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Racing Report Leg 5
« on: November 23, 2008, 06:49:33 PM »
Racing Report
Amazing Race
Season 13, Episode #5
Title:  “ Do it like a madman” from Dan
Provided Funds:  $ 98 per Tina
Pit Stop:  18 hours?
Start Date:  May 3rd, 2008

Teams leave for the start of the next leg from Summerhill Recreation Center overlooking the Bay of Plenty in the order they arrived.
1.   Ken & Tina 6:03am
2.   Terence & Sarah 8:19am
3.   Kelly & Christy 9:32am
4.   Toni & Dallas 10:15am
5.   Nick & Starr 11:34am
6.   Andrew & Dan 12:44am
7.   Aja & Ty 3:04am

Clue:  Fly to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Teams must now fly more then 6500 miles to the city of Siem Reap, Cambodia.  Once there they’ll have to make their way to this roadside gas pumping station where they’ll find their next clue.

Teams must drive themselves (WHAT!  They actually have to drive... themselves... unheard of) to Auckland International Airport.  This is roughly a 223-kilometer drive (and should take 3 hours and ten minutes according to google).  They will head Nothwest on the 2.

On their way to Auckland Terence and Sarah get pulled over for speeding.  This is the first time on the American Edition that someone is actually ticketed for speeding (about time).  The legal limit is 100kph and Terence is cited for going 117kph.

Teams (all of them) over the course of a day make their way to Auckland International Airport and the Flight Centre to make travel arrangements.  I wonder if they were told to go here for tickets.

The two ticket agents get more face time then Aja & Ty, which isn’t a good sign for Aja & Ty.  Hell I think they got more face time then Anthony & Stephanie got in two episodes.

Terence & Sarah arrive at the Flight Center and make arrangements for the first flight (that Ken & Tina already have) between 11:50 and 12:10pm (thank you clocks in airport).

Flight #1

SQ286 Departs Auckland (AUK) 1225 arrives in Singapore (SIN) 1905

Kelly & Christy arrive and get their flight (#2) by 2:05 pm (thanks to clock in terminal).

Nick & Starr are at Flight Centre at 3:15pm

Andrew & Dan get to the flight Centre and are told it is to late.  Dan has them run (well walk fast in Andrew’s case) to the ticket counter (or boarding gate, I am unsure) where they do manage to get place on board the 2nd flight.

Flight #2
Kelly & Christy, Toni & Dallas, Nick & Starr and Andrew & Dan
EK433 departs AUK at 1655 arrives in Brisbane, Australia (BNE) 1835
EK433 departs BNE at 2005 and arrives in SIN at 150 on the morning of the 4th

Everyone except for team DOOMED connect from Singapore to Siem Reap on Jetstar flight 3k595.

Flight #3
3k595 departs SIN at 600 and arrives in Siem Reap (REP) ar 705

No real info is provided for Aja & Ty, which is usually a sign that a team is significantly behind and the producers don’t want you to know how far behind they really are.  In interviews they said they were 2 hours behind, but I can’t find a flight that fits that time frame.  My best bet is:

SQ282 departs AKL at 2355 and arrives in SIN at 645 on the 4th
MI616 departs SIN at 1025 and arrives in REP at 1135. 

If that is accurate then they are starting the main portion of the leg 4 and a half hours after everyone else.

Get me a priest.  We need to give them their last rites.

Teams arrive at Siem Reap and get into cabs in the following order:
1.   Nick & Starr
2.   Toni & Dallas
3.   Kelly & Christy
4.   Terence & Sarah
5.   Ken & Tina
6.   Andrew & Dan
7.   And do I even need to bother……

Teams need to find the gas pumping station at Phlau Ben Lane on Chong Kauv Sou Road.

Toni & Dallas are taken to the “Claremont Hotel” while Kelly & Christy are taken to a modern style gas station where they search for their next clue in a restroom…..  It’s not quite as bad as listening to crickets for your next clue, but it certainly doesn't smell as nice.

Teams arrive at the gas pumping station in the following order:
1.   Nick & Starr
2.   Toni & Dallas (and after being taken to a hotel first, so I would imagine most teams had trouble with cabs of some sort or were really slow getting out of the airport)
3.   Terence & Sarah
4.   Ken & Tina
5.   Andrew & Dan
6.   Kelly & Christy
7.   Lord give me a break they aren’t even in Cambodian airspace yet.

Route Marker: Choose a truck
Now using a local method pump to fill the truck’s tank with at least 25 liters of diesel fuel.

Teams must now choose one of these trucks then use these hand pumps in a method of fueling most common in these parts of Cambodia to fill the trucks tank with 25 liters of diesel fuel.  Once they have filled the tank one of these gas station attendants will hand them their next clue.

Poor Les says, fine you come get a clue at my gas station and AR fans around the world go WTF.  But go to one in Cambodia and no ones says a damn thing. 

25 liters is roughly 6.6 gallons of fuel.
The unit holds 5 liters at a time.

Teams finish filling their trucks with diesel in the following order:
1.   Nick & Star who are leaving before the next team even arrives
2.   Toni & Dallas
3.   Ken & Tina
4.   Terence & Sarah
5.   Kelly & Christy
6.   Andrew & Dan*
7.   Forget it they are joining the mile high climb as this is going on.

•   Andrew is doing the cranking of the pump and going so slow.  No one else has any problems.  Dan tells him he needs to do it faster, but Andrew insists that it wouldn’t make a difference.

Clue:  Make your way to Kho Andeth

Teams must now jump in the back of their truck and have the driver (because these racers need to be chauffered around the world, instead of doing a damn thing themselves) take them to Siem Reap Harbor on Tonle Sap, Southeast Asia’s largest lake.  From here they must take one of these marked boats to this floating restaurant, Kho Andeth where they will find their next clue.

Quote:  Is there a trick to it? Asks Andrew
“There’s no trick.  This is like pulling the zipper down and letting her flow, boys”,  replies Ken.

Nothing like using bodily functions to make your point, Ken.

And just for apskip.  Nick states” I wish we could , like, pull some trees in our path behind us to slow down the other trucks.”  While it is absolutely clear that Nick & Starr will lie (though they aren’t very good or subtile about it), I am not bothered at all by Nick’s comments.  When we think about the things people have actually done (not just said) this is fairly mild.  Hell we have had racers threaten to cut a team’s break lines directly to their face.

Terence & Sarah manage to pass several teams.  I like how in each country Sarah learns a few words of the local language and here we see her put it to good effect.

Starr gets worried that they are going the wrong way and gets the truck driver to stop (though Spanish not exactly the local language) and she asks at least two different groups of locals for direction to the bay.  As this happens several teams catch and pass them.

Teams arrive at the harbor in the following order:
1.   Terence & Sarah
2.   Ken & Tina
3.   Toni & Dallas
4.   Nick & Starr
5.   Kelly & Christy
6.   Andrew & Dan
7.   Aja & Ty are getting served a soda and a bag of peanuts at this time.

Teams get in their boats and get out on the water in the following order:
1.   Terence & Sarah
2.   Ken & Tina
3.   Nick & Star
4.   Toni & Dallas
5.   Kelly & Christy
6.   Andrew & Dan
7.   Yumm Peanuts…

As Nick & Starr pass Ken & Tina, Starr still calls them Mom and Dad.  Tina refers to them as their kids, their bad children.  Which all things being equal is probably true.

When the teams actually get out onto the lake and approach Kho Andeth Terence & Sarah’s boat stops.  Terence instead of sitting down and complaining as each team passes them (Hi my name is Sarah) he using one of the poles to try and push the boat to the restaurant.  Kudos for Terence. 

Teams arrive at Kho Andeth in the following order:
1.   Nick & Star
2.   Toni & Dallas
3.   Ken & Tina
4.   Terence & Sarah (Yes they managed to get the boat in under manual power)
5.   Andrew & Dan
6.   Kelly & Christy (who start a detour tasks before getting the clue)
7.   Ladies and gentlemen we are now beginning our descent into Siem Reap please fasten your seatbelts and put your tray in the upright position.

Detour:  Village Life or Village Work

In this detour teams will be forced (under gunpoint no doubt) to experience the unfamiliar life of a village built entirely on water.  Their choice of tasks:  village life or village work.

In Village Life teams use their boats to get three items:  a set of teeth from a Dentist, a doll from a tailor, and a basketball from this floating basket ball court where each team member must make one basket.  Then they’ll deliver them in exchange for their next clue.

In Village Work teams take their boats to these fishing grounds, wade into waist deep waters (thank god, this wasn’t All Stars, I can here Mirna yelling now, “Come on Charla, its only a little water, your good at holding your breath.”) and search among numerous fishing traps for two filled with fish (not minnows).  Then, they must deliver the traps back to the docks and transfer the fish into these baskets to receive their next clue.

Nick & Star, Toni & Dallas, Andrew & Dan and eventually Aja & Ty choose Vilalge Work.

Ken & Tina, Terence & Sarah and Kelly & Christy choose Village Life.

While performing the detour we here Tina using Spanish, I want to know where they hell these teams think they are.

Quote:  “Can we have a set of teeth?  HERS!  Holy crap!!” as Kelly & Christy are sure they are going to get the teeth being pulled out of a patent.

Teams finish their detours in the following order:
1.   Nick & Starr
2.   Ken & Tina
3.   Toni & Dalas
4.   Terence & Sarah
5.   Kelly & Christy
6.   Andrew & Dan
7.   Their plan has landed.

Clue:  Make your way to Angkor Wat.

Teams must now choose one of these tuk-tuk’s and travel to the ancient temple.  Built in the 12th Century (actually between the 9th and the 12th Phil) for its King as a temple and a Capital city.  It’s since become the symbol of Cambodia.  It’s here that they’ll receive their next clue.

Editorial Note:  The next to locations both part of the Angkor area, are absolutely beautiful.  And I hate the fact that I could see Marcus’s penis on HD but can’t marvel at the beauty of this magnificent location.  It’s a damn shame.

Teams arrive at Angkpr Wat in the following order:
1.   Nick & Starr
2.   Ken & Tina
3.   Toni & Dallas
4.   Terence & Sarah
5.   Kelly & Christy
6.   Andrew & Dan
7.   And we have just cleared customs.  I think they can catch up.

Roadblock:  “Who has better sense of direction?”

A roadblock is a task that only one person can perform.  In this roadblock that person must go on an exploration of the largest religious structure in the world.

Search Temple

They must search the immense grounds of Angkor Wat to this small elusive room Prassat Kok Troung, also known as the chamber of echoes.  Once here they must stand on this specific spot and bump their chest in such a way as to make the sound echo throughout the chamber at which point teams may pick up their next clue.

Roadblock Clue:
Search the grounds for Prassat Kok Troung.  Once there, thump your chest with your fist and take your next clue.

Team members who perform the roadblock are:
And Ty

Teams have to enlist locals to help them, Christy appears to luck out and get taken to it almost immediately.  While Tina struggles with locating it, even going in and out of the room while looking for it.

Teams finish the roadblock in the following order:
1.   Nick & Star (Nick lies on his way out, with the most common of lies)
2.   Toni & Dallas
3.   Terence & Sarah
4.   Kelly & Christy
5.   Ken & Tina
6.   Andrew & Dan
7.   I think they have just found the gas pumping station.  This could be close.  After all they only need to beat Andrew & Dan.

Route Marker:  Take this sculpture relief to the Bayon Temple (part of Angkor Thom) and search the grounds for the next Pit Stop.
The last team to arrive may be eliminated.

Teams check into the Pit Stop in the following order.
1.   Nick & Star and they win their 2nd romantic getaway trip, this one to St. John
2.   Toni & Dallas
3.   Terence & Sarah *
4.   Ken & Tina
5.   Kelly & Christy (who got to the temple before Ken & Tina but because they are stupid and suck at racing couldn’t find Phil)
6.   Andrew & Dan

We then see Phil watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (the extended versions) while waiting for

7.   Aja & Ty (Who are then eliminated)

* Though Terence & Sarah arrived moments after Toni & Dallas, they will receive a 30-minute penalty at the start of the next leg for speeding.  Personally I think this sucks.  I think it should be 30 minutes plus time gained.  But what the hell do I know.

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Re: Racing Report Leg 5
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Oh I do LOVE these. I'm giggling now! Thanks mswood!  :<3
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