ever for the long awaited reality series. Production must start on a quarantine for 14 days.


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