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--- Quote from: RealityFreakWill on November 19, 2010, 10:42:50 PM ---This is just FYI....

Claire and her husband, Jordan Woolsey are having a boy and his name will be Cash. He is due in February, I think.

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Is "cash" supposed to b a hint?!?!?!

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Yes, yes it is. Claire and her husband are MAJOR fans of Johnny Cash :lol3:

I would like to hear:

Phil: 21 days, 4 continents and more than 32,000 miles, Brook & Claire, you are the official winners of The Amazing Race and you have won the 1 million dollars!!!
BC:  :cmas9
Phil: You guys have made history and became the first All-Female team to win The Amazing Race.

Applicable to NK too.  :cmas51

If anyone here is going to TARCON, could you please ask Brook and Claire about their efforts to get cast?  The YouTube below is from May of 2009.  I wonder if last year they were alternates or not.  Also, did they submit another video in their application since this one has three women in it which is kind of strange.

You can do it Bama! You can do it Clairebear!  :cmas9


--- Quote from: Ruth on November 23, 2010, 07:26:52 AM ---Wow... If Claire's boy is due in February, does that mean she was already pregnant when running the race? Geez!

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The arithmetic is pretty easy. Nine months before February is May. So, yes, Claire was about one month pregnant when AR17 started on June 26, but she may not have actually known that.


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