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Hi everyone!

With a fresh new year upon us, it's time to unveil a brand new and very exciting venture from Reality Fan Forum.

It's called Reality Fan Wiki, and its aim is to become the world's number one resource for all things reality TV. Whether its Amazing Race, Survivor, Big Brother or anything else reality, we want RFW to become the ultimate database for fans and contestants alike. Rob & I have been working hard over the last few months to get everything in place, and I think we finally have the perfect platform to make it happen.

As with any wiki, this isn't going to happen overnight. Just by being a member of Reality Fan Forum, you have already helped make RFF the number one discussion board for reality TV on the net. Now, we need YOUR help again to put RFW on the map.

Sure, Wikipedia is a good place to start for casual fans of reality shows, but we at RFF are anything but casual fans! For more in-depth results, records and contestant information, you often need to turn to one of the fairly messy wiki farm sites, riddled with adverts and unreliable information. Reality Fan Wiki is not hosted on a wiki farm; we have full control on what we do with it and the potential is unlimited.

An ultimate wiki with every scrap of information imaginable is our dream. Becoming known as not just the best reality forum in the world, but the best source of reliable information is what we're aiming for. Now it's up to our great members, you guys, to make it happen!

So get stuck in!

Rob is currently working really hard to get a subforum for RFW set up, where you'll be able to learn more, post questions about the wiki and chat about particular articles. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to post here or PM!

Thanks to all who suggested this and to Rob and Dom for making it happen!


Just wondering: Can we move our endless Fantasy Game wikia pages over there?

A good start for the wiki would be to contact maf and use all his great recaps of the recent TAR seasons. They are very detailed and offer a lot more info than wikipedia.


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