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American Idol Cancelled After Fifteen Seasons

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The music reality show that was once the most popular on U.S. television will return in January, but Fox announced on Monday that it will be a farewell season for the series. Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. will return as the judges for the final season as will host Ryan Seacrest.

The show was once a ratings juggernaut and huge profit driver for Fox. It averaged more than 20 million viewers every season from 2003, it's second year on the air, through 2011, according to ratings tracker Nielsen, making it the top rated non-sports program on television through most of that period. It reached a high point with an average of nearly 31 million viewers in 2006.

But its ratings have fallen hard since then, with an average of only 10.3 million viewers last season, and only 9 million viewers so far this year. It is no longer even Fox's top rated program, losing that distinction to the new drama Empire.

I don't really care for American Idol anymore, but it's sad to see a staple show gone! :(

I'll definitely watch the final season (unless I get bored in the middle of it :lol:)

FINALLY! This has taken way too long to happen. All of the recent seasons have been crap imo.

The last season that i've liked was probably that one won by Lee Dewyze  :funny:

ZBC Company:
I like all recent winners sad see go fox will only have one reality show

I hope this is a good sign for all the singing crap shows to die! *cackles*


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