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Art and J.J. Season 20


Art and J.J.:
TAR Fans

This is J.J. from Season 20.  I have always loved this website for the passion and love of The Amazing Race!  Art and I loved coming to this site during our season and reading all the posts (Good and Bad!).

I have always loved the stories of what really happened and what wasn't able (due to television time constraints) to be showed.  Art and I recently did a podcast called The Green Mile which is a podcast centered around the Border Patrol and has a big following with over a million listeners. The beginning of the podcast talks about our work in the BP so if you want to fast forward you can then we talk about the beginning, middle and the unfortunate end of our race around the world!

Anyway, we thought Race fans would like to hear some of the "behind the scenes" and our thoughts from our season. 

I know our season has been over for some time but hope you like it.


welcome to RFF, J.J  :conf: :conf:

hope you share a joy with us at RFF...

(i actually rooted for you so glad see you here with us)

Thanks JJ, i'll definitely check that out!

Saw you and Art in the press photos for Price is Right, were there any other teams there that were watching live and not participating, as the BB and Survivor shows there seems to be lots of ex-contestants watching the show in a special area.

Welcome to RFF, J. J  :trampb: :trampb:


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