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My first season and loving it! SPOILERS

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I totally love this season but according to 'loyal' Survivor followers, this season sux?

What's so bad about it?

Welcome, RedPill! :welcome:

Me, for one, it's mostly that this season promised a theme that sounded awesome on paper. But the season hasn't quite lived up to the hype in its execution.

Well, tell me what you like about the season, and I'll tell you why I don't like it.
There's no standout moments I'm gonna remember about this season, it's just bland from start to finish.

I love it how Jen says Donathin is so stupid and Donathin ends up playing her lol

Dominic and Wendell are in control! When they are at council they are the big dawgs with strategy

Funny how makes a fake idol and tries to fool everyone but it fails and gets sent home lol

Kellyn moans so much so loved seeing her get voted off :)

Okay I don't really understand what you just said so I'll just say that once you actually watch a few good seasons, you won't need nobody to tell you why Ghost Island is shiet.


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