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TAR7: Megan Baker & Heidi Heidel - Roommates
« on: December 19, 2009, 12:26:58 AM »
Okay, since we're in the off-season, and spoilers seem slim, I thought I'd create a little diversion for us. Let's discuss the teams from a past season who don't have threads. How about TAR 7?


Megan & Heidi are roommates from Oak Park, California. Megan works as a fashion designer and Heidi is a full-time mother. Both are extremely competitive and not afraid to take risks. These California beauties decided to sign up for the Race just for the challenge and competition.

Heidi grew up in Flint, Michigan, with several stops along the way before she landed in Los Angeles. She is a licensed makeup artist, but works as a full-time mother for her proudest accomplishment, her daughter. Heidi describes herself as athletic, playful and feisty and has specific plans for her prize money if they win the Race.

Megan grew up all around California before settling in Los Angeles. She works as a fashion designer and enjoys drawing, sewing and painting. Megan has never traveled outside the United States and has an extreme phobia of flying. Another motivation for Meganís participation in the Race is to face that fear and put it behind her.

Despite their limited traveling experience, Megan & Heidi are convinced they can rely on each other and on their competitive spirit to outperform the other racers.