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Corinne Kaplan
« on: August 27, 2008, 10:46:24 AM »

Corinne Kaplan (29)
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales

Corinne Kaplan takes great pride in being able to manipulate the people around her. As a pharmaceutical sales rep, this smart and sexy, self-described bitch, is in it purely for the money. At work, Corinne must convince physicians to prescribe her products. Now, Corinne is looking to convince her fellow tribe mates that she's trustworthy, while ready to sell them out behind their backs.

This catty former sorority girl uses her wit and sex appeal to further her goals. Aside from working out in the gym almost every day, Corinne keeps fit by hiking and running. Corinne will tell it like it is and couldn't care less what people think of her for it. Her outgoing personality is a trait that seems to work well on the men in her life. Corinne basically has no filter and is often hilarious in her directness, saying what everyone else only thinks.

Corinne is single and currently resides in Los Angeles. Her birth date is January 17, 1979

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Re: Corinne Kaplan
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Re: Corinne Kaplan
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2008, 05:46:31 PM »

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Re: Corinne Kaplan
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2008, 12:30:55 PM »
An interesting article an interview with Corinne:

“I just want the money”

Corinne Kaplan is smart, articulate, occasionally funny, and unapologetically awful. When we talked, she was pretty much already angry at everything: Africa (she said it looked just like Florida, where she grew up and went to school), the production (because they didn’t fly her first class), and her accommodations (she got food poisoning the day before, and complained about her bed). She said things like “I get irritated very easily” and “I’m not into people, especially strangers.”

Why, then, is she even there? Casting producers recruited her and convinced her to be on the show, rather than the other way around, and she said that “is important to know, because I never would have auditioned. I am not a fan of the show, being that I’m not a fan of reality TV in general. See, I’m totally prissy, [this is] not something you would normally find me doing.” She actually actively fought the casting producers, saying she had a much better chance of winning The Bachelor. But one thing convinced her to do this show: the money.

She kept returning to the idea of being there for the money but never said why she wanted it, and when I pressed her, she just said, “I want it to have more money.” Later, she finally elaborated: “I would do a lot of random things I can’t do now. Like, I would have loved to have gotten laser hair removal on my entire body before this, but I couldn’t. Things like that. Just like whatever; stupid things in life that are too expensive.”

Despite being there only for the cash, she recognizes that winning won’t change her life. “I would still have to work, because let’s face it, after taxes, it’s not a million.” And she said “not one penny of it will be going to any kind of charitable organization, that’s for sure.”

As someone who’s never watched the show until she was cast, Corinne cited Parvati (surprise!) as her role model. “That’s exactly the kind of game I would play,” she said. Her strategy also consists of “play[ing] the role of somebody that’s entertaining. … It’s going to be really boring out there, so I think somebody who lightens the mood is really good.” She says she’ll be empathetic towards others, although, hysterically, she struggled to come up with the word: “you’re empaz-, em, em, empa, why can’t, empathy, like…”

She also plans “to be good at challenges so I’m an asset to the team so people will want to keep me. And I’m going to try and not have my behavior be very irritating. … I think I’m fairly likable. My only downfall is that I’m just mean by nature.” Somewhat surprisingly, she actually prepared for the physical parts of the game. “I did all kinds of training—I hiked with weighted backpacks,” she said, although she also admitted she’s never spent a single night in her life sleeping outside.

If it’s not already obvious, she plans to get rid of the nice people first. “I would vote them off because they get along with everybody because they’re really nice and pleasant to be around. Those are threats,” she said. She’s not worried how she’ll be perceived or about her behavior. “Nobody gives a **** about reality show stars anyway, and if all of America hates me, that’s just idiotic,” she said. “If I win a million because I’m a total bitch, then you should applaud that.

Corrinne is funny, saying that keeping track of her lies “without alcohol, I don’t see why that’d be a problem,” and revealing that she initially intended to pretend that she was an Alaskan crab rights activist who planned to use the money to make a documentary that was the opposite of Deadliest Catch called “**** You Fishermen.”

At one point, Corinne insisted, “I have no moral compass.” The most damning illustration has to do with her (now former) job as a pharmaceutical sales rep, where she said she knowingly sold drugs to physicicans that she knew would kill people. “Selling drugs is a lie. I sold drugs that I knew damn well—I sold Vioxx for Merck before it got taken off the market for killing people. I knew damn well it was dangerous; I went around telling them to write it. There’s a lot of serious lying I’ve done in my life,” she said.

That’s okay, Corinne told me, because “I’m doing a job. For me, in that case, Merck told me to go out and sell drug even though I had hesitation about it. It’s not for me to say. … Don’t listen to me. Read your ****ing journals. Why the **** are you listening to your rep? Just because I’m pretty? You think I know more about the drug? No.”

Likewise, for Corinne, being on Survivor Gabon “is work; I’m trying to make a million dollars. It really doesn’t matter. I hope everyone gets injured; I don’t care. Just not me.”


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Re: Corinne Kaplan
« Reply #4 on: September 25, 2008, 04:17:47 PM »
Even Jeff said this chick is awful!! No-one is gonna like her from what I've heard!  :lol: Hope she goes early!

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Re: Corinne Kaplan
« Reply #5 on: September 26, 2008, 11:12:52 AM »
I'm not a big fan of hers either... but from what I read in spoliers, she does make it pretty far.  Figures.  I can't believe she was making the aligences that she was last night.  I'm shocked that people want her on their side teams. 
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Re: Corinne Kaplan
« Reply #6 on: September 26, 2008, 12:03:39 PM »
Should be interesting to see how she does... not showing irratting right now because they are winning.

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Re: Corinne Kaplan
« Reply #7 on: December 05, 2008, 05:11:39 PM »

INTERVIEW: Corinne Kaplan Survivor Gabon Post Tribal Council

The numbers keep shrinking on "Survivor," as the game draws closer to the final tribal council.

Last night, Corrine, the pharmaceutical sales rep, received the most votes.

She talked with Joe Legge today on WDEF News 12 at Noon for this week's Survivor: Spotlight.

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Re: Corinne Kaplan
« Reply #8 on: December 05, 2008, 05:14:48 PM »
An interview with Corinne:

"Not punching Sugar in the face was the hardest part of Survivor"

I thought I was going to be talking to Matty today.
Corinne: I wish you were talking to Matty today.

What was your first impression of Gabon?
Corinne: Gabon g'blows! Everyone says it's beautiful but I thought it looked like someone just dropped me off alongside the New Jersey Turnpike. It's swampy and gross.

Did you feel like an outsider in the Nobag tribe, especially after Randy got voted out?
Corinne: Nobag totally sucked. I stuck by Bob's side for the entire time after Randy left. He and I were up against everybody else. It never felt like home to me. I hated that camp. It had 9,000 more mosquitoes than the Kota camp.

Were you surprised to see your brother show up at the camp?
Corinne: Oh my god, I was absolutely shocked. They let us see our family for five hours. I was actually getting really nervous thinking that there was no way Survivor was going to be that nice to us. I warned my brother that they might make him sleep at camp and do a challenge. I thought for sure the other shoe was going to drop. I couldn't believe they were nice enough to give us that five-hour reprieve.

It seemed like your plan with Bob to vote Matty out was going to work.
Corinne: Isn't that remarkable?

So, what went wrong?
Corinne: What went wrong was that I was playing with morons. Honestly, the big flaw with the plan seemed to be getting people to buy the fact that Bob's Idol was real, when he had just played a fake one at the last Tribal Council. It was so nonsensical, but I thought those people were so stupid that it just might work. Kenny and Crystal completely bought it. Unfortunately, I didn't realize they were going to make an attempt to flush it out into the open. Those five remaining people seem to think they're all going to go to the finals. They're so stupid.

What was the hardest part of surviving for 33 days in Africa?
Corinne: Not punching Sugar in the face. She never did anything to me. It's not like she was the reason I was voted out. She was just the most irritating human being I have ever had to be around. I couldn't stand her by day two. I absolutely despised her by day 33. She's just the most horrific person to be stuck with.

At this point, who do you think deserves to win?
Corinne: I think the people that deserve to win were already voted off. But of the remaining six, Bob deserves it. He's nice and helped out constantly. He belongs in the wilderness. Bob was awesome at challenges and has some strategies. I'm voting for Bob. It's going to take a miracle but lets hope he can pull it off.


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Re: Corinne Kaplan
« Reply #9 on: December 05, 2008, 06:27:09 PM »
An interview with Corinne:  :xmas49 oh sweeeet love the smilies

Exclusive: Corinne Kaplan dishes about her time on 'Survivor: Gabon'

For Corinne Kaplan, a 29-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative from Los Angeles, CA, it was clearly evident that desperate times called for desperate measures.

As one of only two remaining members of what was once the mighty Kota "onion alliance" -- and facing certain elimination after her only ally won immunity -- Kaplan's all-or-nothing plan to parlay a second fake immunity idol into two new allies nearly worked, but fell short as she became the twelfth castaway to be eliminated from Survivor: Gabon during last night's broadcast on CBS.

On Friday, Kaplan talked with Reality TV World about what she felt her chances of surviving the Tribal Council truly were, why she still has no love for her former Fang opponents, and what misconception by her alliance had opened the door for the first "fake idol" debacle only three days earlier.

Reality TV World: So, to start, in your exit statement you wished [Ken "Kenny" Hoang] luck and said that he and  [Robert "Bob" Crowley] were the only two castaways you seemed to liked. Did you still feel that way after learning that Kenny had a hand in Crystal's vote for you?

Corinne: Yeah. I mean, when I said that, obviously I didn't know about [Kenny's involvement in Crystal's vote]. Kenny was one of the people really... that I liked. He was a nice guy, and they all treated me basically like a leper, and Bob too. They wouldn't talk to us, if we walked into the hut they'd all leave. They didn't wanna be alone with us ever, and Kenny was very sweet about -- even though I was, I guess, the enemy -- he would go canoeing with me. He was kind of a friend while I was out there, I liked him. So I certainly didn't wish ill upon him, he's a good kid.

Unfortunately, he got a little too big for his britches and he made, I think, a real poor choice of trying to flesh out an [Immunity Idol] and voting for me instead of [Matty Whitmore]. But I still think he's a good guy.

Reality TV World: On last night's show, there was a clip were you were shown saying how incompetent the remaining former Fang members were.  Given they'd already managed to beat your entire alliance by that point, how was that comment not more of an indictment of your own performance than theirs?

Corinne: Well, one thing I'd like to clarify is my alliance includes Bob, so they haven't beaten my alliance yet. And, truthfully, there's only one person that beats me. There are 18 people in this game, and there are 17 losers. So, I'm on the jury, there are four people on the jury already [and] the first three are my best friends. I will decide who gets the million [dollars], so take that for what it's worth.

I don't think... I mean, in your opinion, do you think if all those twists didn't happen that we would not have dominated?

Reality TV World: I think you guys definitely had it [going] up front in the beginning...

Corinne: (interrupting) Yeah, so the game was luck and chance! I don't give them credit for that.

Reality TV World: Having watched the show at home now and maybe seeing different things, do you still think [the former Fang folks] were incompetent as you did before?

Corinne: Yes.

Reality TV World: So you attribute it more to luck and things like that...

Corinne: Well I think... You know, listen... That's really cute. If I got seventh place and you got sixth place, mazel tov. But I mean, really did you win? I stayed 33 out of 39 days. Anyone who stayed the extra couple of days, I really don't think that makes you -- unless you win the $1 million -- I just really don't think that makes you some sort of rocket scientist compared to me.
Reality TV World: You really seemed to instantly on board with Bob's "[Marcus Lehman] secretly kept the idol" story last night. Was there some reason you were so willing to believe that he could've had that idol?

Corinne: No. I mean I wanted to believe it, [but] honestly in my mind... I knew Marcus very well. Marcus is extremely intelligent. He would never leave an idol when he's going to [tribal Council], that just would never happen.

But, when Bob's telling it... You have to understand, I've never seen Bob lie! He's not really that guy, so at the beginning when he started that pitch I was like "Really?!" and he was like "No" and I was like "Yeah, I figured that." I mean, it was about a nanosecond that I was on board with it, but he was just trying to fix the story to see if it was believable.

Reality TV World: Going back to that episode when Marcus did throw away the idol, did everyone get a chance to look at the idol and see it before they threw it away? And if so, did Bob's really look like it?

Corinne: Yes, that's a great question. The idol, when it was shoved in[to the bottle], it had little metal pieces. Bob and I knew to mimic the idol -- or at least what everyone saw, especially what was sticking out of the bottle when we threw it into the ocean. We needed little metal pieces, which we got off of the Tribal Council torches. So it did look a lot like the idol that was thrown in the water.
Reality TV World: So that's why people would have been so willing to believe it?

Corinne: We just ripped it off, so it was like a string and it was kinda raggedy, and there were these metal pieces that mimicked the metal pieces you saw on the first one. It was a great replica.

Reality TV World: On last night's show, Kenny seemed pretty certain he would be able to convince you to play the fake idol even though the only reason you guys had allied together was because you thought both he and Crystal would be joining Bob and yourself in voting for Matty....

Corinne: (Interrupting) Yeah, I don't get his strategy at all. If he thought I was going to play the idol why not still vote Matty out? Matty is an immunity threat and.. again I don't understand this... Can you explain to me how if you are in an alliance of five, you cannot all go to the finals! You have to jump ship, you have to make a move in order to change the outcome of the game. So why would you want me gone when I'm in a desperate scenario and I will take you at least to [the] Final 4. Now you're going up against Matty, who's great at Immunity Challenges, and you're in a group of five instead of four. It makes no sense.

Reality TV World: Yeah, and going off of that, what was [Kenny's] explanation about why [if he and Crystal were going to be voting for Matty] he felt you needed to play the fake idol?
Corinne: Well he just said "You have to play it. You should play it. I don't know if [Crystal Cox] is definitely gonna switch and I'm scared that if I vote for you than I'm gonna put myself at risk. Please just play the idol." And you have to understand, an idol's only good through Day 36, so even if I kept it I only would've had it for one more round even it if was real.

I said to [Kenny] "Don't worry, I'm playing it no matter what, so just try and get Crystal," because I couldn't seem paranoid that I needed Crystal to vote with me, that doesn't make any sense. What I said to [Kenny] was "for solidarity purposes..." and I said this to her, "... if you vote with me, I know you're with me. If you vote against me, and I stay, I'm gonna take out one of yours, I'll take you next."

Reality TV World: So you told them you were going to play the Idol?

Corinne: I said "No matter what I'm playing this idol." (pauses) Apparently it wasn't believable.

Reality TV World: As [Last night's] episode went on, you seemed increasingly confident that the fake idol plan might actually [work]. Did you think Matty was going to be going home when you left for Tribal Council?

Corinne: No. I mean, honestly, I knew like 99% that I was going home. But I thought that it was possible... I mean imagine the position I was in. What I came up with, and how I got at least three votes against Matty... I only lost by one vote and that's pretty amazing.

It shoulda been a slam dunk that I was going home and it was actually a question. I think even people watching actually thought there was a chance that I may not go home.

Reality TV World: Do you have any idea why Kenny felt the need to give Matty a third vote in order for his plan to work?  Wouldn't Matty have still  gone home [for being] the second highest vote-getter even if only Bob and yourself had voted for him?

Corinne: Right. Well I think Kenny wanted to show his support so that if Matty went home I would believe he was with me, and I wouldn't think the same of Crystal. So if there was a Final 3 it would've been me, Bob and Kenny [instead of] me, Bob and Crystal.

I would assume that's why he did it, but I have no idea, I don't speak to him.

Reality TV World: When you told [Kenny] about the idol... it seemed that Crystal was a little skeptical at first when hearing about the fake idol...

Corinne: Well I purposefully didn't talk to Crystal about the idol, I had Bob do it because Bob is very convincing. I told Bob "Look her in the eye, make it seem real." and he did. You heard her saying "He looked me in the eye, he kissed me on the cheek, it's definitely real."

I handled Kenny because I thought I was better with Kenny and he was better with Crystal. But I thought we had them going.

Reality TV World: Yeah, well I was gonna say, it seemed like you had Kenny [immediately] hook, line and sinker.  Was it really that easy to get him to switch alliances?

Corinne: I think I was a good actress! (laughs) I think that, had I played that any other way, he... I mean he luckily comes to me and says "I'm sorry, you're going home" and I say "Oh, don't worry about me," and he's like "What do you mean?" and I'm like "Nah don't worry about it, I'm gonna be fine, don't worry about me."

And then he's prying and he's like "I won't tell anyone, I promise." And I know for sure he's gonna tell Crystal, so I thought that went down flawlessly.

Reality TV World: Had you and Bob thought about going to Kenny and Crystal before the whole "fake idol" thing about trying to get them to switch?

Corinne: I knew [Jessica "Sugar" Kiper] and [Susie Smith] were a wash, I knew they weren't gonna come over. I had tried with [Randy Bailey]. Randy was real close with Matty, and the fact that we couldn't get Matty to flip, even though he hated Crystal, he wouldn't flip because he's just a big pussy. (laughs)

[Matty] wouldn't flip so I knew he was no shot. I knew Kenny liked me and I knew I had something with Kenny and I thought Crystal was my only shot. So of the remaining people other than Kenny, Crystal was the only other person you could reason with. She's moderately intelligent.

Reality TV World: Last night, it looked the only reason Crystal and Kenny had any hesitation [to go through with the original plan to both cast their votes for Matty] was because of the fake idol and [their hope to get you to play it]. Do you think if you had just avoided [the fake idol story] entirely and just gone to them and said you wanted to get rid of Matty that they would have gone with you?

Corinne: Hindsight is 20/20. Honestly I think I was going home no matter what. Sure, I would have loved to have had the knowledge. And you have to know, I didn't even really know that Crystal was in an alliance with Kenny. Crystal and Sugar were attached at the hip, so I didn't really know what my odds where and I knew she had been with Matty since the beginning.

Honestly, I really didn't know. I wish I would've known that, but I don't even know if that would've worked. They were really tentative to leave the alliance, which again is retarded because you're five people, you can't all go to the finals. But they were really nerved out about leaving their alliance.

Reality TV World: Had you and Bob thought about other plans to get [other castaways] to come over before the fake idol plan?

Corinne: Please... I tried, every single one of them I tried at some point. It was just clear that none of them were budging.

Reality TV World: On the show there seemed to be a lot of times where you were pretty open about yourself being naturally mean, and Jeff Probst even termed you a "self-proclaimed uber-bitch" before the show began airing this fall.  That can be a handicap in a game like Survivor, did you ever worry that being so outspoken might come back and haunt you?

Corinne: To be honest with you, that's not why I was voted out. Look at someone like [Charlie Herschel] who was nice to everybody, or Marcus. That doesn't matter.

And I was not outspoken. I was funny and I was really nice around camp, but I did stuff like that in confessionals because that's how I was feeling and I thought it would be really neat if I was honest and the viewer could see what I was really going through rather than cover my ass because it's on national TV. I thought it was way more fun to just be yourself.

But around camp you would be hard pressed not to find people that liked Sugar from [this] season. I had a lot of friends. I had a very strong alliance, we really liked each other. I loved [Jacque Berg], [Paloma Soto-Castillo], [Kelly Czarnecki], I even liked [Ace Gordon].

Reality TV World: Moving on to Sugar, Randy and yourself hadn't thought that she found the [Immunity Idol hidden at Exile] when Bob was doing the whole "fake idol" thing the first time. Why were you and Randy so confident that [despite spending so much time out there] Sugar hadn't found the Idol?

Corinne: That's a misconception. I knew she had the idol, I thought she played it and that's why Kelly went home, because it didn't make sense to me why they would have voted Kelly out. She had already flipped, she was in an alliance with the Fang members at that time, and she's athletically much better than Sugar.

So I thought -- and we were told [by Sugar and Matty] -- that Sugar played the idol to stay in the game when Kelly was voted out, which made total sense to me. That's why I thought it was back out there.

I knew she found it, I mean c'mon! The girl spent 15 days out there. A monkey could find it.

Reality TV World: How were you cast on the show?

Corinne: I was recruited off MySpace, purely recruited. I mean I love the show now and I watched hours and hours of it and now I'm a fan, [but] I wasn't prior to this. I didn't seek it, they found me.


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Re: Corinne Kaplan
« Reply #10 on: December 05, 2008, 08:40:22 PM »
An interview with Corinne:

Exclusive Interview: Corinne Kaplan of 'Survivor: Gabon'

If there's one thing you have to admire about The Onion Alliance this season on Survivor: Gabon, it's that they have been loyal to one another and honest in their interviews.  They were slightly bitter after being voted out, as they should be.  Marcus, Charlie, Randy, and Corinne were a strong group of players who were outwitted and eliminated by much weaker players Crystal, Kenny, and Sugar.  On last night's episode, Corinne was sent home, which means that Bob is the only remaining member of her alliance left in the game and the odds are seriously against him.  Today, Corinne spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview and explained why some people may have seen her as fake in the game but makes sure that nobody perceives her as a phony in real life!

So I was catching a little flack from the BuddyTV readers because I was defending you yesterday and I was saying that I didn’t think you were very fake this season, after Sugar called you out last night. Did you think that you were being fake in the game?

Well, I mean, it’s Survivor. What I was explaining to Sugar was that, if I was rude to everyone’s face… you know, you see in some tribals where Crystal goes at it with people. That’s just not good gameplay. The point is to have enough self-control to save that for the confessionals and make everyone think that you like them. So I mean, if that’s phony, sure. Then yeah. I totally was. I mean, that’s the whole point. That’s playing the game. In real life, I would’ve strangled Sugar. You don’t do that in game, you know?

Well, what was your strategy, originally, going into the game?

I wanted to be a very strong female player because I thought, in the beginning at least, you keep the athletic people around so you can win and not go to tribal. I initially thought I wanted a tight alliance of three and I wanted somebody I needed and somebody who needed me. I picked Marcus to be the person I needed, because he’s a powerhouse and I picked Bob as the person who would need me. But then, I ended up with Jacquie and Charlie and then surprisingly, Randy, who was amazing, but going in, that’s what I had intended on doing.

Speaking of Randy, did it make you mad what Sugar and the others did to him with the fake idol?

Actually, it was the first time that everyone could see Sugar’s true colors so it was really unfortunate but if that’s what helps America see what kind of person she really is, then you know what? It was all worth it.

When Marcus and Charlie were eliminated, by the time that happened, were you pretty screwed as far as alliances went and saving yourself?

Yes, but I’m a fighter. No matter what, I was still going to come up with something. I was still strategizing. When Marcus got voted out, that was the beginning of the crumble but I still fought. I still felt like I had a shot at it. I thought, “We’ll figure this out.” It’s… it didn’t happen but I certainly made a good run for it.

Randy said that if Crystal, Kenny and Sugar were in the final three, he would literally walk off the set. Do players like them upset you and do you want to see them win this game?

Well, the only person left in the game that I wanna see win is Bob. What I will tell you is this: there are two power things in this game. There’s the person that gets the million and then, there’s the people that vote for the million. Right now, you’ve got this… it’s a seven member jury. The first four people are: me, Marcus, Charlie, and Randy and we’re connected at the hip. We’re gonna decide who gets the million and we won’t give it to who we don’t like. I don’t know who will win but I can tell you for sure who isn’t going to win it.

I know it stinks to be voted out of the game but do you like having that power in the jury? You guys basically will decide who wins.

Oh yeah, it’s amazing because now, you see as we go into tribal council, they’re scrambling. They know… honestly, how stupid can you be? There are four people. The smart thing to do… there’s five in our alliance. They can’t all be in the finals, right? It’ll either be final two or final three. The move is to jump ship and go with the other group. We’ll take you to the end. Then, you wouldn’t have me or Bob getting on a jury with our fellow peers and our alliance friends. It’s so stupid! You stick me up there, especially for someone like Sugar, who knew I hated her. You stick me up there… you have absolutely assured… I will make sure you don’t win a million dollars. Stupid move.

Do you still have bitterness to this day towards these people or have you let it go?

It’s really not a matter of… there are people I don’t like and there are people I like. That’s the thing about me. If I was fake then, after the show, I would say, “Let’s bury the hatchet. Let’s be friends. We shared an amazing experience together.” I promise you that won’t happen. If I didn’t talk to you on the show, I will not talk to you in real life.


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Re: Corinne Kaplan
« Reply #11 on: December 08, 2008, 01:31:36 PM »
An interview with Corinne:

Survivor Exit Interview: Corinne Kaplan Knows Who ISN'T Going To Win!

Last time on Survivor: Gabon - Earth's Last Eden, with a brilliant new strategy that is revitalizing the venerable game, Bob worked his magic once again by fashioning a fake Immunity Idol that became a very real threat. Making one is crafty enough. Giving it a believable back story that blinded even the shrewdest players with lust for it was the master stroke.

Unfortunately the deception worked too well for his sole remaining Kota tribe mate, Corinne Kaplan. The frenzy over the trinket caused a power struggle between the true believers that caught Corinne in its pincers. When she became the unwitting pawn used to flush it out into the open, she was voted out of the game.

We caught up with Corinne the day after and learned another fascinating fact: Survivor is so well controlled from behind the scenes, sometimes the players themselves are surprised by what comes out over the air. Apparently, just living through the experience is not reality enough.

Hi Corinne! How are you?
Doing good. I'd rather still be in the game and not talking to you but, fine.

I can understand. Like I always say, for you it's been a while since you were voted out, but for us it was only last night. How are you dealing with it?
I was fine with it when it happened. It sucks not to win the million and not to have a shot at that, but I made it through 33 out of 39 days, and I got to be in Ponderosa for 6 days with my best friends so, I did the best I could, you know?

That's right. 33 days on Survivor is quite an achievement.
Yeah. And I spent 33 days being me. I let America see me balls out, so I was very pleased with that.

As we followed along you had a pretty good edit...
Do you think so? It was pretty accurate I thought.

And you were quite prominent, but you were always able to stay out of the crosshairs...
I tried.

And as it went along you got squeezed, especially last night. But you kind of got double-crossed there...
Yeah. But the other thing was that, up until I watched it myself last night, I thought I was voted out because Crystal didn't want to flip on her alliance. I didn't realize they totally thought the Idol was real and were voting based on the fact that they wanted to flush it out. These were the same people that let Sugar walk around for 25 days with her Idol. Surely, I didn't think that was why I was voted out, but that was really interesting to watch. At least I made a serious strategic move.
You played a smart game. It was really the only option open to you.
Yep. And the fact that people consistently say they think I'm mean, I ended up with Bob, who is probably the nicest guy to ever play the game, fiercely being loyal to me. It's all going down in a blaze of glory and all Bob wants to do is help me. It's a testament to my character I think.

You mean, you didn't know until you watched last night, of the strategizing going on behind the scenes?
I did not know. Because, I'm the kind of person who, if I didn't like you on the show, I for damn sure don't like you in real life. So I haven't had a reason to speak to anybody since the show wrapped, and I didn't ask anybody, ever, what happened.

That's very interesting. The player becomes the spectator. Those are the kinds of things going on behind the scenes that none of us know unless you probe into it. That raises another aspect of the show I'm interested in. This was Family Week, but you didn't have a shot at the reward because you were left out by the draw. Don't they have to have all the family members there? How do they know who will win the reward?

Well, here's the thing, when they told us that a video from home was the reward I thought, "Who cares? I'm being voted out tomorrow anyway." When I get home I can ask my parents for another video, it doesn't matter. And I believed that our family wasn't there. Because I've never seen that happen before. But when I saw Peg, Bob's wife, I knew they'd all been flown out, because they didn't know who was gonna win. So I started crying because I thought my brother had flown all the way to Africa and wouldn't get a chance to see me. But when they all came over the savanna it was like a feeling I've never experienced before. It was unbelievable.


I'm very lucky to be on this show where they let everybody spend time with their family. I spent 5 hours with my brother in camp, showing him where I slept, where I ate, and that's really cool. He lives in Grenada and I only get a chance to see him once a year. So the only chance I had this year was for him to come to Africa. It was amazing.

So what's your life like now?
Right now I'm in New York, but I live in Los Angeles and unfortunately I gave up my job to be on this show and the company I was with has subsequently started a hiring freeze. So there's no way for them to rehire me at my dream job as a pharmaceutical rep in Beverly Hills. Right now I'm entertaining anything.

Can you give us a link to promote in case there's a job offer out there?
Sure! If you go to my Facebook page and reach out to me, I'll respond, especially if it's about job offers. I'll totally get back to you.

I always like to ask how has Survivor changed your life?
I've been asked that before, and the interesting thing is, I don't really understand people who are so lost that they go on Survivor to find themselves. To be honest with you, I didn't come to any revelation. Aside from the fact that I found most of these people really annoying, I knew going in there really isn't any major change. I just know now that I really don't like sleeping outside.

I guess there's no love lost there. Even your closing comments were you would never speak to Sugar ever again. Have you spoken with her since?
Absolutely not. I mean in the context of the show, obviously the show is still going and I'm on the jury, and there's a finale coming, but in real life, no way. I've said it before. If she was in a car accident on the side of the road, I would not help the coroner scrape her body off it.


I want nothing to do with that girl, ever. She is the most irritating human being I've ever met.

It's only on this show that I hear comments like that. It proves to me that you get so interactive and personal with people you can actually come to hate them.
Yes. And it's not like I hate her, she has nothing to do with me being voted out, she didn't do anything in particular to me. She was just so irritating and high maintenance, she was the last person you'd want to be stranded in Africa with, honestly.

Well, there must have been some good memories. Tell us about some of your best experiences you had there.
One would be when Charlie and I would be bored, I would teach him how to tap dance. So literally we're in the middle of Africa and I'm going "Five, Six, Seven, Eight" and we would dance. We actually made a stage and Charlie and I had a really good time. And one of my other favorite moments was sitting there talking smack with Randy. He can make me laugh harder than anybody I know. That man is hilarious and just a great guy.

It was obvious that you two connected all throughout your edit.
And they didn't even show most of it. What's really interesting is, enough with the dark stuff, even though I love that. I mean, Marcus isn't gay and Charlie is, and that's the end of it. Why do they keep showing that when they could've shown that Randy is 20 years older than me, he's a recluse living in a cabin in Missouri, who's closer to his dog than he is to most human beings and he's my best friend. That stuff is more interesting to me.

I caught that though! But more because of Randy's edit. He seemed to really enjoy speaking with you.
He loved me. And I still love him to this day. But the whole mentality is If I can't win the million, let somebody in my alliance win, so now it's all about pulling for Bob.

You grew close to him too, didn't you?
Yeah, I adore Bob. You have to remember that part of playing the game strategically is putting people on the jury that you think will vote for you. You don't put 4 people who are best friends in an alliance on the jury. We determine who gets the million.

That is the down side...
Yeah. And we all know who I don't like. So there you have it.

I know you have to run off for more interviews but I have one last question. Is Charlie a better tap dancer now?
Oh yeah, we did a lot of practicing at Ponderosa. You'll have to see it in the webisodes. He got very good. He can do a time step now.

Do you have a prediction for the winner?
You know, this game is totally unpredictable. I will just tell you I know who can't win. That's all I will say.

That says it all. I can't wait for the final. Thanks Corinne, and good luck!
Thank you for talking with me!


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Re: Corinne Kaplan
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An interview with Corinne:

Survivor’s Corinne Calls Show’s Final 6 ‘Nerds’

Corinne Kaplan, a 29–year-old unemployed pharmaceutical sales rep from Los Angeles and the newest member of the jury on Survivor: Gabon, is bitter about how her season went down. And she was not afraid to talk about it when she called from New York to rant about her nemesis Sugar and all the other undeserving “nerds,” her wild last-ditch effort to stay in the game, the Jerri Manthey comparisons and why she’d love to follow in the footsteps of Elisabeth Hasselbeck. – Carrie Bell

You knew you and Bob were doomed from the start of the merge, but you never gave up. Did you actually think a second fake idol would work?
I had a real slim chance. But I thought the flaw would be with the idol itself. How is anyone going to buy, coming off a fake idol made by Bob the week before, that there’s another idol from Bob? I thought there was no way that Kenny and Crystal were going to buy that it was real. If they did buy it, I was golden. I didn’t think they would try to flush it because it is useless after day 36. That was only one more round. They let Sugar walk around with an idol for like 25 days. They clearly bought it hook line and sinker that it was real.

Did you know at the time that Sugar had an idol?

I knew that she got the idol. She spent like an eternity on exile. But I was told, and I believed, by Sugar and Matty when they were on Fang, that Kellie went home because Sugar played the idol. That made sense to me because Kellie was more athletic and no one liked Sugar. She was very annoying to have around camp so I figured she played it and saved herself.

The final six are not the group people would have imagined — with the exception of Matty and maybe Bob. Are you bitter about all the twists that for all intents and purposes ruined your shot at a million?
Had there not been those twists, I think the final six would look very different. Every time a twist happened, it was to my downfall. It’s a shame because you want to see the person at the end be the one who is the most deserving, smart, strategic, good player. I don’t know what part of America roots for people like this. I get the underdog thing but these are not underdogs. These are just unintelligent, unsuccessful people that got lucky breaks. This is revenge of the nerds edition.

If you couldn’t pick yourself, who do you think played the best game and was most deserving of the win?
Charlie. The biggest difficulty in Survivor — forget about the starvation, the not sleeping and the mosquito bites, is getting along with the other players. Charlie had an unbelievable knack for making people like him. He is an all around nice guy.

Speaking of the physical part, what was that like for you?
I lost 12 pounds in total and nine of those I lost in the first few days I was there. After the fourth day, my stupid short suit had to be cuffed over once. The weight loss isn’t as magnificent as you might think for not eating for that long. Physically, I trained really hard for it. I trained different starvation techniques and without water. I was very equipped to handle that element of the game.

You wished your competitors all miserable lives except Bob and Kenny. With a few months perspective, do you still hate them that much?
I can’t stand Sugar. She is so annoying that we kept sending her to exile to get her away from us. She’s the only girl who ever gained weight on Survivor. I stand by my statements. The bottom line is that Kenny still treated me like a human being. We were outcasts, lepers. If we walked in, everyone walked out. No one would canoe with us. Kenny was the only one that would still talk to me. When I was in the majority, I never treated anyone like that … But the only way this show would turn out good is if Bob won because everyone else there doesn’t deserve a penny of a million dollars.

Do you have a favorite moment that wasn’t shown on the show?
I spent hours a day teaching Charlie how to tap dance and we put on shows. We were organizing a talent show. Charlie and I had a Gay Pride Parade. We did lots of crazy fun things to make the time pass.

You live in L.A., have long curly hair and were the female villian. How often do you get compared to Jerri Manthey?
People compare me to her all the time … I didn’t see her show and I don’t know her. The only thing we have in common is curly hair and that we are both supposed to be the series villain. I said things to get on the show like “I’ll do anything for the million” or “I’ll cross lines.” But I am not really a self-proclaimed b—-. There are lots of kinds of b—— in the world. Sugar is an example of a dumb b—-. I would consider myself to be a fierce b—-. People call Madonna a b—- and we all know how fierce she is. So I am okay with that but I was not trying to be the new Jerri.

What’s next for you? Have you gone back to your job yet?
I had a great job with a great company and I couldn’t get a leave of absence to do the show so I quit my job. I had a company car that I had to give up. When I got back, the economy was terrible and it is the worst possible time to be trying to find a job. Pharmaceutical sales in particular took a major hit. Most of the companies are in a hiring freeze or laying people off like my former employer. I am having an enormous amount of trouble getting another job. So now I am looking to entertain any possibilities with the small amount of shine you get from being on Survivor. I went to college to be a news anchor so I would love to do hosting or anchoring.

Look out Elizabeth.
Oh man, what I wouldn’t give to be her but unfortunately I think that only happens once in a lifetime.


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Re: Corinne Kaplan
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You Ask and They