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Cindy and Ernie's Ep 3 Discussion!!

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Monday night at 9PM CST!!
Feel free to post some questions/comments ahead of time!! :conf:

 :hello2: Ernie & Cindy. Questions.

1. What do you guys think of the Blind W-turn? Do you think the decisions to use the U-turn were the right one?
2. If you had the Blind W-turn in your season, would you have used it.
3. What do you think of the teams remaining?

Hey! First time I'm going to be able to participate in this!  :conf: Of course still not with you guys...but close enough.  :lol:

This season seems to have a lot of bad taxi luck, 2 of the 3 eliminations so far were due to bad cabbies! I hope this doesn't continue, because then the F3 would be made up of who was the luckiest with cabs as opposed to who raced the best. But that Caitlyn/Brittany Will/Gary race to the pitstop was one of my favorite TAR moments ever...very dramatic.  Even though one of my favorite teams were eliminated. When Gary and Will uturned Chia and his girl I was sure that they would be eliminated.

So far, what are you guys thinking about this season? I think it has a good cast and some dramatic moments, even if some of the tasks are less than great.

Hey Ernie and Cindy!

Here is my question :

What are you thinking about this Season's tasks , so far? Because i think they are not very challenging...

Welcome Back!! Looking forward to tonight's discussion!


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