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Yeah, it's weird how unrecognizable Dana & Matt look in that photo. For a good while I thought it was one of 32's teams, too!


--- Quote --- Rumors of the local shoot began swirling online Monday morning (Dec. 3). By early evening, a CBS spokeswoman confirmed that the long-running competition series -- which sees 11 teams of two people each working to solve puzzles, perform challenges and generally outsmart the competition as they race around the world to avoid elimination -- was, indeed, preparing to film in the Crescent City.

In the interest of preserving suspense, CBS had no other details to share on the local shoot.
--- End quote ---

Not sure if this is the right thread for this, but according to AdAge, The Amazing Race 32 will charge $85,838 for a 30 second ad. This is down from TAR31's $117,871.


Interesting. CBS has none. BUT unclear how they can predict without knowing the night and time?

--- Quote ---Ad Age's survey is assembled using information from as many as six media-buying agencies. (See our 2018 pricing chart here.) The resulting prices should be viewed as directional indicators of unit cost and not the actual price that every advertiser paid for a 30-second spot. The numbers are based on agency estimates that can vary depending on the amount of inventory purchased from a network, the inclusion of any nontraditional advertising such as product placements, and the relationship that an advertiser and media-buying agency has with a network. Most TV advertising is typically purchased as part of larger negotiations, not on a one-off basis.

These estimates also reflect the prices that advertisers and networks agreed on in this year's upfront marketplace. Prices have likely changed for those buying spots closer to the air date in the so-called "scatter" market that follows.

--- End quote ---

I remember seeing a same article a few years back, when the show was on Friday nights (27/28 I think). And if I recall, it was right in the 80-85K range. I'm guessing TAR30's success shot the rates back up to 117K for 31, and with the show's uncertainty in the scheduling department, rates reduced for 32. Of course it's all subject to change as advertisers buy in bulk along with other shows as well.

I find it interesting you can make an educated guess on the income per episode/season based on those numbers. If there's, say, 26 30-second ads in a 1 hour show, that would mean about 2.23 mil in revenue per episode. That's about 26 mil for a 12 episode season (not including paid plugs like Travelocity as well). I recall seeing something a few years ago that the estimated budget for a season was in the 13-15 mil range.

That number of 26 commercials per episode is a rough guess on my part. That's 13 minutes, which seems reasonable given that shows are about 42-43 minutes, and there has to be a few minutes reserved for local affiliates and promos for other shows, which they don't make money on.


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