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Re: The Amazing Race Asia 2 Contestant/ Media thread
« Reply #125 on: October 19, 2007, 04:34:41 PM »
Meet the challengers

We have met the two Malaysian teams. Now meet the eight other teams looking to take the mantle away from Malaysia. Let's see who they are.


Colin Low, 36, regional sales director and Adrian Yap, 27, business development manager

Relationship: Gym buddies 

Young, energetic and passionate about their fitness, the gym buddies are in such good shape they could have an advantage over their competitors. 

Some teams, however, may brush them off as a weak team because of Yap's hearing disability. He has to at times rely on sign language to communicate with Low. Will his shortcoming prove to be a hindrance in the race or will he fool the other teams into complacency? Watch.



Team Indonesia.
Kinaryosih, 28, model/ actress and Brett Money, 26, physiotherapist 

Relationship: Dating two years 

This good-looking couple's love for travel was one reason they decided to try out for the race. Will this be enough for them to get through the gruelling race? Will Money's surfing prowess and Kinaryosih's charm win them the race? We shall see.



Team Thailand.
Paula Taylor, 24, actress/ VJ/ model and Natasha Monks, 24, public relations/ brand consultant

Relationship: Childhood friends

What chance does two beautiful girls have in a kick-butt race like The Amazing Race? Will the childhood friends remain close after a month of roughing it out with each other? The duo admit that when they watch the Race on TV, they think they can do all the tasks. 

"Now we have the chance to prove it to people," says Paula.

Will being beautiful be a disadvantage?

"No, I think it could work to our advantage. People will assume that we won't be able to actually do much and we can use that to our advantage and move forward" says Paula.




Team Japan.
Daichi Kawashima, 26, and Sawaka Kawashima, 28, Singer, both interpreters 

Relationship: Brother and sister

The first Japanese team to join the cast of The Amazing Race Asia, Daichi and Sawaka only recently reunited after a family misunderstanding that happened three years ago. Will the race offer them a chance to re-discover the family love they once shared, or will they buckle under the pressure of their strained family ties?

The once-close siblings are sports enthusiasts: they both love soccer and basketball and though Daichi holds a black belt in karate, Sawaka is always looking out for her younger brother.

Apart from being reality TV fans, Sawaka is hoping the Race could help her launch her music career beyond Japan. Will they win the race? Will Sawaka get famous? 


Team Hong Kong.
Hong Kong

Monica Lo, 28, actress/ model/ student and Edwin Lo, 26, event organiser 

Relationship: Dating 10 years

Drama has always been the spice that drives the lives of Monica and Edwin. Monica is an actress so that's normal, but Edwin is nicknamed “Drama King” by his friends. Therefore, the two hope to drum up the drama in the race by assuming the roles of the notorious Rob and Amber (from the US version). They are determined to instil fear in the other teams and make this a race worth watching. Will they succeed or will the drama be their elimination? Watch on.


Hong Kong

Team Hong Kong.
Aurelia Chenat, 24, model, and Sophie Teng, 27, writer

Relationship: Ex-housemates

If there are fireworks in this race, you can be sure that some of it will come from these two. Both in the prime of their life, the Hong Kong residents are attractive, outgoing and personable. But the similarities stop here.

Sophie, who was a writer in an advertising agency, quit her job to take part in the race. She is serious and reflective and hopes her participation will lead to her lifelong dream of becoming a TV presenter and travel writer.

Aurelia, on the other hand, is a bubbly and chatty model who loves meeting interesting people. Though born and bred in France, she considers Hong Kong her home.

The two met through a mutual friend and become housemates ? but only briefly. There was no chemistry but there were some explosions. Will they manage to patch things up here or will they eat each other alive?



Team Philippines.
Rovilson Fernandez, 30, TV host/ magazine editor and Marc Nelson, 31, TV host/ model

Relationship: Best buddies

Hunks. That’s about the first thing that comes to mind when you see these best friends. And then you learn that they are comedians too ? well they like to joke about each other. And, they are fighters determined to win the race and take home the US$100,000 prize money. 

Can we take these pretty boys ? ok, handsome men, seriously? Or will they say goodbye before we get our fill of their good looks?



Team Philippines.
Terri Reed, 44, housewife and Henry Reed, 48, retired US Navy senior chief petty officer 

Relationship: Married 13 years

When it comes to discipline, dedication and effort placed in getting things done, nothing prepares you quite like the military and after over 20 years of serving his country, the retired Navy officer and his wife are all set for war ? on the race, that is.

Their only stumbling block could be the clashing of their strong personalities. Describing themselves as "borderline dysfunctional", Henry admits that the toughest part of the race was dealing with his wife. 

Indeed, before anything takes off, the duo can be seen talking, and then arguing, and then smiling and laughing and then they start arguing again. 

Will they make it through, arguments and all?

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Re: The Amazing Race Asia 2 Contestant/ Media thread
« Reply #126 on: November 13, 2007, 04:28:12 PM »
I finally had the opportunity this morning to view the Racers Revealed one hour program to introduce the 10 teams competing in ARA2. I formed some clear new opinions from this program beyond the wealth of information I already had access to. My new thoughts are:

1. Edwin and Monica are in trouble before they start due to Edwin's massive superiority complex that appears totally unwarranted.

2. There are 4 female/female teams in ARA2. The stronger teams that I think will last longer are Vanessa and Pamela and Paula and Natasha.

3. The weaker female/female teams that will be out sooner are Ann and Diane and Aurelia and Sophie.

4. I think Henry and Terri will overcome their intense bickering. Many Amazing Race finalists have overcome this. I think that's how far they will go.

5. I am not impressed by Collin and Adrian. They are quick but not strong. They will probably be approximately 4th out.

6. Brett and Kinar impress me as a tough team. I expect them to be Final 3.

7. I expect the third Final 3 team to be Rovilson and Marc. They are a strong male/male team.

8. That leaves Daichi and Sawaka. They could surprise me either way, but I expect they will be approximately the last(7th) team out before the Final 3.

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Re: The Amazing Race Asia 2 Contestant/ Media thread
« Reply #127 on: November 16, 2007, 09:21:12 AM »
There are a few things I need to update.

One, the "satellite" where I normally get the TARA episodes has been shut down.

Two, the regular source who informs me when the episodes are on "satellite" is on holiday and won't be back until November 27 so there could be a delay for those of us here in the States to find the episode.

Three, I'll have my comments after I'm able to get the proper "coordinates".
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