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~Sequester~ ORG Series created by Audrey from BB17

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So Im not sure if there is a thread about this yet or not..

Audrey (BB17) has her Sequester ORG series that is famous for having actual BB contestants compete against fans. The original series all took place on Skype which was a cool addition to the ORG universe making the game more realistic. Now, she has started a new revamped series of Sequester. Players are now flown to a secret location and compete against eachother IN PERSON! Like an actual low budget (but still good) version of Survivor/Big Brother. Season 2 of the revamped series premiered last Sunday and can be found here...

Sequester - Season 2 // Ep. 1

Jesse, Hamza, Sindy from BBCAN
Krista from Amazing Race
Judd from BBUS

And then a bunch of fans like us.. maybe even some that you have played ORGs with in the past

I thought this was all done online?? ???

Yes you are correct. The original series that Audrey created was done through Skype I believe. She upped the ante though by revamping the series and having it filmed on location so that it can be played out , filmed, edited, produced just like our fave reality competition shows!

https://youtu.be/-brIyjdolEg - these are the gameplay rules

Season 2 was great and season 3 starts next Sunday, November 3rd on Youtube (link below)/Amazon Prime. The cast has been released and there are some preseason interviews out there. The episodes are released every Sunday at 8 PM and are usually 45-60 minutes in length.

Link to the episodes/cast bios - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4HmK6uggKEKG8f0x3NksRQ

Preseason interviews - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBYfj5Madx0

Sequester season #3 started last night and the first episode is below. Episodes are released weekly on Sunday nights at 8 PM.



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