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TARA2: Edwin & Monica (Hong Kong)
« on: October 11, 2007, 10:51:34 AM »

Asian Rob & Amber

Member 1             
Name       :       Monica Lo
Occupation       :       Actress/ Model/ Student
Age       :       28
Hometown       :       Hong Kong

Member 2             
Name       :       Edwin Lo
Occupation       :       Event Organizer
Age       :       26
Hometown       :       Hong Kong

Drama has always been the spice that drives the lives of this team. Monica is an actress who knows the subject all too well in her day job, while Edwin has been nicknamed "Drama King" by his friends.

Both also look to drum up the drama in this race, by calling themselves to be the Rob and Amber (from the US version) of this race. But unlike the infamous duo, these two just want to instill fear in the other teams as they bring their A game onto the race, and create something worth watching. Proudly declaring the teams from first season of The Amazing Race Asia to be boring, can both create another irresistible on-screen racing duo?

These high school sweethearts and former Toronto, Canada residents believe so. Edwin exclaims, "I think we would bring heat and excitement to the viewers. We would make it a better show."

Monica certainly has the chops for it, with 17 Hong Kong movies under her belt as well as several Hong Kong television dramas. A model turned actress since taking home the Miss Chinese International Pageant title in 1997, Monica has acted across the likes of Hong Kong heartthrob Daniel Wu, to Hollywood action star, Steven Seagal. The pressures of her day job should be comparable to taking on nine other teams in a race towards the finish line.

While they are confident of their standing, Edwin and Monica think their friends will not believe their ears when they hear that they are in The Amazing Race Asia, because of a huge fiasco that happened when they were dating. Edwin was late in meeting Monica in Amsterdam for a holiday once, because he overslept and missed the flight.

So to all their dismissive friends, this chance to participate in The Amazing Race Asia offers them an opportunity to show their buddies otherwise. "We have to prove it to them that we are the best team and we're going to win," says Edwin.

All bravado aside though, Monica is hoping that this experience will solidify her relationship with Edwin. "We have been dating on and off for 10 years and I want to take it to the next level."

Perhaps in response to a topic he is all but familiar with, Edwin merely gives a sardonic smile and says, "Let's try to stay on topic here."

But despite his silent protests, Edwin confesses that the worse time of his life was when Monica returned to Hong Kong, while he still had three years of school left in Toronto. The first thing he did after graduation was to follow her halfway across the world back to Hong Kong.

And in his own words, Edwin also hopes “to build a more special bond with my partner" during the race... Need we say more?