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TAR Australia 5 (2020) News/Media/Speculation Thread! *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*

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Good news today!

TAR Australia has been confirmed for a fifth season in 2020!  :conf: :cheer: :2hearts:

--- Quote ---New international for 2020 are FBI Most Wanted, starring  Julian McMahon, and (the long-awaited) The Gilded Age from Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey) starring Christine Baranski, Cynthia Nixon and Amanda Peet. Also back is more of NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Bull, FBI, The Graham Norton Show, The Conners, various Jamie Oliver titles and more.

Also confirmed are The Amazing Race Australia and One Born Every Minute Australia and Celebrity Name Game.

So what’s missing? Sunday Night Takeaway is not returning. Also out is Show Me the Movie and Changing Rooms. There’s no mention of My Life is Murder or Mr. Black as yet while Trial by Kyle is yet to launch.
--- End quote ---


As per the picture below, Season 5 will air in November & December 2020!  :conf: :cheer: :2hearts:

It's a bit unfortunate, because I believed that it was possible for us to get TWO seasons next year!

However, it doesn't really matter because we are getting another season!!!  :waves:

On how series 5 will film? But not at the same time in next year's Olympics in Tokyo.

I ♥ TAR:
I honestly don't get the optimism? Yeah, I want another season, of course... But they can easily cancel 5th season if ratings for TARAU4 will be bad, I guess. Or not? Because I think this means nothing so far... Everything is depending on good ratings of this season. They will not be filming another season when no one would be watching this one.

I mean they opened application for TARAU3 during season 2 airing, then canceled it, and then reopen it again 2 years later.

And so it begins!

Filming June-July 2020

Casting news and comments go here:,35932.0.html


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