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I don't see something like this on here, unless i didn't look hard enough, anyways, i can't really rank them, but some that i really liked were:

Borneo, Australia, Pearl Islands, All Stars, Vanuatu, Guatemala, Fiji, China, Micronesia, Gabon, HvV, Redemption Is., South Pacific, Philippines.

Glamazon Racer:
I have seen most of Borneo, Australia, Guatemala, Cook, Micronesia, Gabon and Samoa onwards.

From those seasons, Micronesia is my clear favourite, followed closely by Gabon, HvV, Samoa, Cook Islands and Guatemala in that order.

I really hate One World. Also hate SoPa. RI was awful except Phillip. Nicaragua was quite boring except Brenda. And Philippines was superb pre-merge, but horrible from like Final Ten onwards.

I've only seen Samoa onwards, and IMO Samoa was OK, I liked but at the same time hated Russelldomination, LOVED HVV, disliked Nicaragua at the time (except for BRENDA <3 ) but then realised that it was better than everything else since except for Phil, hated RI (everyone was too mindless), really disliked SoPa (because a Savaii didn't win and Upolu I really didn't like ) hated OW (just EW) and Phil was <3 until it became quite boring and alliances got Pagonged.

Nicaragua, Fiji, Brazil were some of the really suckass seasons. Nicaragua being the WORST.

I hated the Redemption Island twist, but there were some likeable people even though they might not have been good strategizers. Besides Rob, i really liked Andrea, Natalie, Grant, Matt, and all the Zapateras that made the merge. And i really think SoPa is underrated. The Pagonging of Savaii made it seem boring, but i loved rooting against Coach, and i actually didn't mind Brandon, and i really liked Rick, Albert, and Sophie. One World had such good potential with someone funny like Bill, or a strategic mind like Matt, but Colton just ruined this. I loved Kim Sabrina and Chelsea, but i hated the all female domination, since that meant likeable players like Jonas, Leif, and Jay had absolutely no chance after Mike got voted out. And Philippines was so-so, since i really only had Carter, Malcolm, and Denise to root for after the merge.


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