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Racing report, China Rush 2010, leg 5
« on: September 26, 2010, 03:35:56 PM »
Racing report
Amazing Race China Rush
Season 1, Episode 5
Date No date was shown

I have tried to estimate distances and driving times every now and then. This data, from Google, is an approximation at best and the driving times assumes no traffic.

The previous leg ended in the afternoon of the 7th.

Teams leave the pit stop almost in the order they arrived:
  1. Charlie & Rachel     - 17:58
  2. Sean & Amy          - 18:26 (+0:28)
  3. Rick & Josh           - 18:27 (+0:29)
  4. Deepak & Naresh  - 18:47 (+0:49)
  5. Sarah & Molly        - 18:50 (+0:52)
  6. Lisa & Karen          - 18:54 (+0:56)
  7. Bonnie & Mel         - 19:03 (+1:05)

But the order here is strange. In the last leg Lisa & Karen checked in simultaneously with Sarah & Molly and got awarded 5th place. But here they start 4 minutes later. I see two possibilities, either Lisa & Karen got a 5 minute penalty. But more probable is that Sarah & Molly got a 5 minute bonus due to production issues.

The clue reads "Travel by train to Beijing." Teams must now take the overnight train to Beijing. Everybody is on the Z30 train departing at 20.33 with arrival at 06:36 (1124km). Karen was not at all happy about travelling on a sleeper car being condensed in a tight space with other unknown persons.

Choice quotes:
 "Shut up I am not doing this", Karen facing her biggest challenge so far?
 "If we are not having fun then there is no pint, Bonnie in a Taxi in Beijing

Once the train arrives in Beijing teams must make their way to the old summer palace. There is a mad dash to the taxis once the train doors open. They all travel to the Ruyi gate south of the summer palace (29km 0:28). Once there they have to travel on foot to Nanhu island where the clue can be found (~1.2km).

Teams reach the clue in the following order:
  1. Sean & Amy, just seconds before #2 and #3.
  2. Charlie & Rachel
  3. Sarah & Molly
  4. Rick & Josh
  5. Lisa & Karen
  6. Deepak & Naresh
  7. Bonnie & Mel, walked past the clue and had to backtrack

Choice quotes:
  "We've lost 50 meters. And I blame Rick for not encouraging enough", Josh tries to shift the blame

The clue reads: "Go to Quanjude roast duck restaurant to find your next clue". Teams must now walk back to the gate (1.2km) and then take a taxi to the restaurant (20km 0:26).

Teams reach the restaurant in the following order:
  1. Charlie & Rachel
  2. Sarah & Molly
  3. Sean & Amy
  4. Deepak & Naresh
  5. Lisa & Karen
  6. Bonnie & Mel
  7. Rick & Josh

Roadblock: "Who can make the cut". In this roadblock one team member must look on as a chef demonstrates the complex carving of a Peking roast duck. They must then repeat the process. If they fail they must chop 10 onions before they can start over.

Teams complete the roadblock in the following order (* denotes who performed the road block, and the numbers how many roadblocks they have done in total):
  1. Sarah* & Molly       (2 - 3)
  2. Sean & Amy*         (2 - 3)
The following teams all failed at least once
  3. Deepak* & Naresh  (3 - 2)
  4. Charlie & Rachel*    (2 - 3)
  5. Rick* & Josh           (2 - 3)
  6. Lisa & Karen*         (2 - 3)
  7. Bonnie & Mel*        (2 - 3)

Choice quotes:
 "You're a girl, you're in the kitchen", Charlie seems to live in another age
 "I feel like *beep*", Rachel is not happy about doing the roadblock
 "Why am I doing this?", Amy also doubting herself
 "Sean can make eggs and that's it", Amy about Sean's cooking skills
 "I can't even stand up straight, I feel so sick", Rachel is full of negative energies
 "There is no possible way to do this", Amy is also negative
 "I tried to remain calm", Sarah who was caught in-between Amy and Rachel
 "I'd rather eat it, the whole thing", Mel
 "I would be happy to eat this in a restaurant, even though I am a vegetarian", Karen wants to be done

The next clue reads: "Make your way to 798 art district outside ... look for the red monster" (19km 0:25).

Teams find the monster and the clue in the following order:
  1. Sarah & Molly
  2. Sean & Amy
  3. Deepak & Naresh
  4. Lisa & Karen
  5. Rick & Josh
  6. Charlie & Rachel
  7. Bonnie & Mel

The clue hear reads "Travel on foot to the Yan club art center on 798 west street". Once there teams must participate in a team building communication exercise. One team member get to look at a picture containing colored geometric shapes. He/she must then describe the picture to the other team member who in turn must reproduce the picture. This is not easy.

Teams complete this challenge in the following order:
  1. Rick & Josh, Josh described
  2. Sarah & Molly, Sarah described
  3. Charlie & Rachel, Rachel described
  4. Lisa & Karen, Karen described
  5. Sean & Amy, Sean described
  6. Deepak & Naresh, Naresh described
  7. Bonnie & Mel, Mel described

Sean and Amy had big problems completing this challenge. Although Sean was meant to describe Amy took command and told him when he was wrong. How she knew I am not sure. In any case we got to see a lot of footage of them shouting at each other. Deepak & Naresh also had big problems until Deepak accidentally mentioned that all shapes should be colored. This challenge got harder as more teams arrived since the noise level in the room went up exponentially.

Choice quotes:
 "I can't believe how bad we are at this", Amy
 "You really wanted to murder me", Charlie realized Rachel was not happy with him after the roadblock
 "The worst kind of challenge we could possibly have", Rachel on how the felt entering this challenge
 "Amy gives directions better than she takes them", Sean has an insight
 "I think Amy and Sean do have an interesting dynamic", Sarah is diplomatic
 "You just need to color it", Naresh finally realizes what the problem is
 "I thought Amy was going to take that marker and stab Sean with it", Mel observes

Teams must then travel by taxi to the bird's nest (16km 0:17). The next clue can be found inside this 80.000 seat stadium.

Teams reach this clue in the following order:
  1. Rick & Josh
  2. Lisa & Karen
  3. Sarah & Molly
  4. Charlie & Rachel
  5. Sean & Amy
  6. Deepak & Naresh
  7. Bonnie & Mel

Detour: Go for the gold or go for the goal

Go for the gold: Search among the first and third levels of the stadium for one of seven gold medals hidden under the seat.

Go for the goal: One team member performs a corner kick and the other must head the ball into the goal (there is no goal keeper).

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
  1. Rick & Josh, goal
  2. Sean & Amy, goal
  3. Sarah & Molly, gold
  4. Charlie & Rachel, started on goal but switched to gold
  5. Lisa & Karen, gold, tried goal but returned to gold
  6. Bonnie & Mel, gold
  7. Deepak & Naresh, started on goal but switched to gold

Choice quotes:
 "First and third are you kidding me. The whole stadium", Karen realizing the magnitude of the task
 "There are a lot of chairs in that stadium", Sarah stating the obvious
 "Sean you can't kick it from there", Amy shows a lack of faith
 "Sean was placing the balls so perfectly", Amy after having learnt that Sean actually had some force in hsi foot
 "It was horrible, it was actually horrendous", Sarah describes the task
 "We were on our hands a knees for 2.5 hours", Lisa

The clue reads: "Make your way to the pit stop on the great wall. Pit stop is between the third and fourth watchtower on the Badaling section of the wall". This is approximately 57km away and the taxi trip would take 45 minutes if there was no other traffic. The distance from the entrance to the pit stop (which is close to No.4 south tower) seems to be around 600m horizontally and on that distance it climbs almost 127m.

Teams reach the pit stop in the following order:
  1. Rick & Josh, win a trip to inner Mongolia
  2. Sean & Amy
  3. Sarah & Molly
  4. Charlie & Rachel
  5. Lisa & Karen
  6. Deepak & Naresh
  7. Bonnie & Mel, are eliminated

The taxi driver took Bonnie & Mel to the wrong entrance, which ultimately got them eliminated.

Choice quotes:
 "It's been great, has been wonderful, it's been a great experience", Mel summarizes the race

Next week there will be costumes and a lot of padlocks.

Edited to correct roadblock statistics
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