Author Topic: TAR 18 Ep 9 "We're Good American People" (Switzerland)  (Read 192016 times)

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Re: TAR 18 Ep 9 "We're Good American People" (Switzerland)
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The general consensus is; Gary already knew the right number and Herb just confirmed it.  Gary probably would have shared the number with Jet.  The other teams didn't use the U-Turn because they knew multiple teams were behind them.  The Trotters used it because they knew the Cowboys had the ability to beat them, they were too close for comfort.  The Cowboys were good and yes everyone was aware of it but I don't think anyone, maybe with the exception of KENT and Vxysin, had it out for them.
Gary did make a comment about this issue on his twitter:

Thanks Prophet!  :hearts: Nice knowing I was right. Hee Hee