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TAR 32: Speculation and Discussion of the **SPOILERS** WORKZONE!

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This thread is the WORKZONE of our spoilers.
This is where ALL the spoiler speculation/discussion of the TAR 32 race goes, NOT in the LIVE thread. It is where we try to thrash out what the LIVE sightings mean.
(If the start is LIVE, then we will use that thread for all sightings Start to Airport Departure.)

ALL Discussion of the LIVE Sightings and comments on them go here!

As always, per RFF's practices, we do not spoil the start location (if known) or any teams until it is believed that the teams are safely underway. We would never want to put a team in jeopardy or cause them distress or interfere with the actual running of the race. Info on future legs may also occasionally be protected for those reasons. But if you have info to share beforehand, we would love to know, so please feel free to PM or email me! Spoilers are treasured!
This thread will be opened once the race is beginning. (not quite yet!  :0328:)

Teams are at LAX at 3 AM? They must have started the race at midnight! Now that's a sneaky twist. It'll probably be a couple of hours before they leave.

Wow. Well I guess they're off.

From the one pic it shows they're hanging out around Gate 72A.
Upcoming departures from 72A or 72B:
Denver - 5:15am
Houston - 6am
Honolulu - 8:24am
Kahului - 8:30am

I ♥ TAR:
Based on the teams we spotted so far, it looks like another "champions" season.


--- Quote from: I ♥ TAR on November 10, 2018, 06:07:31 AM ---Based on the teams we spotted so far, it looks like another "champions" season.

--- End quote ---
Excited to see maybe at least an Asian-American lady in one of the pics?

Also, no sign of any BB HGs? *knockonwood*


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