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Grade: B+

So so. I didn't like the arrangements though.

My ranking

1. Clark Beckham
Loved the vulnerability and pain in the emotion he brought to the stage. Plus his crazy vocals, of course!

2. Nick Fradiani
I'm stating to really love this guy and I absolutely agree with Harry when he said that Nick's strength is his humility. He is really very attractive but he doesn't simply take comfort in that. Instead, we see him getting more and more comfortable on stage, getting better and better week after week. He reminds me a little of Kris Allen and I won't be surprised if he does go all the way.

3. Jax
I loved the beginning and the end when it was chilling and quiet with just her voice and the piano. Beautiful. She did get lost in the middle though, with all the noise around her. I'm waiting for her to really own a moment on stage soon.

4. Tyanna Jones
She's back! Solid vocals and performance.

5. Quentin Alexander
Decent but not fantastic for me. I do love his uniqueness though.

6. Joey Cook
I didn't think the song was suitable for her. It failed to show her artistry.

7. Qaasim Middleton
It was decent I guess. But I wasn't jumping out of my seat.

8. Rayvon Owen
Man... I thought he would be going home and after hearing his performance, I still didn't think he should have stayed over Adanna. His performance each week is just good, but there's nothing special and emotional about it so it just pales in comparison with the others'.

9. Daniel Seavey
If he were performing on his own, it wouldn't be a bad performance. But... It was up against people who are so much more experienced than him. But I guess he's gonna stick around a few more weeks.

And so we lose girls again... 6 guys and 3 girls now. :( I'm hoping that Rayvon or Daniel leaves, but I have a feeling it might be a surprise elimination this week. Maybe one of the girls but I pray not...

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