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Good News!!

RFF is getting a Brand New Server with lots more room!

And should be speedier as well!

We will be moving to the new server on Friday August 3 starting about 11AM EST.

You may see an "Under Maintenance" Notice during the move.

Downtime is expected to be minimal...likely only a few hours, but am told it COULD be much faster!

I am opening a Server Issues Topic in SUPPORT. If you notice anything not acting just right or missing or glitch-y after the move please let us know there!


Yes! :cheer:

The only thing I have to gripe (?) about is that anyone who's not in fantasy games didn't know about this until now. Usually, I have that section collapsed. But I didn't, so I saw that it was happening.

Anyone it affected before now was notified, the rest of us just need to be happy now!

It's finally happening!  :conf: :cheer: :woohoo:

Thanks for doing this for us, Peach!

Just a reminder! We'll be migrating soon and will have some downtime.

See you all on the "Other Side"!!


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