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Rachel Hunter Is Gilligan's Girl
by Daniel R. Coleridge

Rachel Hunter

Watch your back, Tina Louise. Supermodel Rachel Hunter is stealing your signature role as Ginger Grant, aka "the Movie Star" from Gilligan's Island. Only the sexy New Zealander recently best known as "Stacey's Mom" in the Fountains of Wayne music video isn't doing a remake of the '60s hitcom. She's doing TBS's The Real Gilligan's Island (kicking off tonight at 8 pm/ET).

Here's the sitch: Reality TV's latest potential shipwreck, produced by The Bachelor's Mike Fleiss, features two sets of stranded castaways competing to get off an island. So there's two real-life professors, two skippers, two millionaire couples, and so on. But unlike Celebrity Mole or I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here!, which feature (dubiously) famous people only, this show features two B-list celebs mixed in with the common folk: Hunter and Charles in Charge's Nicole Eggert are the competing Gingers. But why?

"Cash and prizes," she chuckles to TV Guide Online. "That's all we can say."

Still, we can see why Eggert who's apparently been languishing in straight-to-DVD hell since her Baywatch stint ended would stoop to do a reality show. But why would a cool gal like Hunter humble herself so?

"I first started modeling 18 years ago, and I've done loads of independent films," she shrugs. "Everyone's career goes up and down. I don't look to be Meryl Streep or Nicole Kidman. I don't have to validate my career because I am who I am and I don't give a s--t how anybody sees it.

"If I want to go do something," Hunter adds frankly, "it's because I want to do it. It's not about me having any premeditated ideas like, 'Oh, people are gonna see me and this will be a resurgence of my career.'

"It's funny, like the 'Stacey's Mom' video. I thought that would just be fun to do. I never thought it would be that big. I wanted to do this reality show to test myself physically and mentally. I don't care whether you're an A-, B-, C-, D- or F-list star. I had [such] an awesome experience that I would absolutely do it again."

While Hunter's far more willing to get her manicured hands dirty than the glammy Ginger was, she can definitely relate to one thing: Ms. Grant's penchant for over-packing. Don't forget, kids, Ginger always had lotsa fancy gowns to wear, even though the S.S. Minnow was only scheduled for a three-hour tour!

"She's a little over the top. But if I go on a boat, I personally do have different sarongs to change into," Hunter laughs. "It has nothing to do with being a glamour girl. It has a lot to do with being a Virgo. I like to change clothes four times a day. We change all the time!"


This show was a riot!  :()() It reminds me sooo...much of Survivor.

It was pretty funny except for the part where Skipper nearly had a heart attack on the beach ..where were the medics ? it seemed like he was there for at least 15 minutes ..all his team could do was comfort him ..that just bugged me . I say bring back OutBack Jack TBS  ! Now that was my kind of show  ^:)^

I am so glad Donna is gone. Cock-a-doodle-doo! It was so funny when Nicole would try to have a conversation with her and Donna was not paying any attention to Nicole.  :)*

If TBS brings back any show, it should be House Rules!

I actually got to watch The Real Gilligans Island.  I thought the challenges for ammenities and immunity were scenes from Survivor.  :)*

I liked that Captain better than the one that stayed. In fact I like the whole first team better and i'm glad that professor won. Boy it was dark when they all came back to camp so I don't know how long he actually lay on that beach trying to breathe. I wanted to see some medics running down there.

What I like was that your fate is in your hands for the most part. If you lose you lose, you aren't voted out because you may be a threat or, someone doesn't like your looks. LOL I think that blonde billionaire woman is going to get someone to lay a fat lip on her. The glitch may be that IF your own team doesn't like you they may not help you as much as they could.

Not my fav show but once I started watching I had to see what happened. No other Outback Jack could ever be as good as the first one. I would watch it all over again tho. oolala I loved Jack.


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