Author Topic: Hit Show WIFE SWAP now Casting for Season 4!!!  (Read 4102 times)

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Hit Show WIFE SWAP now Casting for Season 4!!!
« on: March 29, 2007, 03:49:32 PM »
The hit reality show 'WIFE SWAP' on ABC primetime is now casting outgoing, opinionated families for season 4! Families must have big personalities and be proud of their way of life!

Does your family have an interesting or unique lifestyle?
Are you opinionated or outspoken?
Is your family ready for a once-on-a-lifetime adventure?

The premise of Wife Swap simple: we take two different families and have the moms swap places for one week to experience how another family lives while teaching their own way of life. It's a filming commitment of 12 days.

Families on the show receive $20,000 to thank them for their time.  ABC also pays $1,000 to anyone who refers a family that makes it on the show. Each household MUST consist of two parents and at least one child over the age of 7 living there fulltime.

To apply, email the casting producer at with a family description and phone number.