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TAR 17: Brook Roberts and Claire Champlin -- Home Shopping Hosts

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Girls clad in pink, all-female.. spells early elimination disaster.

Doesn't help that one of them is called Brook. Marissa and Brooke.. anyone?

It will.. really be amazing... and.. shocking to see them in the final 3.. but at the same time if they did, they will just prove my theory of casting "weak" looking all-female teams who had zero chances of making past the first few legs.

You know i have a soft spot for all-female teams. It doesn't help that they're innocent looking as well.

Will be rooting for them! :hearts:

They sound like their game play will be pretty similar to Charla & Mirna's: Get people to work for you and use your communication skills and networking to carry you through the race. Because of this, I think this team could become strong with flight-finding. The biggest obstacle for them will probably be "down and dirty" or "physical" tasks. But they sound really confident despite the fact that they look weak, so I'm anxious to see if their racing ability will be as strong as they say.

They are both quite fit, I am not seeing the "weak" at all! I think this will be a great team to watch, I loved their humor on the video!

FYI, according to Miss America Organization, Brook was Miss Oregon 2004. I have the last 16 years of pageants on tape and will go check to see if Brook was indeed one of the contestants. Will get back to you all.

Yup, she was competing for the title of Miss America 2005.

Here's the link to her bio as Miss Oregon:!


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