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Racing Report Leg #6
« on: November 01, 2006, 10:46:16 PM »
Racing Report Leg #6.

Teams left the Pit Stop, The Chettinad House in Chennai India in the following Order:

1.  Peter & Sarah  12:54pm
2.  Dustin & Kandice  1:06pm
3.  Rob & Kimberly  1:42pm
4.  Erwin & Godwin  1:53pm
5.  Lyn & Karlyn  2:02pm
6.  Tyler & James  3:37pm
7.  David & Mary  6:04pm  Who are marked for elimination and must come in first place at the Pit Stop are get stuck with a 30 minute penalty before being able to check in.

This Pit Stop was a 24 hour Pit Stop not the usually 12 hour kind.

Teams are given $31.00 dollars for this leg of the race.

On a cell phone teams are directed to get to Kuwait City and Find a unnamed location (three towers).  They must first travel to a travel agency to buy tickets and fly 2400 miles to Kuwait.

Teams arrive at various travel agencies and book tickets to Kuwait.

Peter and Sarah use the internet to discover the location they need to go to is  the Kuwait Towers.  They manage to get a print out of towers and directions.

From Mumbai to Kuwait City, Kuwait with an 7:50am arrival time.

Dustin & Kandice take Jet Air on an 11:00pm through Mumbai arriving in Kuwait City at 7:50 am.

Rob and Kimberly travel to a travel agency.  At travel agent one of the agents lived in Kuwait City.  Rob and Kim get directions from her for the towers.  Rob & Kim also get the same Jet Air Flight that Dustin & Kandice and Peter & Sarah.

Erwin & Godwin wait 10 minutes and leave with Lyn & Karlyn to travel agent.  Where they book the same flight as the previous teams.

Tyler and James arrive at travel agent (possible faster then Erwin & Godwin and Lyn & Karlyn), they get Jet Air to Mumbai leaving at 8:00pm arriving at Kuwait City at 7:50am.  They also use internet access to discover the location is the Kuwait Towers.

David & Mary manage to go to the same travel agent as Erwin & Godwin and Lyn & Karyn,  who are still getting tickets.  They tell Mary & David to get the same tickets.

Teams arrive at airport in the following order:
1.  Peter & Sarah
2.  Dustin & Kandice
3.  Rob & Kimberly
4.  Tyler & James (their flight leaves at 8:05pm and the other teams still have not arrived at the airport.
5.  Erwin & Godwin
6.  David & Mary
7.  Lyn & Karlyn

Teams get to the marked cars ousted the airport in the following order:
1.  Dustin and Kandice  (got directions from the pilot of the airplane)
2.  Tyler & James
3.  Rob & Kimberly
4.  Peter & sarah
5.  Lyn & Karlyn
6.  Erwin & Godwin
7.  David & Mary

The Backpackers wait in baggage claim for a local who will direct them to the Kuwait Towers.  They believe this will allow them to pass the other teams.

Teams arrive at Kuwait Towers in the following Order:
1.  Rob & Kimberly
2.  Tyler & James
3.  Dustin & Kandice (they got lost)
4.  Peter & Sarah
5.  Lyn & Karlyn
6.  Erwin & Godwin
7.  David & Mary

Teams get to the top of the Towers and pull a number in the following Order:
1.  Rob & Kimberly
2.  Tyler & James Teams 1 & 2 in the same elevator ride up the tower
3.  Peter & Sarah
4.  Dustin & Kandice  Teams 3 & 4 in the same elevator ride up the tower
5.  Lyn & Karlyn
6.  David & Mary
7.  Erwin & Godwin

It doesnít open until 11:00am.

The Clue box contains:
1.  Fast Forward (Confront Oil Well Fire)  The first of only two Fast Forwards in the race.
In this Fast Forward teams must drive 18 miles to an oil field, don protective gear and use a flame retardant shield to approach a simulated oil well fire facing temperatures over 1000 degrees.  Teams must reach the clue box close to the fire and retrieve the Fast Forward.  The first team that completes this will skip all tasks and go directly to this legís Pit Stop.

2.  The Roadblock (Who is Strong in Mind and Body)) They must test mind and body 610 feet above the ground, where they will climb a curved ladder , when they reach the top they will retrieve a satchel containing puzzle pieces.  Once on the ground they will find additional pieces, they must then complete the puzzle that will reveal the street where a marked stall resides.

Rob & Kimberly, Tyler & James, Peter & Sarah, & Lyn & Karlyn choose no to go for the Fast Forward.  Dustin & Kandice want to try for it, until Erwin & Godwin tell them they are going to go for it (they donít want to have to come back and risk being last).  But since David & Mary need to get in First to avoid a penalty they allow them to go for it.

Teams complete the roadblock in the following Order:
1.  Tyler* & James  (Tyler 5 / James 1)
2.  Peter & Sarah*  (Peter 4 / Sarah 2)
3.  Rob & Kimberly* (Rob 4 / Kimberly 2)
4.  Lyn & Karlyn*  (Lyn 3 / Karlyn 3)
5.  Dustin & Kandice*  (Dustin 3 / Kandice 3)
6.  Erwin* & Godwin (Erwin 4 / Godwin 2)

The completed puzzle isnít in ENglish and Tyler and James decide to just carry the whole Puzzle to a local for directions.

Teams must travel 3 miles to Souk Al-Gharabally St. and find the marked Bead Shop where the shopkeeper will give them their next clue.

Teams arrive at Al-Gharabally Street in the following Order:
1.  Tyler & James
2.  Rob & Kimberly
3.  Peter & Sarah
4.  Dustin & Kandice (with a local Fern in the car directing them)
5.  Erwin & Godwin with a police escort
6.  Lyn & Karlyn

Teams arrive at the Bead shop and receive their next clue in the following Order:
1.  Tyler & James
2.  Rob & Kimberly
3.  Peter & Sarah
4.  Erwin & Godwin
5.  Dustin & Kandice
6.  Lyn & Karlyn

The clue is a Detour - Manual or Automatic

Manual Teams must drive themselves to Sulaibiya and find the feedlot.  Then they must fill 10 -110 lbs bags of Camel feed to the fill line.  Then transport them 100 yards to the pallet and properly stack them before receiving their next clue.

Automatic  Teams must drive themselves to the Kuwait Camel Racing Club, teems must choose one robotic jockey and attach him to a camel.  Using a voice activated control which causes the jockey to lightly whip the camel .  They must drive it to the end of a 140 yard track before they can receive their next clue.

Teams originally decide on the following Tasks
Tyler & James
Rob & Kimberly
Dustin & Kandice
Erwin & Godwin

Peter & Sarah
Lyn and Karlyn

But several teams switch.

Back at there cars Lyn and Karlyn meet up with Erwin & Godwin who are trying to get directions to Manual.  They agree to follow Lyn & Karlyn who have direction to Kuwait Camel Racing on the 5th Ring Road.

Tyler & James, Dustin & Kandice, Rob & Kimberly all get lost trying to locate Manual.

Tyler & James then switch to looking for Automatic

Erwin & Godwin feel that Lyn & Karlyn have driven to fare and decide to switch back to Manual.

Teams Arrive at Detour in the Following Order:
1.  Rob & Kimberly
2.  Dustin & Kandice (get a local to drive them there)
3.  Erwin & Godwin
4.  Lyn & Karlyn
5. Tyler & James
6.  Peter & Sarah (actually have to be directed by AR personnel.  It is after 8:00pm at this point.

Dustin & Kandice donít follow the clueís instruction and have to refill all ten bags.

Teams finish the Detour in the following order:
1.  Rob & Kimberly
2.  Dustin & Kandice
3.  Erwin & Godwin
4.  Lyn & Karlyn
5.  Tyler & James
6.  Peter & Sarah never do the detour

Teams must then drive 11 miles (at least from the Manual) to the Pit Stop at the Al-Sadiq Area Water Towers.

Teams reach the Pit Stop in the following Order:
1.  David & Mary  win a trip to Jamaica
2.  Dustin & Kandice
3.  Rob & Kimberly
4.  Lyn & Karlyn
5.  Erwin & Godwin
6.  Tyler & James
7.  Peter & Sarah - Eliminated  by 8:00 pm they had not found the detour, they were directed to the detour by staff, where they just received directions to go to the Pit Stop.  If it wasnít a non elimination that would not have happened.  They drove for over 400 km trying to find the detour.

more to come....

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Re: Racing Report Leg #6
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2006, 11:39:35 PM »
Team report

1.  David & Mary-You would think the team that is in first would get a good review.  But that isnít the case.

The team depended on others to book their tickets, they worked as a group to get to the towers bleeding considerable time waiting for a local to go through baggage claim.  This put them in the last group.

And even though the Choís were behind them, the Choís managed to decide to go fro the Fast Forward before David & Mary.  If it wasnít for the Choís they would have competed against Dustin & Kandice for the Fast Forward.  And based on previous legs I believe that Dustin & Kandice had a good chance to beat them.  They also managed to get lost in the 18 miles from the Kuwait towers to the Pit Stop.  Sub standard racers that are only alive due to the kindness of friends and the complete breakdown of another team.

2.  Dustin & Kandice - Got instructions from the pilot on how to locate the Kuwait towers and even though they got lost here, where quickly directed to the Towers only losing two spots.  On the elevator ride with Peter & Sarah, Peter rushed for the numbers and managed to get a better number.  Usually this team hustleís more, but here they didnít.  They lost one position due to having trouble with the puzzle.  They also had to ponder how to get someone to read the puzzle (though all but one team had already carried theirs to locals to read.  After a brief encounter with Lyn & Karlyn who shove both a local and one of the Beauty Queens, they snag a fern who will ride with them to the next clue box.

This allows them to pass Lyn & Karlyn, though they lose more time by having difficulty in finding the Bead Shop.  They decide to do Manual and have trouble finding it getting lost (they also have a map and still have problems finding it).  They find a local who will drive their so that they just have to follow them, this gains them considerable time and puts them 2cd in getting to the detour.  Where they donít follow instructions (this is the third time this has happened in 3 different legs not a good sign, read the clues and the extra information carefully).  Finishing the detour 2cd they have the easiest time finding the Pit Stop and end with a very respectful 2cd place.

This leg at several mistakes that the girls made, but the recovered from all of them nicely and with the aid of two locals (one in their car  the other driving in front of them) managed to avoid the long delays others had in finding the locations.  An Average leg.  Without the locals and with getting lost in two sections, and not following the clues this leg could have ended up quite differently.

3.  Rob and Kimberly - Ran a surprisingly strong and effective leg.  They made good time to the Towers passing two teams.  And while Kimberly had trouble with the puzzle allowing two teams to complete it faster, they were able to find the bead shop 2cd.  Even getting lost they managed to get to the Detour first, they followed instructions even when they saw another team not.  They finished the Detour first and if not for getting lost on the way to the Pit Stop wouldnít have ended up 2cd.  AN good leg.  A little trouble navigating, but managing it without escort or passengers.

4.  Lyn & Karlyn a mixed leg, and its their best leg to date.  But still several deductions for time lost and wasted working as a team.  They wasted hours on the travel agent.  Tyler and James left the Pit Stop over an hour and a half after they did.  But they managed to get tickets and to the airport and out of the city before they got to the airport.  While the first part of the leg usually as the biggest equalizers you canít depend on it.  Waiting 4 hours at the travel agency for David & Mary was a huge error.  They compound this error by waiting for a local to escort them to the Kuwait towers.  This put the entire group at the rear of the pack.  If not for another equalizer this team would have been even further back.  At the Roadblock they did okay.  But their encounter with the local man and with Kandice and Dustin was outright rude and unacceptable.  To SHove a local is terrible sportsmanship. To Shove another player is a Guido move or a Jonathan move.  They got lost getting to the Bead Shop.  But they did get instructions to the Camel Racing Track.  Wither they got lost anytime else on this leg is never shown.  They are the 4th team to check in.  Their best placement so far  in the race.

5.  Erwin & Godwin.  Make all the same mistakes as Lyn & Karlyn for the first part of the race getting tickets, and getting to the Kuwait Towers.  They also allow a team behind them to pull a number before them.  This teams biggest weakness (and its getting to be a huge weakness) is that they are not competitive.  This is a Race.  RACE....Damnit.  Eve last they forgo the Fast Forward so that their friends can use it.  That's a huge tactical error.  HUGE.  After finishing the detour in last place they manage a police escort (Sirens and all) to the Bead Shop, this allows them to pass Lyn & Karlyn.  They also find the Bead shop faster then Dustin & Kandice to pass another team.  They decide on Manual for the detour and return to the same officer and ask for directions.  He doesnít know where it is.  When Lyn & Karlyn come out they have directions ot the other event and they let them follow them.  But they make another mistake and feel that the girls are lost so they get new directions and go to Manual.  They actually get to the detour while both Rob & Kimberly and Dustin & Kandice are working on it.  They must have gotten lost going from there to the Pit Stop since they are  38 minutes later then Dustin & Kandice who finished last before them and didnít get lost.

These guys are nice guys, they will absolutely not win this race as long as they continue to ally themselves with the 2 weakest teams left in the race.  In fact if they donít chance how they race, I am betting that one of the other members of the Backpack use their kindness to pass them.  What should have been a team to beat is turning into Miss Congeniality.

6.  Tyler and James - The ran a great leg, up to a point.  They managed to hustle and find the best flight out of Chennai, and had to hustle to the travel agent and to the airport to manage this.  They did well (like Peter & Sarah) using the internet to find the location of Kuwait Towers.  They hustled out of the airport and managed to be team #2 at the Roadblock.  Tyler excelled at the mental challenge of the puzzle, and they finished the detour 1st.  THe were the first to figure how to get the clue translated, they were the first to the Bead Shop.  But it was at the Detour, specifically finding the Detour where this great leg came to a screeching halt.  They had trouble finding either detour and say they spent four hours looking for it.  It looks like they had a much easier time finding the Pit Stop (time wise).  But even with two legs finishes near last, this team as not broken down communicating, they are still having fun, and they havenít started blaming each other.

But they do have things that cause me to worry.  THe first is that so far Tyler has done 5 out of the 6 roadblocks.  I do not understand this.  James has interviewed that he isnít as confident as Tyler is, but eventually you are going ot have to complete tasks.

The second is if their poor showing navigating this episode is reflective of their overall ability to navigate (they navigated well in Mongolia), we will have to see future legs to judge.

7.  Peter & Sarah-  They did average in the first part of the leg, coming in fairly middle of the pack at the towers, and at the bead shop.  When finding the detour this team self destructed to a huge degree.  They drove nearly 8 hours and still never found the detour.  The last time that has happened is first seasonís episode where Paula nd Amie got lost in the desert.  The producers directed them to the Detour, and then directed them to the Pit Stop, they never had to do the detour since they were at this point nearly 3 hours later then when the producers removed them from a dangerous location (near a site of an earlier in the day execution) they then went to starbucks before going to the detour location.  What time they finally reached the Pit Stop is unknown but I would assume at least 4 or 5 hours after Tyler and James checked in.

Strategy wise this team made many of the  correct moves in trying to get locations.  THey went to hotels, they got escorted  (3 times to that same grocery store, even by the hotels directions).  Peter also continued the blame game, blaming Sarah for her inability to navigate (which was accurate but at this point doesnít help matters) and if they had been able to continue probably would helped bring them down at a later stage of the race.

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Re: Racing Report Leg #6
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2006, 11:53:45 PM »
Score Card

Remember this is a list compiling teams from teh normal two persons seasons of the Amazing Race.  It also treats all double les as individual legs to better judge the true performance of a team.

Teams from this season are highlighted in ALL CAPS.

1.   Eric & Jeremy (9)  1.40
2.   BJ & Tyler (9)   2.00
3.   Joe & Bill (the Guidoís) (1)   2.17
4.   Ken & Gerard (3)   2.33
5.   Kris & Jon (6)   2.50
6.   Wil & Tara (2)   2.67
7.   Hayden & Aaron (6)   2.83
8.   Rob & Amber (7)   2.83
9.   Colin & Christie (5)    3.00
10.  Jonathan & Victoria (6)   3.00
11.  Frank & Margarita (1)   3.17
12.  Flo & Zach (3)   3.17
13.  PETER & SARAH (10)   3.17 Eliminated
14.  Rob & Brennan (1)   3.33
15.  Charla & Mirna (5)   3.33
16.  TYLER & JAMES (10)   3.33
17.  ROB & KIMBERLY (10)   3.50
18.  Kevin & Drew (1)   3.67
19.  Millie & Chuck (4)   3.67
20.  Brandon & Nicole (5)   3.67
21.  Mary & Peach (2)   3.83
22.  Derek & Drew (3)   3.83
23.  Reichen & Chip (4)   3.83
24.  Ron & Kelly (7)   3.83
25.   Freddy & Kendra (6)   4.00
26.  Lynn & Alex (7) 4.00
27.  DUSTIN & KANDICE (10)   4.00
28.  Uchenna & Joyce (7)   4.33
29.  Oswald & Danny (2)   4.50
30.  Gary & Dave (2)   4.50
31.  Brian & Greg (7)   4.50
32.  Lake & Michelle (9)   4.50
33.  Chris & Alex (2)   4.83
34.  Blake & Paige (2)   4.83
35.  Jon & Al (4)   4.83
36.  Jospeh & Monica (9)   4.83
37.  ERWIN & GODWIN (10)   4.83
38.  Kelly & Jon (4)   5.00
39.  Chip & Kim (5)   5.00
40.  Gus & Hera (6)   5.00
41.  Ray & Deana (7)   5.00 Eliminated
42.  Aaron & arianne (3)   5.17 Eliminated
43.  Tian & Jaree (4)   5.33
44.  Monica & Sheree (4)   5.33 Eliminated
45.  Linda & Karen (5)   5.33
46.  Marshall & Lance (5)   5.33 Eliminated
47.  John Vito & Jil (3)   5.67
48.  Fran & Barry (9)   5.67
49.  Andre & Damon (3)   5.83
50.  David & Jeff (4)   5.83
51.  Lori & Bolo (6)   5.83
52.  Ray & Yolanda (9)   5.83
53.  Dave & Lori (9)   5.83 Eliminated
54.  Nancy & Emily (1)   6.00
55.  Adam & Rebecca (6)   6.00
56.  DAVID & MARY (10)   6.17
57.  Lenny & Karyn (1)   6.50
58.  Kami & Karli (5)   6.50
59.  Gretchen & Meredith (7)   6.50
60.  LYN & KARLYN (10) 6.50
61.  Teri & Ian (3)   6.67

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Re: Racing Report Leg #6
« Reply #3 on: November 02, 2006, 12:10:16 AM »
Well I promised to break the episodes down also in errors.

So hopefully before Sunday episode I willget this next group done.

Rule Violations Clear violation of Amazing Race Rules.  THis will get yo a time penality

Clue Errors_  Simply not following the clue's instruction.  THis will prevent you from going to the next tasks or checkiing in.

Erros of Judgment_ A More subjective list o things teams should have done.

Navigational Errors_Listing times the teams ahve gotten lost in some form of transportatin that is there fault.  Cab going hte wrong way, not a navigation error uness they are forced to direct the cab.

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Re: Racing Report Leg #6
« Reply #4 on: November 02, 2006, 12:17:34 AM »

This one is easy we have had two.

2cd leg-Kellie & Jamie quit at the Roadblock.  After trying for hours and shooting over 117 arrows they are too physically tired to shoot more arrows.  They proceed to the Pit Stopand are elimianted, they would have recieved a 4 hour penality if this was a non elimination leg for not completeing the roadblock.

3rd leg-Tom & Terry ignore the rule restricting modes of transportation.  THis gives them a 30 minute penalty putting htem next to last.  Some have asked why the penalty didn't include a time gained.  And I have sensed learned why.  Since only motorcycles where ruled out, they could have taken a cab that would have got them there just as quickly.

Now some might argue that I should place Peter & Sarah here for hte 6th leg, where they didn't complete the Detour and had to be directed to the detour location and the Pit Stop location.  But this was teh producers choice (in other words Phil needed some sleep).  They never gave up, they choice was taken away from them since no matter what they did they would have been eliminated.  And lucky for Phil this wasn't a non elimination and that he did have to wait for them. 

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Re: Racing Report Leg #6
« Reply #5 on: November 02, 2006, 12:46:59 AM »

Just a brief note, often teams don't complete a tasks properly and have to correct it,  this will be included in Clue Error.  It was also be noted if they correct this error on their own or if they are informed of it by a judge.

Leg One - All teams that choose the Labor Detour, with the exception of Tyler & James do not follow the pattern properly by ignoring the outer border of bricks.  And even Tyler and James ahve grabbed several of hte smaller pieces before they notice.  This list includes Peter & Sarah, Dustin & Kandice, Lyn & Karlyn, David & Mary, Rob & Kimberly, Erwin & Godwin and Vipol & Arti.

Leg Two:  Dustin & Kandice ignore the extra instructions and lose their protective horse gear, and are not allowed to ride back to their vehicles without retreiving them.  This lets 5 teams pass them.  It was Kandice who lost her's.

Erwin & Godwin also lost their helmets.  Tehy found their much quicker at it was both I beleive.

Leg Three:  At the Coal Detour Erwin & Godwin had to rpeat the whole detour for not matching hte quality of the example bricks.

Tom & Terry also had to repeat some of hteir bricks, but not all of them.  Both teams were informed of their error by the judge.

Leg Four:  Dustin & Kandice wrongly searched for Phil in their sanpan insteadof returning to the junk.  This was due to them schreeding hteir clue making it unreadable.

Leg Five:  At the Rice painting all teams, except David & Mary didn't wear the appropriate clothing.  This includes Erwin & Godwin, Lyn & Karlyn and Tyler & James.

Tyler & James also had to correct errors in their pattern.  Tehy were informed by the judge.

Leg Six:  Dustin and Kandice had to repeat the detour after not successfully filling the feed bags to the marked line.  They were informed by the judge.