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Hey everyone, just thought everyone should know that with Puddin's hard work throughout the years, her dedication to the site, and the knowledge of the software, she has been promoted! She is now known as an RFF Assistant Administrator. She will have the same duties as before, nothing has changed in that area.

She has worked very hard for this site, and she knows the things that need to be done, and what shouldn't be done! I respect her decisions, and will stand behind any she may make in the future.

I would personally like to thank her for being a very good friend, and taking over the duties of the site when I cannot be here to do them. I am proud to have her stand next to me in leadership of this site.

Congratulations Puddin!! Now your stuck here!!!  :lol3:


YAY puddin!

 :wohoo: :wohoo: :wohoo:

she does work hard and she's awesome.  :hearts: :jam:

Now I have to get used to puddin not being blue anymore, but red !!

 :jumpy: :wohoo: :jam: :jam: :nana :nana :dancer: :wtg: :elvis: :partie:

Congrats Puddin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :kuss:

           A BIG      to our puddin!                                   

                              :conf: :cheer: :party: :cheer: :conf:

And I'd like to chime in with a personal thank you for all your hard work and long hours! Besides your awesome detecting skills--You keep things running smoothly on the boards, you've taught me everything about how-to-post from how to post my first picture here, you "mother" us all when things go awry, and most of all--you make it FUN every single day! We are all very, very lucky that you are here--and on the days when you want to pull out your hair--remember that we love and appreciate you!


--- Quote ---Congratulations Puddin!! Now your stuck here!!!
--- End quote ---
Well I guess thats good because no one else wants me  :lol3:.



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