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Instead of u-turning another team maybe the One Way is choosing the detour of another team?

It definitely could be this, or it could be two teams force two other teams to not be able to switch Detour options once they've chosen the first one :duno:

Overall, I definitely agree that the tasks on this leg were well-designed.  I especially liked the extra train building task at the end :tup:

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Just catching up on this, and this was definitely much better than the first leg, both the bike and the train task were good.  The only bad part there was one team getting help from another when they obviously should have had to work it out for themselves.  Also the obsession this show has with express passes is very weird, all it helps do is reduce the drama.  Would have probably preferred the penultimate team to go out as the eliminated team had some funny moments, their navigation was always terrible though.

I don't really mind Dave and Irina either, they are competitive but that's ok.  Dave is doing most of the work so far.  Irina's attitude is funny at this point. 
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