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The basic premise of the show is all of the viewers can deposit 5 dollars, and answer trivia questions live on an app in an effort to win a part of the total user-funded prize pool. The show would consist of 21 total questions, and the players would have to answer all 21 correctly in order to place in the prize pool. If this is something that peaks your interest, be sure to visit our twitter page @Perfect__Score to read the full synopsis. I have tried reaching out to numerous agents, and production companies, but it is impossible to get anyone in Hollywood to listen to an average person without any connections no matter how good an idea is. That is why we need your help to make this happen! Be sure to vote up this post, follow us, and spread the word about the next great game show!

The plan as of now is to register a kickstarter once the twitter account gains some popularity. The networks will definitly take notice if people actually donate to the kickstarter.

PS - The synopsis and show idea are registered with the US Copyright Office as well as the Writers Guild of America East so don't try and steal my idea!
That handle again is @Perfect__Score (2 underscores)