Author Topic: BB 10 Poll: Which Juror do you want to win the 25 thousand dollar Jury Prize  (Read 5572 times)

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BB 10 Poll: Which Juror do you want to win the 25 thousand dollar Jury Prize

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It’s time for America’s vote!

The last seven evicted Houseguests may not have made it to the Final Two, but they did make it all the way to the BIG BROTHER JURY! Now, you get to award your favorite Juror a special Jury Prize of 25 THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Which Juror do you want to win the 25 thousand dollar Jury Prize?








Tune in to the BIG BROTHER finale, LIVE at 9/8c on Tuesday, September 16 to see which Juror you chose to win this prize!

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1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions. By voting via text message and/or online by going to the web site accessible at, you hereby accept and agree to the terms of this voting program. Subject to CBS Mobile User Agreement at

2. Voting Periods: The Voting Period begins on Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 6:00 pm PT and ends at 11:59:59 pm PT on Monday, September 15, 2008. Sponsor may at its discretion add new Voting Periods or shift any Voting Period and post notice of addition or shift online at the web site. VOTING PERIODS MAY BE SUBJECT TO INTERRUPTION, WHETHER DUE TO SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE, TECHNICAL REASONS, OR OTHERWISE. Big Brother broadcasts are subject to preemption and schedule changes. Please check local television listings for Big Brother broadcast dates/times in your area.

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4. How to Participate: There are two ways to submit votes:

1) Voting Via Cell Phone Text Messaging: If you are a wireless service subscriber and have a text messaging capable device, you may submit your vote during any of the Voting Periods by sending a text message to the short code "81818" with your vote or votes on the question asked during that Voting Period (e.g., which houseguests should wear a funny hat). You will receive a “thank you” text message that provides additional information about Big Brother. You will be charged standard text and data rates for each text message sent or received from your handset according to the Terms and Conditions of your Service Agreement with your wireless carrier, plus a premium text messaging charge of $0.99 will apply for each successful vote. Each wireless carrier's rate plan may vary, and voters should contact their wireless carrier for information on messaging rate plans and charges relating to your participation in Big Brother. There is a limit of eight 8 text messaging votes per day. For help send HELP to 81818.

2) Free Method of Voting Online: To submit your vote without using text messaging go to during any of the Voting Periods and follow the instructions to complete the voting form. There is a limit of eight 8 free online votes per day.

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Renny! :jumpy: :jumpy:
Just here to visit.

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I voted for Renny!!! :sucks :sucks :sucks :hearts:

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I'm splitting my votes between Renny and Keesha. I just hope it's not Jerry.
I'm sure it won't be any of the others.  :lol:

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Renny....but I feel guilty cause Michelle could use it the most....

okay...not THAT guilty! :lol:
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Renny!  She is so cool! Loved her stylin outfits and hats etc!  Very entertaining and loving person.  Hope she wins the money. 


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 :waves: Last day to get your votes in!!

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 I love Renny and Keesha both.  Didn't want to split the vote and give Jerry the edge, so I reluctantly voted Keesha for 'gameplay'.  Entertainment value, it would be Renny, hands down!