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Re: Rank the HD Seasons
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Great Tier:


These seasons have enjoyable and dynamic casts who make the season so much more enjoyable. S20's cast isn't great, but the tasks in it are great and in every one of these seasons. Great mixture of personal drama between teams and a focus on tasks/last bit of flight drama make these seasons top notch. Mostly good finales too.

Fine Tier:


These seasons have their flaws, but they're mostly good seasons. I've never clicked with S25's cast but I do like some teams (Adam/Bethany) and the route is good. S27's Justin/Diana can be obnoxious, but if you can ignore them, it's a fine season with a letdown of a finale. S30 and S31 are what they are. One had terrible winners and the other had the best win in Amazing Race history. I love S30's route though.

Just not good tier:


These seasons are lacking in the entertainment department. The casts are not dynamic, tasks are meh, and finales are not that great. The 3 winners are very forgettable. Of the very recent seasons, I barely remember anything about these seasons. Just not good.



Producers had a chance to create a great cast for All-Stars 2, but instead put together one of the worst casts they could. They sloppily put together a racecourse and made cheaply made tasks. Worst season ever. But the other seasons are close to it. The gimmick of S28 was awful, the finale was a blowout, and the racecourse itself wasn't great. Multiple bad legs in S28 drops it down for me, just an overall lousy season. S32 had a dreadful alliance that ruined the spirit of the race and didn't make it a fun watch, while S33 and S34 felt so bare bones and un-race like that it felt like you were watching a different show. The show has been on a bad string of seasons lately that I don't think will age well (S32-S34). Hopefully, S35 will change that