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Laguna Beach Fake?
« on: September 16, 2006, 05:57:47 PM »
MTV has realized that one thing sells TV. Drama. MTV should know, they are the worlds finest producer of it. From the Real World to its challenges, everybit of it is drama. They also saw how the lives of rice people led to ratings. SO they decided to combin drama with, well drama, and thus the Laguna Beach was born.
The premise of the show isn't bad, follow the lives of rich teenagers, and catch there life on tape. But the production quality of the show makes it so questinable. How is everything so brilliantly framed, with perfect lighting, and perfect everything? There is another thing that makes us question the show. How come every important moment is always filmed, every conversation that resolvers around the central plot on tape? Why is it that everything that the viewer needs to know shown on TV? In real life you cant catch every moment on film, its impossible. The fact that every angle of every fight, and every side of every phone conversation is on tape is highly impossible, what are the producers? Psychic?

The fact is that Laguna Beach is MTVs greatest and only drama. Its a drama because its nothing but drama, and by the fact that most of it is fake and rehearsed. I should know, For months MTV was prancing around my school filming made. They even held a casting call at my school to find the person they wanted to make. I had even watched the producers tell Jasmin (she was being made into a boxer) that her reaction of being surprised was not surprised enough, and told her to redo the scene, over and over again. I have personally seen MTV's ways. And they only did this on one of there smaller shows. Wouldn't you think that Laguna Beach (there highest rated show) would get the same treatment if not worse.

I'm not saying that Laguna Beach is a bad show, I'm just saying that its not reality, and that its in fact the reverse, and very scripted. Yes i do think that some moments are real, but besides those few real moments, the producers have created a great plot, that will lure in the drama hungry teens that they so desperately want as viewers.

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Re: Laguna Beach Fake?
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2006, 02:14:32 PM »
"Scripted reality". They know where they want it to go, and sometimes some actual real moments may actually make the show as well. I know what you are saying, and you are right on target. Shows that make these kinds of shows are hoping to find the same audiences that thought 80's wrestling was real.