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Survivor: South Africa Season 8 (2020)


When, not if. After M-Net previously stated that Survivor SA was being shelved, they announced that the show was renewed for 2020 with season 8 Survivor SA: Immunity Island. While that name might sound like a turn-off, I do have complete confidence in production as the show is made by fans for fans (the most recent twist Island of Secrets was really well executed). One thing Survivor SA excels at since the show was revived in 2018 is that the episodes are more focused on characters over the twists, so it's exciting to see what they can do for the next season.

ZBC Company:
we might be back in soma mabye

Filming starts next month!

ZBC Company:

Exciting start to the season.

These people came out to play hard. Got a lot of voting blocs right off of the bat.

Show contentRenier pointing at Jason when Jason was talking to Dino.  :funny:

There are a lot of dynamics to the choice on the titular Immunity Island: have immunity but no vote with a challenge that give an advantage or a disadvantage or give up immunity to someone else but a retain the vote. I do wonder what the dynamics of choosing who to send will be like after a swap.

The Wild Coast is also such a nice change of pace from the same Fijian beaches. The coastline looks stunning.


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