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Racing Report Leg 3
« on: November 09, 2008, 07:23:14 PM »
Lord, I am so far behind.  Reports for #4 and #5 are done, just need to be typed up with additional comments.  Hopefully both will be done by Tuesday.

Racing Report
Amazing Race
Season 13, Episode #3
Title:  “ Did you push my sports bra over the edge?” from Christy as she accuses Starr.
Provided Funds:  $ unknown, but over a hundred dollars from Ken’s counting.
Pit Stop:  36 hours
Start Date:  April 27th, 2008
We start with some rare Eat, Sleep and Mingle footage where we see Kelly & Christy blames Star for throwing Christy’s sports bra off the edge of their hotel.  Starr denies doing this and we has viewers have no evidence that she did or didn’t.

Teams leave for the start of the next leg at Estatua de Iracema in Fortalez, Brazil.  Teams leave in the order they checked into the Pit Stop in the following order:

1.   Ken & Tina 12:51am
2.   Mark & Bill 12:52am
3.   Terence & Sarah 1:13am
4.   Aja & Ty 1:14am
5.   Toni & Dallas 1:15 am
6.   Nick & Starr 1:17am
7.   Kelly & Christy 1:18am
8.   Andrew & Dan 1:22am
9.   Marisa & Brooke 1:22am (which is unusual the producers usually space teams at least a minute apart even if they arrive within seconds of each other)

Clue:  Fly to La Paz, Bolivia

Teams must now fly over 1,200 miles to the city of La Paz, Bolivia.  At 12,000 feet above sea level La Paz could leave teams breathless, literally.  Once teams land they’ll have to make their way to the state of Simon Bolivar in time for the morning newspaper and scour the classified ads for their next clue?

Quote:  “Over the last two legs I am realizing everybody is else is out for themselves, so this is not a popularity competition.  It’s actually us against the other teams”, from Sarah who at least is finally understand that this is a “RACE” against other teams (Oh well its only leg three Erwin and Godwin still haven’t come to this conclusion).  Though it is amusing that she comes to this conclusion after Dallas saves their collective Asses.  And she better be quite pleased it isn’t a popularity contest because, somehow I don’t think her team would win that one.

Teams arrive at the airport and make arrangements to fly to La Paz.  This episode provides almost no clues to the specific flights taken by teams to get to La Paz. So with very little to go from I will not bother with my guesses (and that’s what they would be).

Teams do arrive in La Paz (in what does appear to be two different groups but could be more) the night of April 27th.  We have footage of only Nick & Starr and Mark & Bill arriving at the airport (and thus I assume these two teams were on a separate flight then the others at least from their last connection). 

Teams make their way to the statue of Simon Bolivar at the Prado, La Paz, Bolivia in the following order:
1.   Nick & Starr
2.   Mark & Bill   
3.   Terence & Sarah *
4.   Toni & Dallas
5.   Aja & Ty
6.   Kelly & Christy
7.   Ken & Tina
8.   Marisa & Brooke
9.   Andrew & Dan

•   During their day of traveling to La Paz, Terence & Sarah manage to get someone to give them $500.00.  That’s a huge sum of money to be given to a team.  They probably paid that much just to get away from them.

Teams are provided blankets and fluids (most likely drinks to help them fight the altitude sickness) for their nights stay on the streets of La Paz.

While waiting for the newspapers to be delivered Nick tries to convince Kelly & Christy that Starr didn’t do anything to them.  Kelly & Christy don’t believe him at all.  Nick (while certainly not trust worthy when it comes to the race) and Starr seem quite surprised about the situation, I don't think they did anything. 

Sarah gets a fern, Anne Maria, to help them for the morning (wonder if Anne Marie got any of that $500), Marisa and Brooke enlist two girls to help them.

The newspaper is deliverd it is the La Razon, ad teams need to search for their clue in the section Paginas azules Del Loro de Oro.  The ad reads:

Hat Sale!!
Make your way to Narvaez Hat and Shoe Store near Plaza Murillo and buy a traditional Cholita Hat.

Additional information:  Please hold on to your Hat!!

The teams discover the clue in the following order:
1.   Andrew & Dan (Dan finds the ad)
2.   Ken & Tina (Tina finds the ad)
3.   Nick & Starr (Neither find the ad, Ken & Tina provide the info to them)
4.   Toni & Dallas (Dallas finds the ad)
5.   Mark & Bill (Bill finds the ad)
6.   Terence & Sarah (Sarah finds the ad)
7.   Kelly & Christy (unknown)
8.   Aja & Ty (Ty finds the ad)
9.   Marisa & Brooke (Which ever is wearing the hat finds the ad, I still can’t tell this two apart)

Teams must now make their way to Plaza Murillo and Narveaz Hat Shop where they must buy a traditional Cholita Hat in order to get their next clue.

Most teams take cabs, but Terence & Sarah, Mark & Bill and perhaps Marisa & Brooke walk.  Many teams in cabs discover traffic to be tight and do end up walking part of the distance.

Teams arrive at Narveaz Hat Shop and receive their next clue after purchases a “hat” in the following order:
1.   Andrew & Dan (Seconds ahead of Terence & Sarah)
2.   Terence & Sarah
3.   Mark & Bill
4.   Marisa & Brooke
5.   Ken & Tina
6.   Kelly & Christy
7.   Aja & Ty
8.   Nick & Star
9.   Toni & Dallas (who we see carrying mom’s bags for part of this leg)

We clearly see the altitude taking its toll on several racers must notably Mark & Bill and Toni.

Detour:  Musical March or Bumpy Ride

In this detour teams must choose between two different ways to navigate the city:  Musical March or Bumpy Ride.

In Musical March teams make their way on foot to two Plaza’s several blocks apart where they must collect musicians and form a band.  Then they’ll make their way to Plaza Abaroa where they will deliver them to this bandleader in exchange for their next clue.

In Bumpy Ride teams make their way on foot to Marcado de las Brojasand choose a pair of these locally crafted bicycles (death traps might be a better name).  Then using the provided map as a guide, they’ll take a harrowing (good word), bone rattling (also true) trip down the cobblestone streets to Plaza Abaroa where they’ll receive their next clue.

Clue:  *
Musical March or Bumpy Ride

Musical March:  Travel on foot.  Visit the three plazas listed below and gather members of a traditional carnival band at each stop.  Once you have all members of your band deliver them to the band leader who is waiting for you at Plaza Abaroa.
•   Plaza Estudiante
•   Plaza Boliva
•   Plaza Isabela la Catolica

Bumpy Ride:  Make your way on foot to Mercado de les Brjas and search for the marked bikes.  Then, each of you must choose a bike and use the provided map to ride them to Plaza Abaroa.  Once there, deliver your bikes to the Head Biker.

Caution:  U-Turn Ahead!!

•   We see two different versions of this route marker, one with a space for band members below each Plaza and the one I copied above.  Also notice that Phil only mentions teams having to travel to two plaza to pick up members of their band.  The clue actually mentions the starting point where they pick up the first members of their band.

A U-Turn appears at the end of a detour.  Teams can use the power of the U_Turn to slow down another team forcing them to back track and perform the other side of the Detour they did not previously complete.  Teams can use this power only once during the entire race, so they need to decide on the best time to use it.

Andrew & Dan and Marisa & Brooke choose Musical March.

Terence & Sarah, Mark & Bill, Ken & Tina, Kelly & Christy, T & Aja, Nick & Starr, and Toni & Dallas all choose Bumpy Ride.

Terence & Sarah immediately take a cab, but during the ride Terence discovers the error and they headback to Narvaez Hat Shop and proceed on foot.  Mark & Bill also immediately take a cab and proceed to Mercado de las Brojas to start the detour.

Teams arrive at their individual starting point for their detour in the following order:
1.   Mark & Bill (boy that Cab sure gave them a real boost)
2.   Andrew & Dan
3.   Marisa & Brooke
4.   Terence & Sarah
5.   Ken & Tina
6.   Kelly & Christy
7.   Aja & Ty
8.   Nick & Starr
9.   Toni & Dallas

Quote:  “I am the master of my fate, I am the Captain of my soul” stated by Aja after making it through the tunnel on her bike safely.

Teams finish their detour in the following order:
1.   Mark & Bill
2.   Marisa & Brooke (who make good time walking with their bad and making the band keep up with them)
3.   Terence & Sarah
4.   Ken & Tina
5.   Andrew & Dan (Who see to slow down for their musicians)
6.   Nick & Starr
7.   Aja & Ty
8.   Kelly & Christy (Christy crashes at least twice, once fairly violently and nearly taking out a local in the process)
9.   Toni & Dallas

Teams get to the U-Turn marker in the same order.  No one U-Turns anyone, but Nick & Starr do ask Aja & Ty to U-Turn Kelly & Christy and also consider doing it themselves before deciding its too early in the race. 

Aja & Ty think its crazy to U-Turn Kelly & Christy as there is nothing in it for them.  But that isn’t true, if they believe that Kelly & Christy is the last team.  If they believe that it is absolutely a viable point to give them a bit more cushion for the rest of the leg.

At the U-Turn marker Kelly & Christy choose not to U-Turn anyone, but we also hear later, that they did believe they were last.  Does this mean they would have U-Turn Toni & Dallas if they realized that weren’t last?

Clue:  Travel by taxi to Los Titanes Del Ring at the Multifunctional in El Alto.

Teams now must make their way 8 miles to Los Titanes Del Ring.  When they arrive they’ll find their next clue.

Teams arrive at Los Titanes Del Ring in the following order (due to many having trouble with local taxi drivers knowing the location and general traffic):
1.   Ken & Tina
2.   Marisa & Brooke
3.   Mark & Bill
4.   Toni & Dallas
5.   Terence & Sarah
6.   Nick & Starr
7.   Aja & Ty
8.   Andrew & Dan
9.   Kelly & Christy

“Whose Ready to Pick a Fight?”

Roadblock:  Fighting Cholitas

A Roadblock is a task that only one person can perform.  In this roadblock that person has to set aside all decorum and fight a girl (Thankfully that girl isn’t season 6’s Lori, because she would kick these guys asses!)

They’ll hand their hat they bought to one of these women known as “fighting Cholitas”.  They’ll don one of these wrestling costumes and then in one of two private rings just outside the arena the Cholita will teach them a wrestling routine made up of six moves.  When they feel ready to perform the routine they’ll return to the main arena with their Cholita and if the referee believes that they have successfully executed all six moves he’ll hand them their next clue.  If they mess up at all they’ll have go back, train again, and fight until they get it right.

The six moves are:
1.   Chest Kick:  Take a kick to the chest.
2.   Taunting:  Running out of the ring away from the Cholita
3.   Re Entry:  Rolling between the ring ropes back into the arena
4.   Duck & Flip:  Ducking a hit and flipping the Cholita
5.   Kicked:  Kicked by the Referee
6.   Sling Shot:  Work with the Cholita to hurl the Ref into the Ring ropes and after he bounces back to flip him over.

The team member that performs the roadblock
1.   Ken
2.   Marisa (no hat so Brooke is the one who found the ad earlier)
3.   Mark
4.   Dallas
5.   Sarah (Lord Terence even lets her do the fighting, what a sisy)
6.   Nick
7.   Ty
8.   Dan
9.   Kelly

Teams members get intot eh Main Arena (after a training session) in the following order:
1.   Ken (who works the crowd)
2.   Mark (Fails Re Entry)
3.   Marisa (Fails Duck & Flip)
4.   Dallas (who looks good, he should wear tights all the time)
5.   Sarah (Who fails Taunting, how can you fail taunting?)
6.   Dan
7.   Nick (boy looks like he needs to eat a cheeseburger or two)
8.   Ty
9.   Mark (Who fails Duck & Flip)
10.     Marissa
11.     Mark
12.     Sarah
13.     Kelly

While watching their teammates, Aja informs Christy that Nick & Starr asked them to U-Turn them.

Teams finish the roadblock in the following order:
1.   Ken & Tina
2.   Toni & Dallas
3.   Andrew & Dan
4.   Nick & Starr
5.   Aja & Ty
6.   Marisa & Brooke
7.   Mark & Bill
8.   Terence & Sarah
9.   Kelly & Christy

Travel by taxi to the Pit Stop El Mirador El Moniculo.

Teams must now make their way through the cities chaotic streets to Mirador El Moniculo.  Overlooking Elimandy, one of the highest peaks in South America, this hilltop park is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race.  The last team to check in may be eliminated.

On the taxi ride to the Pit Stop Mark & Bill realize that they didn’t follow the instructions to travel by foot to the detour, and thus know they will suffer a penalty when they arrive at the Pit Stop.

Teams arrive at the Pit Stop in the following order:
1.   Ken & Tina who win a 7 day trip to Cabo San Lucas
2.   Toni & Dallas
3.   Terence & Sarah *
4.   Marisa & Brooke
5.   Aja & Ty
6.   Nick & Starr
7.   Andrew & Dan
8.   Mark & Bill (who start their thirty minute penalty)
9.   Kelly & Christy

Since Mark & Bill appear to have only gone through 6 or 7 minutes of their 30-minute penalty, Mark & Bill officially check in 9th place and are eliminated from the race.

*  One does wonder how if any of their time gained on this cab ride was due to them having excessive funds to offer the driver or if it was solely due to the chaotic nature of the taxi drivers knowledge of the city and its traffic.