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Racing report, China Rush 2010, leg 3
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Racing report
Amazing Race China Rush
Season 1, Episode 3
Date 2010-05-06

I have tried to estimate distances and driving times every now and then. This data, from Google, is an approximation at best and the driving times assumes no traffic.

The previous leg ended on the evening of the 4th so the pitstop was probably somewhere around 40 hours.

Teams leave the pit stop on the 6th in the order they arrived:
  1. Rick & Josh               - 09:54
  2. Sean & Amy             - 10:11 (+0:17)
  3. Charlie & Rachel       - 10:25 (+0:31)
  4. Sarah & Molly           - 10:26 (+0:32)
  5. Deepak & Naresh     - 10:45 (+0:51)
  6. Bonnie & Mel            - 10:51 (+0:57)
  7. Janis & Aleksandra   - 11:11 (+1:17)
  8. Lisa & Karen             - 11:12 (+1:18)
  9. Miguel & Hector        - 11:15 (+1:21)

The clue reads "Travel by train to Changzhou (39km). Once there travel by taxi to the observation tower at Qingfeng Park. It is here that you will find your next clue". Below that there is a section which reads (seen when Sarah & Molly reads their clue):

  At the train station...
  responsible for...

All teams but Sarah & Molly travel by taxi to the Wuxi train station (34km 58min). Sarah & Molly do not see any taxis so they hop on a bus.

At the train station there is much confusion. Eventually it resolves with Bonnie and Mel on one platform taking train D5482 at 12:42 and most of the other teams across the tracks taking a train leaving at 12:32. However once the train Bonnie & Mel is taking rolls into teh station, looking very sleek and fast, do other teams realize that they took the wrong train.

The first train which probably departs 12:32 carries:
   Rick & Josh
   Sean & Amy
   Charlie & Rachel
   Sarah & Molly
   Deepak & Naresh

The second train D5482 departs 12:42 but is faster than the first so
it arrives first carries:
   Bonnie & Mel

The third train which departs at 13:30 and arrives at 14:00 carries:
   Janis & Aleksandra
   Lisa & Karen
   Miguel & Hector

Once in the park Amy makes a lot of friends, NOT, by preventing any
other teams from getting into golf cart she and Sean reached first.
Teams arrive at the clue in the observation tower in the following
  1. Bonnie & Mel
  2. Sean & Amy
  3. Charlie & Rachel
  4. Rick & Josh
  ?. Sarah & Molly, not shown reaching the clue
  ?. Deepak & Naresh, not shown reaching the clue
  7. Lisa & Karen
  8. Janis & Aleksandra
  9. Miguel & Hector

The clue reads: Detour Rock or Roll

Rock: Take a boat from the deck below and drive across the lake to the climbing wall. Climb to the top of the wall to get your next clue.

Roll: Take a boat from the deck below and drive across the lake to find...with a skate...

According to Allan the roll task is: teams must locate some bicycle carts. Once there one team member must ride the cart around the park while towing the other team member on a skate board.

In the end all teams completed the roll detour. A lot of teams initially chose rock but all quickly switched when the realized how difficult it was. Teams completed the detour in the following order:
  1. Sean & Amy (Initially chose Rock, Amy rode the bike)
  2. Bonnie & Mel (Mel rode the bike)
  3. Rick & Josh (Initially chose Rock, Josh rode the bike)
  4. Charlie & Rachel (Charlie rode the bike)
  5. Sarah & Molly (Sara rode the bike)
  6. Deepak & Naresh (Deepak rode the bike)
  7. Miguel & Hector (Initially chose rock)
  8. Lisa & Karen (Initially chose rock)
  9. Janis & Aleksandra (Initially chose rock)

Choice quotes:
  "Just go fast, I don't care", Bonnie throwing caution for the wind while being towed by Mel
  "Drive very slow Deep, okay" Naresh is being more cautious
  "It's going to be dangerous for everyone else", Rick has an insight

Teams must now travel by taxi to a local comb factory to find their next clue. Teams reach this clue box in the following order:
  1. Sean & Amy
  2. Rick & Josh
  3. Charlie & Rachel
  4. Sarah & Molly
  5. Bonnie & Mel
  6. Deepak & Naresh
  7. Miguel & Hector
  8. Lisa & Karen
  9. Janis & Aleksandra

Inside the comb factory teams must search among 2000 combs for one of 9 combs bearing the Chinese characters for Changzhou. Once the find a correct comb teams must make their way to Miduqiao Elementary School where they must comb the hair of 10 school girls and raise the hair into pigtails.

The address of the comb factory is not shown, but it is only 3km from the sports park to the school.

Teams find their combs in the following order:
  1. Rick & Josh
  2. Sean & Amy
  3. Charlie & Rachel
  4. Bonnie & Mel
  5. Sarah & Molly
  6. Deepak & Naresh
  7. Janis & Aleksandra
  8. Miguel & Hector
  9. Lisa & Karen

Choice quotes:
  "*** they were quick", Sarah about Bonnie & Mel

The workers in the room seemed very amused by the bickering of Sean & Amy. Also Lisa & Karen seems to have charmed the locals as well since they got help finding their comb and then were urged on by the workers.

Teams completed the combing of the girls in the following order:
  1. Rick & Josh
  2. Charlie & Rachel
  3. Sean & Amy
  4. Bonnie & Mel
  5. Sarah & Molly
  6. Deepak & Naresh
  7. Lisa & Karen
  8. Janis & Aleksandra
  9. Miguel & Hector

Choice quotes:
 "You're supposed to comb towards the back", young girl comments on Josh combing skills
 "Sorry", lots of teams said this to the school girls

The next clue reads: "Travel on foot to the city wall to find your next clue". Teams arrive at this clue in the same order they completed the combing.

The clue reads "Thirsty, head to the Bagud Buyi Restaurant for a game of Baijiu roulette. Use the restaurant business card to find your way. Cheers". In this game teams sit at a big table where a wheel is spun. If they are lucky the clue stop in front of them. Otherwise they must drink a glass of Baijiu (white wine) before the next round can start.

Teams complete this task in the following order:
  1. Rick & Josh, get their clue at the first roll
  2. Sean & Amy
  3. Charlie & Rachel
  4. Bonnie & Mel, both got a lot of drinks
  5. Deepak & Naresh, Naresh took all drinks
  6. Sarah & Molly, Molly took all drinks
  7. Lisa & Karen
and before we get to this point we have already seen three teams reach the pitstop.
  8. Janis & Aleksandra, Janis took all drinks
  9. Miguel & Hector

Choice quotes:
  "Let's get drunk", Sean
  "I swore off that stuff, and sure enough that's what we had to drink", Bonnie
  "Can I get some water", Bonnie, "And may be some peanuts", Mel
  "Oh, it stinks", Sarah
  "One of us should be in control so I will take everything", Naresh thinks forward (or is he just thirsty?)

Some of the contestants seem a bit unsteady when leaving this task, and this shows in the following boat task. The clue reads "Travel by BRT to the Yancheng Remains". BRT is the local bus system.

Teams reach the next clue box in the following order:
  1. Rick & Josh
  2. Sean & Amy, arrive at the same time as #3
  3. Charlie & Rachel
  4. Sarah & Molly
  5. Deepak & Naresh
  6. Bonnie & Mel
  7. Lisa & Karen
  8. Janis & Aleksandra
   Miguel & Hector

Roadblock: "Who is captain of the team?". In this road block one team member must row a traditional Chinese boats using only one oar. They must row the boat across the river, pick up a race flag and row back.

Teams complete the roadblock in the following order (* denotes team member performing the road block, and the numbers how many roadblocks each team member have performed):
  1. Rick & Josh*             (1 - 2)
  2. Charlie* & Rachel      (2 - 1)
  3. Sean* & Amy            (2 - 1)
  4. Sarah & Molly*          (1 - 2)
  5. Deepak* & Naresh    (2 - 1)
  6. Bonnie* & Mel           (1 - 2)
  7. Janis* & Aleksandra  (3 - 0)
  8. Lisa & Karen*            (1 - 2)
  9. Miguel* & Hector       (2 - 1)

Choice quotes:
  "I'd say that is you", when reading the clue Sean knows who is in charge in their team
  "Forward is not an option for me at this moment", Josh
  "I kind went from chilled out drunk to like panic in 2 seconds", Molly
  "I hope I am not annoying you", Sarah amidst a stream of good advice
  "By pointing out the obvious", Molly responds rethorically
  "Retrospectively I think perhaps my drunken team mate may not have been the best person to send into the challenge", Sara in a flash of hindsight

We saw examples of many different rowing techniques in this challenge, and I think almost none of them was the intended one. Molly tried to tie up her boat while she ran to fetch the flag, but did not do a good job. When she came back she did not hesitate but just jumped into the water and swam to the boat. That's the spirit.

Teams should now head to the pitstop which is located on the outermost island of the Yancheng Remains (I would guess at most 600m away). It is getting dark when the first team arrive and it is pitch black when the last team checks in. Teams reach the pitstop in the following order:
  1. Rick & Josh, who win a trip to Hong Kong
  2. Charlie & Rachel
  3. Sean & Amy
  4. Sarah & Molly
  5. Deepak & Naresh
  6. Bonnie & Mel
  7. Janis & Aleksandra
  8. Lisa & Karen
  9. Miguel & Hector, are eliminated

Edited to correct roadblock count
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