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TAR 21 Ep 2 Discussion! Hosted by TAR 19's Cindy and Ernie!

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Please join us here again tonight for another fabulous episode recap discussion, led by TAR 19's WINNERS, Cindy and Ernie!!  :hearts:
Exact time TBD determined based on football, lol.


MONDAY night 9-11PM CST!! Come join the fun!!


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MONDAY night 9-11PM CST!! Come join the fun!!

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Don't forget!!:yess:

Hi Everyone! Did you get a chance to see Episode 2 of this season? We are here, ready to chat and interested in your thoughts!  Let's start with...
Ernie Says: What about that first challenge? What a waste of time that was! That one is up for the running for "most useless challenge in TAR history". Competing with our challenge in Indonesia where we were bike cops. What did you think?

Hi guys!!

We knew from spoilers that there was a possibilty of "bull-racing", but I was ultimately disappointed in this one! Remember Tian being dragged by the bull thru the mud?? Now that was a "bull racing" task that took courage! This was a bit of a let down, but perhaps the real deal was thought to be too dangerous??


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