Author Topic: TARAus 1 Episode 2 (Vietnam) Episode Discussion *SPOILERS*  (Read 38258 times)

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Re: TARAus 1 Episode 2 (Vietnam) Episode Discussion *SPOILERS*
« Reply #125 on: July 13, 2011, 11:42:33 PM »
I think if i'm a AFL fan, i'll be THRILLED like mad to have those tickets. But honestly if you ask Nathan and Tyler, I think they'll rather have the value rather than tickets (if they're not fans) I think their mindset will probably be like we can just get those tickets and buy it for a few hundred bucks.. and this is what we won.

Unless the VIP tour of the National Sports Museum comes with like 10 course seafood meal + wine + hotel room for the night or what.. I really think the prize is no big deal. I know AFL is a big thing for Australia but you know for us who's watching from a foreigner POV, that prize was lame. :lol:

The best prize would of course be a NAB 10k cash prize, which Nathan and Tyler has no luck with. :lol:

If you were in the US and won VIP tickets to the Superbowl or World Series, I'm sure you would think they were pretty good prizes. The AFL GF would rank as one of the biggest events on the calendar.
Having said that, I'm an AFL regular, have been to a couple of GF's, and I'd rather have the 10K cash from NAB!