Author Topic: TAR 21 Ep 8 "We was Robbed"  (Read 38456 times)

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Re: TAR 21 Ep 8 "We was Robbed"
« Reply #100 on: December 04, 2012, 06:42:35 PM »
This episode just aired in Australia last night, nice job channel 7 ><
anyway, could this leg be the leg with the most amount of teams yet the fewest inter-team interactions? the only teams that saw each other were the chippendales working with trey and lexi for the whole leg, and trey and lexi briefly seeing the twins get out of their taxi

Also is it just me or is Sokolniki park (or wherever the pitstop was) featured also in season 13?

It was. Sokolniki park was the park where the detour in the second Moscow leg started (the lady with the shetland pony).