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Ehhh, are we allowed to do this? I've been on and off and forgot if such a thread is allowed or not.

If it is not, please just lock it.

If it is, please start with the predictions and speculation! I'll post mine later on!

I hope Lauren and Ben win, however someone like Ryan will probably win :res:

After last episode, I really think Chrissy will either be blindsided by her alliance mid-merge, or will have the story of "why did she lose" ala Aubry.
I feel like Ryan will continue to be the narrator, but he's been too dominant edit-wise since the beginning to win imo.
I have Ben and Lauren (yep :lol:) as my main contenders right now. And I feel that Joe is gonna stay a while, like top 6.

A strong edit with a case to win and currently holds the position of power:
Chrissy - they don't like her, but if she managed to make it all the way to the end with a not so bitter jury, then all is good
Ryan - people like him and we clearly know he's a strong analyst. however, he gives me the Todd/Cochran feel but not as capable. comes off more as sneaky than a mastermind with the way he talks

Relatively strong edit (at least there's a story):
Lauren - people like her, except Cole, but she seems like the typical 4th placer
Mike - very smart, more likely to be voted off next for being a mastermind as he's now no longer in the position of power
Joe - even more likely than Mike to be voted off
Ben - flipper, potentially 4 of the jury members are gonna hate him if jury starts this week. good to bring to the end, but then again, if jury management is good, all's good

Floating as of now BUT there may be a back story:
Devon - ??? Ryan will pull him far, either a F3 filler but won't receive any votes, or voted out at F5 for being seen as a "challenge threat" or some other bullsh*t
Ashley - i actually REALLY REALLY like her. i believe there's a backstory that's not been unfolded yet and she gives me the Natalie feel, where her win might come from no where. but then again, currently as of now.. nothing is to be seen

Completely hopeless (if they pull a win my jaw will drop) :funny: :funny::
Desi - erm, ok.
Cole - eat more sugar and cinnamon pls. if you piss more people off people might actually consider taking you to the end.
JP - in the majority but soon Ryan's gonna be like HE NEEDS TO GO OMG HE'S A THREAT AND THEN HE'S GONE. bye

F3 Contenders: Ryan, Chrissy, Ben/Devon
My Prediction Boot for next week: Joe or Mike
ps: this is the first time in 73462347234923 seasons I'M COMPLETELY SPOILER FREE YES YES YES :chute: :chute:

- Neither Ryan or Chrissy wins. However, if they don't win, they will come for another season for sure, ugh. I could handle Chrissy, not Ryan.
- Lauren, Mike and Ben/Desi F3, with Lauren being the winner. I would love to see her winning. <3


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