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American Idol Season 14 - Audition (it's getting better)

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Anyone's watching? :funny:

Well, somehow they showed the top 24 RIGHT in the beginning of the audition, so I think I'll skip until the top 24 performs. Because I think that really dropped the fun factor of wondering whether this contestant will move on or not. Right after I heard the top 24 performed, I directly looked for the news and what I'd found was the top 24 leaked out. :groan:

But I have to say that this season has promising talents and I'll be waiting for their live performance, because that's when the truth shows up.

They did? What...

And somebody still ask me why I stop watching it...  :groan:

AI hasn't been good in years  :'( :'( :'(

I would recommend everyone watch Empire instead, I saw the Pilot and it is an amazing drama about the music industry! <3


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