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Welcome to Racers Corner! This is a new RFF feature where we hope to have ongoing commentary from our favorite racer alumni!

This thread is for any former racer who wants to chime in on the current race, episode, racers, route, tasks, whatever!

Have fun, and :bigwelcome to you all!!

All questions or comments for the racers should be placed in the Comments/Question for the racers thread HERE, and NOT in this thread. Comments not by racers will be deleted.

Team Guido:
HEY! As soon as we have an opinion, we will voice it!
Bill & Joe, Season One and Allstars TAR

Team Guido:
Congrats to Luke and his mom!  What a team....there wasn't a dry eye in the Guido household!   More on the teams as soon as we brush up on the names.  Is it us or is there a lack of identity in these teams....other than the Gay dad and the white haired son.  They have some good lines.  Love the split screens and the new graphics...CBS has opened their pocket books....finally!   Okay, we will study up and get back here to make some sense....I guess it was too much wine during dinner!

See you back here soon.
Billy & Joe xo

Team Dandrew here aka Most Entertaining Team In Race History

We saw plenty of good and bad from the 1st Episode.


The tasks were genius. First off we loved how you had to choose which flight to take based on what you thought was closer to Locarno and actually use some knowledge there. Also we liked the multiple use of trains and majestic scenery. The bungee was great and that cheese task was genius. You had to think they knew those wooden things would break.

The new graphics and intro were not good at all. I appreciate them trying to make everything contemporary but the font and introduction just weren't as suspenseful. The teams themselves to us are really boring. We think the Asian brother/sister or the stunt guys will definitely win. The only mildly entertaining team are the Rednecks. We are sorry but thats pretty sad for Jennifer/Preston to be eliminated first when those so many other inferior teams in the game.  Embarassing actually.

Kenny and I were jealous of the exhilarating tasks and wonderful locations for the opening of AR14!!!!  Of course, Ken would have done the Bungee Jump!  Switzerland....riding the trains.....much more fun than we had with the candy carts in Brazil!!!!  We laughed (almost as hard as Dan's Russian Marching........but not quite) at the cheese moving competition. ;)  Could not understand why some of the early teams did not turn the carrier upside down and place 2 cheese rounds against the upright end and ride it like a sleigh to the bottom.  Jennifer & Preston's interactions make Kenny and I look like "true lovebirds".  Very proud of Phil in signing the #1 place finish to Luke - heartwarming touch.  Congrats to Margie & Luke - great job!!!! Tammy & Victor look strong.....Tammy is much more aggressive than we thought she would be....Mark and Michael look like they might do well and we were proud of Brad & Victoria especially with Victoria doing the bungee jump....and the quiet sleeper team may just be Amanda & Kris.  Thailand is one of our favorite countries - we hope the eliminated teams see the beauty of the country & people. :)


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