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S35 Ep:12 "Not Going to Roll Over and Die" (12/6)

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Evidently Lauren had the advantage with her per this interview.  She answers other questions many of the viewers have had since the episode.

If only they still had the "favorite survivor" vote... I'd vote for Lauren!

WOW... didn't see that coming, i thought Lauren got the winner edit. i know many people disappointed with the result but this season is getting better after boring pre-merge episodes. Ben is still the main target, but in the preview Chrissy talk to others and want to vote Ashley, so maybe Ben won immunity. Ashley & Devon are so close, if the others want to get to the final 3, they must break this duo.

I just really hope Ben isn't getting the Mike Holloway edit and won't go on an immunity run to win.
I like him as a character, but I don't want him to win.

I loved this episode!!! Ben definitely made himself a little more likable making a play like that! I think Ryan, Chrissy, and Mike will go on to be final 3 for sure!!!! Ashley go next, then devon, then Ben...

This season had such great females that left so early!!! I hope to see a reurnee season jam packed with Heroes, healers, and Hustlers.

IMO, best episode hands down. I may seem biassed (my name IS CocoNuts) Mike will win. He has 3 healers in jury and he would receive more votes over chrissy and ryan and ben. Devon and Ashley maybe not.

This season is glam because you have great players wannabe trying to make big moves and sometimes they fail, but sometimes they succeed.

I didnít perceive Lauren as very smart, but to be honest sheís a relatively great player. I hope she learns from this like Tyson and do well in future Seasons, which we know sheís definitely coming back.

Iím going back to my original choice, that Ryan is still a potential winner lol. idk why but the winnerís edit was too strong right from the start.


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