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Hey everyone, the RFF Amazon store has re-launched, just go to and take a look around at all the Reality TV DVDs you can buy! Especially if you want to pre-order Two-A-Days being Released on Dec 26th!!!

That's great, Rob!  I never heard of the Two-A-Days.  That must be a cable reality show, right?  So, these are real high school student football players?

Yes, they are REAL high school football players. Trevor & I went on and on during some of our podcasts about this show. If you are any fan of football, this DVD is for you, but even if you aren't and enjoy a good reality tv show, this DVD is STILL for you!


Jeffrey Scott:
Yes, I can verify they went on and on about two a day. ;)

They did talk about it on their podcast.  But I want to know one thing: Why is it called "Two-a-days"? 

I haven't seen the show, but I'm thinking about downloading it online just to see what all the hype is about.


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