Author Topic: TAR 21 Speculation and Discussion **of Spoilers**  (Read 304943 times)

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Re: TAR 21 Speculation and Discussion **of Spoilers**
« Reply #1150 on: December 09, 2012, 10:19:13 PM »
OH MY GOD I am so excited they're doing the Hello-Goodbye Challenge YAY!!!!

I am from Indonesia. So if I were in that challenge, I at least would nail that one.  :hoot:

"Welcome -> Selamat Datang"
"Good-Bye -> Selamat Tinggal"

I am super excited to see my own language in The Amazing Race  :hearts:

My picks to win
-The Chippendales -- such nice guys. Yes they played the U-turn but I don't know I don't feel shame on them at all.
-Trexie -- They're so traditional It's too cute  :kuss:. I don't know what will they do with a million dollars, for them I think it's too much money to handle.
-Beekmans -- The luckiest team in the history I think.
1. They survived because of a NEL
2. They survived because Rob&Kelley took a train all the way through
3. They survived because James&Abba lost their passport
4. They survived because James&Abba still lost their passport
5. They survived because Abbie&Ryan got U-Turned
5. They survived because the Twins could not drive sticks.
I don't think a season has ever had these many misfortunes which pushed a specific team ahead.
-Twins -- As soon as I found out these two couldn't drive sticks, I didn't know what kind a miracle they pulled if they actually won

:cmas9 Welcome to RFF, BuuYaa! :cmas9 I'm so excited to meet new people at this site.

Like you, I love the farewell language memory task. I can't wait for the finale (but sad when this season ends :cmas4).

Josh & Brent are very lucky to still be in the race bypassing namely Dan & Andrew's (season 13) second to last record and maybe even season 2 Australian version's Lucy & Emilia, but Lucy & Emilia might have appeared luckier than the "goaties" as they were saved numerous times at the beginning and near end of their race...
Episode 1: Last place (saved from elimination by Ross & Tarryn's Salvage Pass)
Episode 2: 10th place (saved from elimination by Adam & Dane's 30-minute penalty)
Episode 3: 9th place (saved by Sue & Teresa's unluckiness in the steps Roadblock which led to a rickshaw race for last)
Episode 4: 8th place (saved from elimination by Kym & Donna totally giving up the race)
Episode 5: 6th place (saved by Ross & Tarryn and James & Sarah's mind bomb leading to a penalty for the Roadblock)
Episode 9: 5th place (saved from elimination by James & Sarah's inability to pay their taxi driver to the Pit Stop quicker)
Episode 10: Last place (ELIMINATED for inability to cope with snow tasks) :cmas13

Thank you so much. Nice to meet you  :xmas49

And I love Lucy&Emilia... They're a lot of fun to waatch
"I just want to find a guy and wrestle" LOL  :cmaslol
I forgot which sister said that but it was so funny I actually laughed my ass off at the time
It's a pleasure to meet you too. :xmas49 I think Lucy said that when she gave the bear hug in the Turkey Intersection task (TARAustralia 2 for the ones questioning).

I hope you enjoyed the finale viewing party of TAR21, another year of The Amazing Race comes to a close.
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