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GUIDELINES **Please read**


:welcome3: to the Racer threads!

**First of all, and most importantly: NO SPOILERS IN THESE THREADS please!**

** Just a reminder that RFF prides itself on our friendships and relationships with current and past racers, who DO read what is being said here.
 While it is perfectly fine to explain why you think a racer or a team did not do well in a task, or behaved badly, or just isn't your favorite, it is NOT okay to be rude or impolite in doing so. We don't allow personal attacks on each other or on our racer friends. Comments on how they raced are fair, personal attacks are not. "Don't hate on the Racers, hate the game."

** Nothing (no photos, no comments, no anything) should be posted from a racer's OWN Facebook without their written approval. We try to respect the little privacy they have. Info from their FB FAN pages is generally acceptable.

**Please stay on topic, let's keep the discussion relevant to the contestants or their team.
The TAR Discussion board is here.

**Please do NOT use the racer threads for your own predications. It is really not necessary to put a comment in every single thread with "I like them/I don't like them" or "I think they will go far/ don't go far", or "I get an early boot feel from them".

Appropriate comments about why you like/don't like a team are welcome, using the threads to advertise your own predictions are not.

If you feel that a comment about a racer may have stepped over the bounds, please either use the report to moderator button, or PM or email either TexasLady or myself (georgiapeach), rather than using the racer's thread.

And if you ARE a racer, an especial :bigwelcome to you!

Please feel free to come say hi when you are allowed!  And later you can use your thread as a place to keep your fans updated about what is going on in your life. Share a pic, post an event, whatever you like!

Thanks everyone! Have fun!!


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