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Racing Report Leg #9
« on: January 17, 2008, 09:54:18 PM »
Racing Report
Amazing Race
Season:  12, Episode #9
Title:  “I just hope he doesn’t croak on us" stated by Ronald after hearing their near death gasping for air taxi driver.
Provided Funds:  $414.00 stated by Nicolas
Pit Stop:  21 hour estimate based on the day’s tasks in India.

It’s the 25th

Teams leave the Pit Stop, Bandra Fort in the order they arrived*:
1.  Tk & Rachel 1:25pm
2.  Nicolas & Donald 1:33pm
3.  Ronald & Christina 1:44pm
4.  Nathan & Jennifer 2:38pm

•   Notice how Phil doesn’t talk about what time teams check in, just when they are leaving.

Teams must now fly nearly 4,000 miles to Osaka, Japan, when they land they’ll travel by taxi to Kishiwada Castle and search the grounds for their next clue.

Tk & Rachel go to SeaRock Hotel and use the hotel’s concierge service to buy tickets.

Nicolas & Donald and Nathan & Jennifer go directly to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport to get tickets.

Ronald & Christina go to UAEXchange, a travel agency, to book tickets.

Tk & Rachel end up taking a flight that connects through New Delhi and Beijing to get to Osaka, Japan.

The three other teams take an Air India flight that connects through Hong Kong to Osaka, Japan.

Flight #1 (Tk & Rachel’s)
From Apskip (because I can’t get Airwise keeps telling me to enter a departure city, which I was doing)
9W309 departs BOM 1855 arrives in DEL at 2045
CA938 departs DEL 0345 arrives in PEK at 1220
JL 786 departs PEK 1400 arrives in KIX at 1750

Flight #2 (everyone else)
AI0310 departs BOM 1925 arrives in HKG 0530 +1
Chateau believes that teams then took
CX0450 departs HKG 1010 arrives in KIX at 1440

Flights arrive in Osaka International airport and teams get into cabs in the following order.
1.  Nathan & Jennifer (Flight arrived at 2:30pm)
2.  Ronald & Christina
3.  Nicolas & Donald
And considerable later
4.  Tk & Rachel

Teams arrive at the Kishiwada Castle and find their clue in the following order.
1.  Nathan & Jennifer (clue says to search the grounds)
2.  Ronald & Christina (search the Museum)*
3.  Nicolas & Donald (search the Museum to be able to see the grounds)*
4.  Tk & Rachel (the Museum’s already closed, when they arrive)**

•   Museum charges 200 yen to enter.
•   The Museum’s admission hours are 10am to 4pm (so we know they arrive after that).

Teams must now travel by taxi to JR Kanjoson Noda Station (a Train Station), once there they will search for the stations cleaning man, who will hand them their next clue.

Travel by taxi to JR Kenjoson Noda Station.  Then search the station for The Amazing Race cleaning man—ask him for your next clue.

Quote’s for the Week:
1.  “There’s like, no signs in English here,” says Jennifer.
“That’s why we aren’t driving, babe,” says Nathan.

2.  “I’m never driving in Japan,” stated by Christina.

They editors need medical assistance after literally laughing their asses off.

Teams arrive at Noda Station, find the cleaning man, and receive their clue in the following order.
1.  Nathan & Jennifer
2.  Ronald & Christina
3.  Nicolas & Donald
4.  Tk & Rachel

Roadblock:  “Whose the backseat driver?”
Drive a taxi

In this roadblock the team member find out first hand what it takes to navigate the congested streets of Osaka, by becoming a taxi driver.

Team members must put on a hat and gloves as local cabbies do, and transport a Japanese couple 5 miles through a maze of confusing, often one way, streets to this address.  They may not invite a local to lead them or join them.  Upon arrival at the correct address the couple will give them their next clue.  However, the drivers will have to also make their way back to their team-mates before reading what’s inside.

Teams start the roadblock in the following order:
1.  Jennifer – It’s her 5th, Nathan has completed 4
2.  Christina – It’s her 5th, while Ron has completed 4
3.  Nicolas – It’s his fifth, Don has completed three
4.  Rachel – It’s her fourth, Tk has completed 5

We learn Christina doesn’t drive and uses mass transit at home.

The destination is also written in Japanese.  Christina translates it as the Osaka Center Post Office.

Nicolas seems to have more trouble returning from the Post Office then in getting there.

Teams finish the roadblock in the same order.  With Nicolas finishing roughly ten minutes after Christina.

Teams must now travel by taxi to Kita-Mido Temple, a 16th Century (again with the 16th century, is it a theme or what) Buddhist Temple.  This landmark is where they will find their next clue.

Teams arrive at the temple in the following order (yawn, I need a macro for this episode).
1.  Nathan & Jennifer
2.  Ronald & Christina
3.  Nicolas & Donald
4.  Tk & Rachel

Detour:  Sense of Touch or Sense of Smell

In this detour teams have to choose between two skills they’ve had since the day they were born.  The choice:  sense of touch or sense of smell.

In sense of touch – teams make their way to the Shimajima building (yeah like that spelling is right).  Once there, they must use these miniature robots, which are controlled by cell phones, to play a game of soccer against two robotic defenders.  Once, each team member has scored a goal the referee will give them their next clue.

In sense of smell – teams make their way to Saera Flower Shop where only artificial flowers are sold.  Once there, they must use their noses and only their noses, to identify one real flower hidden among thousands of artificial ones in this two-story flower shop.  When they find a real flower the shop owner will give them their next clue.

Teams that choose Smell:  Nathan & Jennifer, Ronald & Christina and Tk & Rachel.

Teams that choose Touch:  Nicolas & Donald.

Both detours are about ten minutes away walking.  Teams arrive at the detours in the following order:
1.  Nathan & Jennifer
2.  Ronald & Christina
3.  Nicolas & Donald
4.  Tk & Rachel

Teams finish the detour in the following order (wake me up please, I am dying here).
1.  Jennifer & Nathan
2.  Ronald & Christina
3.  Nicolas & Donald
4.  Tk & Rachel

Teams must now travel by taxi through the congested streets of Osaka (I noticed they never got flashed, I must have been special) and find Tempozan Park.  Named for Mt. Tempo (of which I find no evidence of a real mountain by that name.  The elevation is roughly 15 feet.  A mountain of dirty laundry perhaps, but that is all) the lowest mountain in Japan it is the Pit Stop of this leg of the race.

Teams check in at the Pit Stop in the following Order:

1.  Nathan & Jennifer


1.  Ronald & Christina – Who both win an electric vehicle
2.  Nathan & Jennifer – Who had difficulty getting a cab that knew where the location was
3.  Nicolas & Donald
4.  Tk & Rachel – Who are saved by a non-elimination (Liars) and are nearly three hours behind.

ANd to close out this episode Report, lets listen to Nathan premonition of the future.

"The best team is going to finish last and that's going to be Jenn and I", quoted for truth.
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Re: Racing Report Leg #9
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Team Reports

Ronald & Christina:  You guys did good all day, and while Ron got bent out of shape at the cab the day of the 25th and in securing a non stop flight, of which he was correct), you managed to work extremely well as a team for the main aspects of the leg.  Now admittedly Christina had a serious advantage over any other racer as she lived in Japan and does have knowledge of the written and spoken language.  While it is unusual for teams to have local language skills in a foreign country at this stage of the game (Tyler in Japan is the only other example I am aware of).  But while this helped you all day long in getting from point A to point B, but it enabled you to go from an all day in 2nd place to being able to secure a cab that got you to the Pit Stop ahead of Nathan and Jennifer.   In next week's episode Christina talks about how lucky Nathan & Jennifer were in this leg.  That is BS, you were lucky in getting that cab.  That and that alone is why they didn't get first.

Nathan & Jennifer:  Just like Ron, this team managed to run an  almost argument free race.  With a few minor grumbles in the flower shop and Jenn's accusation that Nathan pushed her into the cab.

"That's not getting pushed around, ask me I can tell you what being pushed around is", says Victoria.

But even that never really went beyond giving attitude. 

But like the 2nd leg of Burkina Faso, they consistently run the better leg.  But being unable to communicate at the last step of the race cost them their first place. 

Nicolas & Donald:  Yes, Don, Nic is your "Bitch".   I love this two.  And I so wish that they would actually win, though I am very great full that we will get to be around them for the full season.  THis team did well, within its own limitations.  Mainly that they aren't fast, at all.  This puts them being at every step of the race.  This is a team that needs tasks and lots of driving to gain a lead.  As to Nic performing the roadblock, while it looks like they took considerable longer, but considering that he finished just ten minutes after Christina, I think he did fine.  As to the Detour choice, it worked out fine for them.

Tk & Rachel:  Lets start with the good.  Apparently Rachel (a florist) was able to tell the flower by sight and made short work of the detour.  As to anything else, as far as tasks we have no idea.  But this team made a huge, huge, huge blunder.  Now just like Azaria got results different from what he wanted, Tk got a flight that was considerable worse.  And like Azaria didn't check to see.  And in this case especially he had hours to check the airport after getting tickets to confirm from other sources if this was in fact the fastest way.  That is one of the worst mistakes in AR, absolutely terrible.