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--- Quote ---CBS’ new unscripted series “Hunted” got off to a strong start Sunday night following the AFC Championship game. The show, which follows teams of two who try to go off the grid and the professionals who track them down, scored a 3.6 rating in adults 18-49 and 10.77 million viewers, pending updates.
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UPDATE: CBS has released time zone-adjusted ratings for “Hunted,” which put the show at a 4.0 in adults 18-49 — the best series debut of the season — and 11.83 million viewers. The original post is below. :conf: :conf:

WOW that's huge!

Hoping it sticks and we'll eventually have TAR/Survivor/BB AND Hunted every year!  :hoot:


--- Quote from: gamerfan09 on January 24, 2017, 05:07:49 AM ---WOW that's huge!

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Yeah but it was a program following the football final which got 48 million viewers and a 15.4 in the 18-49. Is a (roughly) 25% retention rate good? How does this compare to other shows that follow massive football games?

Anyway, I sort of hope Hunted fails just so it TAR reduces the probability that TAR gets canceled. #longliveTAR

I am happy for Hunted. I think this shows we are all hungry for any fun programming. I bet TAR would have matched or exceeded those ratings in that valuable timeslot.

The real test will be how it holds  up in their usual time slot. This week is two hours. Next week will be the test. Not sure if this will hold...hope so!


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