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My first Survivor Season was San Juan Del Sur, so, right now I want to watch every single past season.
I won't watch it in order. For example, this weekend I started with China. I'm on episode 6. I have class from Monday to Thursday, so I'm sure I'll watch it on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Every time I will finish a season, I will post what I think about the season here. Is ok in this topic? :P

I already finished Survivor: China.
It was an amazing season. I know everybody loves it, and now I know why.

I want to say something about each contestant:

- Chicken: DAMN! *Ashley and Sherea's faces* xDD
- Ashley: I expected a little bit more of her.
- Leslie: I love her. She's such a sweet woman. She should have kept the Immunity Idol clue for herself.
- Dave: He was the most working man on Zhan Hu, but he is crazy! When he was naked on the challenge.. lol
- Aaron: I liked him. I expected he would go further. Tribe switch killed him.
- Sherea: The dressed woman on heels was the best woman at challenges. At camp, always resting. At challenges, always a beast. I like her. As Aaron, the switch killed her.
- Jamie: Aw! I don't know if people likes her or if they hate her, but I love her! xD I love her voice! When she tried to play the fake II was funny, but sad too, because I knew she was going home. :( She was the best asking to the three finalists on the last TC.
- JR: I don't like him at all. It was funny when Todd shut him up on the last TC. xD
- Frosti: Strong, nice and kinda cute. I expected him as a finalist.
- James: At first I though he was gonna be a shy guy, but he was growing so fast. Unbeattable at challenges. His biggest mistake, as everybody knows, not to pull out one II. I like him, deeply is a muscled teddy bear, I know. xDD
- Erik: OMG such a cute guy! He is handsome, and when he said: "I'm virgin", aww so cute. <3
- PG: I like her in China more than in Cambodia, obviously. She was a fighter with almost everything in against her.
- Denise: I like her. She is a good woman with a normal life. I felt her a lot when she said that she was always kept the last at school for being fat and those things. It was so sad when she was eliminated.
- Amanda: I like her too, but if she had not been Todd's "puppet", I would like her more. She is a nice girl, but she was playing too much on Todd's side. I think she would have been nice playing alone, she's smart. She was the one who planned to get rid of James.
- Courtney: Love heeeeeeeer! She was not the best at anything at all, but she stole my heart. lol She's a cute devil. hahaha
- Todd: At first I like Todd. Then love him. Finally, I didn't like him. He was lying too much to her friends. But well, this is Survivor, and tbh, he was the best player. Since day one knew what to do, and he played well.

- Who I would like to see again?
I know some of them participated in other season, so I skip them. I want to see again: Jamie, Frosti, Sherea, Aaron and Denise.

Next Season: Survivor: One World.

Good Luck with OW :iok

SHEREA </3 Such a beast!


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