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A contestant from Big Brother USA has died....


I was browsing Twitter and I came across the SHOCKING announcement that Kent from Big Brother US Season 2 has died.

It made me think of the contestants from Survivor and The Amazing Race that have died and I invite y'all to take some time to remember them. They all left unforgettable footprints on this earth with what they did and we must never forget them.

Those from The Amazing Race who have died:
Margaretta Groark of Dave & Margaretta (Season 1).
Nancy Hoyt of Nancy & Emily (Season 1).
Renee Rogers of the Rogers Family (Season Eight)
Lisa Hinds of Lisa & Joni (Season 9).
Bill Alden of Bill & Cathi (Season 19).
Sheila Castle of Rob & Sheila (Season 21).

Those from Survivor who have died:
B.B. Andersen (Survivor: Borneo).
Jenn Lyon (Survivor: Palau).
Dan Kay (Survivor: Gabon).
Caleb Blankston (Survivor: Blood vs. Water).

It's a sad list, but it's the reality of life...everybody dies and you never know when you won't have anymore tomorrows. Please, remember the legacies that these people left behind.

RIP Kent :(

Apparently he passed 2 days ago.

RIP Kent :(

Just keep in mind that Kent was one of the oldest houseguests ever on BB, so given that this is 17 years later, might not be all that unexpected.


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