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Title: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on March 01, 2006, 09:58:26 AM
John & Scotts parting words  :'(

Patched up
( about the patches on Lake & Michelles ears )

Heavy Load
( The Dees talk about how heavy their backpacks are )

Lighten up
( The Dees gave away some of their clothes to the people on the streets os Sao Paulo)

Take a guess
( more Dees )

Dancing in the Streets
( BJ & Tyler talk about carnivale, they plan to dance for money if need be  )

tough Competition
( Ray & Yolanda chat about the competition )

Getting to know you
( the Frosties & the Gays riding a bus getting to know each other )

Another Triumph
( John & Scott and the candle ceremony )

Its a small world
( the Nerds & the Beach bums chat at the airport )

The Blame game
( the Nerds are ready to point a finger at Barry for stealing there cab , Lori explains it was Barrys taxi )

The fanny pack
( Jeremy likes that hes forced to wear the fanny pack )

Now boarding
( more of the beachbums )

Promises Promises
( Fran & Barry )


( the Frosties )

Pucker Up
( more Frosties )

Fighting Back

( Mo-Jo )

Girl Power
( Wanda & Desiree , sweet )

Ground Rules 
( Lake & Michelle , Lake is not allowed to FLIRT  )

Who's the boss ?
(RaYolanda Mat Chat )

Fish out of water
(Frosties mat chat)

Team Mo-JO

( mat chat)

The ultimate experience
(Jeremy & Eric mat chat)

role reversal
( Desiree & Mom talk about their relationship )

opposites attract 
( Mo-Jo  talk about there relationship)

Teachers pet
( Ray talks about Yolanda )

True Love
( Lori talks about her realtionship with David )

Money Money
( Eric & Jeremy talk about what they will do with the money )

Branching out 
( Fran n Barry talk about how they were able to retire )

Aging Gracefully 
( The Frosties talk about age,pretty funny  )

the Photo Album is cool

Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: Pedaler on March 02, 2006, 11:58:29 AM
Thanks a lot, Puddin.  Your post makes it a lot easier for me (and I'm sure others) to view the clips.

Would you happen to have the clip ID for Phil's diary?
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on March 02, 2006, 12:32:12 PM
It wasn't up yesterday , here you go Pedaler .................I haven't watched them yet but I'm looking forward to the FinishLine for tidbits .

Phils Diary EP1

Finish Line
part 1
part 2
part 3

Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: Pedaler on March 02, 2006, 12:42:55 PM
Thanks, Puddin.  I may have been disappointed with the first leg, but you're still the best moderator on the web.  :woohoo: :bliss: :bliss: :bliss: :bliss: :jumpy: :jumpy:
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on March 02, 2006, 01:03:14 PM
I tried watching part 1 of the finish line on realone player and its a no go but @ , you could watch it in media player .
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on March 02, 2006, 01:07:42 PM
So John and Scott said the bags they were carrying were bags from inside their backpacks filled with toilitries and such to freshen up on the plane but , once they got off the plane things moved so fast that they didn't have time to put the bags back inside the backpacks ........" it would have taken ten minutes " :snicker:
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on March 08, 2006, 01:50:49 AM
more tomorrow

One Stop
Lake and Michelle

Job well done
the Dees

Getting to know you
teams bond waiting for the roadblock

Auto agony one

BJ & Tyler car problems

Falling Apart
BJ & Tylers hubcap falls off

Language Lesson
Ray N Yolanda cab chat

Flying Fun
Lori & David
cab chat

Hanging out
Jeremy & Eric want to spank Mo's butt

Mother figure
Fran n Barry about Dani's fear of heights

Pedal to the medal
sisters car problems

So close yet so far away
the sisters lost

Harsh Reality

Wanda & Desiree lost

the Ultimate Experience
BJ & Tyler mat chat

Lisa & Joni parting words
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: Pedaler on March 08, 2006, 07:35:10 AM
 Obrigado, Puddin   :waves:
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: Kogs on March 08, 2006, 08:42:09 AM
heres all of them

Insider Vids for week2

Getting to know you (

BJ And Tyler

Auto Agany part one (
Falling Apart (
The Ultimate Expeirence (

Eric and Jeremy

Just Hanging Out (
Dumb Like  A Fox (

Joseph and Monica

Harsh Reality (
Simply Breathtaking (

Dave and Lori

Flying Fun (
Turn the page (

Wanda and Desiree

Lost (
Superstar (

Ray and Yolanda

Language Lesson (
Hard Drive (

Lake and Michelle

One More Stop (

Danielle and Dani

Job Well Done (
Big Hearts (

Fran and Barry

Mother Figure (
Lowerd Expectations (
Hanging in there (

Lisa and Joni

Pedal to the metal (
So close, yet so far away (
Lisa and Joni's Parting Words (
Sisterly Love (
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: Pedaler on March 08, 2006, 08:54:02 AM
Obrigado tamben, Kogs  :tup:
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: Shirty on March 08, 2006, 10:47:04 AM
I can never get any of the insider videos to play.  Is there a place anywhere on the web to read a transcript of the videos?  It seems I have seen a reference to this before, but can't find it.  Thanks.
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: Kogs on March 08, 2006, 10:52:30 AM
shirty did u try the links i posted and do u have realplayer?
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: Shirty on March 08, 2006, 10:54:00 AM
Yes, I tried the links. Don't have RealPlayer and can't download on this computer.
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: Kogs on March 08, 2006, 10:56:01 AM
cant help u with my links then, if u have windows media u can try it on
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on March 08, 2006, 12:43:52 PM
Shirty , check back over the weekend , I'll try to transcribe the clips a bit :yaya:
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on March 08, 2006, 06:05:40 PM
The finish line is up
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: Shirty on March 09, 2006, 10:24:25 AM
Wow - Thank you ever so much Puddin

Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on March 09, 2006, 03:30:38 PM
Getting to know you~
team Hippies/Beachbums/Nerds /WanDee wait in the coroders of Edificio Copan , just some teasing going on back and forth nothiing worthy .


Auto Agany part one
The Hippies are having a hard time shifting the BB into reverse , second so on ..BJ finally gets out and pushes the car in reverse " dont run me over !"  .....and finally they are off the curb and rolling along .

Falling apart

BJ & Tylers hubcap falls off , Tyler jumps out of the car to retrieve it ,they're not even sure its from they're car but they do there share for the enviorment
" if anything we can have hubcap stew for dinner " " pitstop hubcap stew "


The Ultimate Expeirence
Hippie mat chat
Phil comments that they are very relaxed  . Tyler says the race seems like gold nuggets and it feels like his teeth is chewing on this gold and they're loving every minute of it ...times where thy get frustrated and times where they are elated , trying to take it all in , feel every moment , make the best of each second .
Phil asks BJ what his goal is . BJ says their goal was thwarted because they planned on coming in first every leg ..a little off the mark there but back on track .
Phil asks Tyler if its the final 3 ? the money ?
Tyler says what they want to get the most is the entire race , whether 1st or 3rd experience the entire race has to offer .

Just Hanging Out
Monica leans into E&J's BB talking about directions ..when she leaves
" too bad she has a BF , I'd spank her butt "
Eric " I think I'd spank alot of butts, apparently I like men who dress like girls as well as the pick girls and that one too ( Monica)


Dumb Like  A Fox
E&J mat chat with the Phil
Phil says thay they descibed themselves as not to smart .Phil says they are making the race look easy so far ,compared to the  other teams .
Eric says they are smart enough , they're trying to do there best and yet have a good time .
J rags on E about the climbing the falls " I think there was a girl passing him and a 3yr old climbing up .."
Eric tells Phil there was a horrable incident this morning , going to ths Copan there was this girl , well I thought girl , shaking her booty with the jeans cut out and I thought well thats a nice ass ,well he turned around and it was a cross dresser , so uh thats not going to be fun for me .

J says good thing I wasn't looking over there , I would have been like nice Brazilian booty ..

Phil, you guys seem to be thinking an awful lot about the opposite sex while your doing this race .
E&J . were just having fun, this is what we normally do .
Phil , is this what your like at home
E&J ,Yeah , its good times
Phil asks about strengths and weakness's
E says J is laid back and a good competitior, even though he says he isnt smart he makes alot of good descisions .
Phil, I think you guys are just playing that so that everybody thinks your dumb
J, we're playing it like were morons
E, Jeremy wahts 7 times 7 ?
J, 49
E, see how smart he is ?
Phil , absolutly

( spelling does not count  :lol: )
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on March 13, 2006, 10:07:14 AM
sorry I never finished the insider clips but , you can check out some details here

The Amazing Race 9 Insider Clips, Episode 2: Unsheathing Your Bugness
by Heathyr Fields Ford -- 03/13/2006

We're getting to know the racers a little better, getting a clearer picture of who they are as people. The Insider Clips and Mat Chats go even more in depth, catching the racers at vulnerable moments. Some racers are turning out to be a lot sweeter than expected1 Find out who, inside!

I totally love the “give the teams crappy cars” episodes. It highly amuses me. With the exit of the only team that was really annoying me, much to my surprise, I’m growing some love for this season! Before we can totally be done with unsheathing ourselves of Texan women, however, we have some clips to recap!

One More Stop: Lake & Michelle flip out in the car over the guy on the motorcycle not leading them well. They stop and go inside somewhere. Lake attempts to bully a woman to riding with the guy and leading them better. The woman, who speaks English, points everyone in the right direction, but declines to join the pushy American man in his race for more money then she’ll probably ever see.

 Michelle keeps trying to get Lake to calm down. It doesn’t really work. He’s in semi-Ugly American mode. This bodes not well for the future. Back in the car, Lake rants that they do not even speak Spanish but some other language. Michelle reminds me that it is Portuguese. It matters not to him, of course. I am shocked by how many people do not know Brazil is a Portuguese-speaking country. Anyway, Lake pleads to the sky to just give them a break and have the guy take them to the right place. I wait for a lightning bolt, but sadly, nothing.

Job Well Done: I so did not think I’d like Double D, but dang, I really do. Yay for breaking of stereotypes! They are following someone and hope they get led right. They noticed Fran & Barry broken down, they tell us, so that is good for them. They do not want to go home yet, and they are proud for what they’ve done. They will not give up until Phil eliminates them. They did mention not knowing how to drive a stick, and I beg everyone out there auditioning to GO DRIVE A STICK.

Getting To Know You: Outside Bloco F, the teams chat. Team Stoner (BJ & Tyler) joke that Team Frat (Eric & Jeremy) are so used to running for the beer, that everyone better watch out. The two teams share some good-natured funning at each other’s expense, Stoners accusing the Frats of having roofies in their bags and Frats chortling that the Stoners have ‘shrooms and pot in theirs. Now that would make for an interesting race. The Amazing Technicolor Wow I’m Flying Dude I’m Hungry Race.

Auto Agony: BJ & Tyler defy their hippie outlook by being inept at driving a VW Bug. I’m disappointed! They have driven it onto the sidewalk in an attempt to do a u-turn, and they seem incapable of finding reverse. Some antics and finally pushing results in a fixed situation. Fortunately, the gang held their cool, even while other races drove by them, and never freaked out. Must be the pot in the backpack.

Falling Apart: A hubcap lies on the side of the road, and BJ & Tyler stop for it. One jokes that if they lose the race because of this hubcap, the other is in trouble. But, they both agree the country is too beautiful to litter in. They joke about hubcap stew for dinner. Now that they’ve adapted to being in front of the camera, I like them. Their antics are just them now, not the over-the-top crud they were doing last week.

Language Lesson: Ray & Yolanda ride in a cab, and Yolanda whips out some Portuguese to the driver, who tells her that is the most important word to know. Ray had tried “Rapido” to little result. Heh. The word is thank you, of course, and Yolanda tries to teach it to Ray. He fails miserably but with aplomb. Nice clip, fun couple.

Flying Fun: Lori tells Dave he’s sweaty as they get in the cab post-rappel. He explains the rappelling was fun after he stopped swinging and being turned around backwards. Heh. He claims his weight and higher amplitude with the wind contributed to this. Double heh. Going far away from the building was way scary, he says, but he got the hang of it. Lori lauds him and says how proud she is of him. He’s glad he didn’t eat much before running those stairs. They high five, and I adore them a little more.

Just Hanging Out: Eric & Jeremy sit in the car while the teams they are following clarify directions with locals. Monica walks over to let them know what’s up. They agree it’s a good idea. She walks away. One of them claims it’s too bad she has a boyfriend because he’d spank her butt. Then he says that he would apparently spank a lot of butts, male and female, as he references his earlier admiration of an ass that wound up being male. Snarfle. They decide that the other teams will lose Eric & Jeremy because they aren’t doing anything to help. Then again, they expostulate, how helpful is it to surround locals with a bunch of Americans anyway? They figure the other teams will rightly say they are effing lazy. Heh. These guys do NOT take themselves or what they say seriously. I thought I’d hate them, but they totally amuse me.

Mother Figure: Fran & Barry ride in the cab as Fran explains to Barry how she comforted Danielle at the top of the rappel. Apparently, D and Other D are both scared of heights so Danielle volunteered to rappel. Fran hugged her and encouraged her. She explains that she and Barry have kids older than Danielle and you never stop being a mom. She’s proud Danielle did it.

Pedal to the Metal: The Gagazons try to drive the stick Bug up a dirt road and fail miserably. Joni, in the backseat, offers to get out to lighten the load. After much ado, the Bug pulls through. Lisa thanks Jesus, who I think doesn’t care much. Joni tells Lisa she needs to be more positive in her abilities.

So Close Yet So Far Away: On the way to the Pit Stop, Lisa & Joni cannot see while driving and the car suddenly stops. Lisa panics and freaks about all of this. She just sort of sits there in an unhelpful panic stupor. I want to smack her. Joni wants to get out and walk because she sees lights and it might be the Pit Stop. They get out of the car, and Lisa freaks some more about how she cannot see to drive, she doesn’t want to roll over and kill anyone, and she doesn’t want to give up. So sitting around in a stupor and then panicking and whining isn’t giving up? Silly me. Back in the car, Lisa has her head in her hands as she drives in a resigned, poor-me way that makes me want to slap her some more. Joni continues to try to build her up. Give it up already, sister.

Harsh Reality: Team MoJo walk through the streets and see children sleeping on them. It obviously profoundly affects them, and we see their hands tightly grip one another’s as they talk about how sad it is. They agree that it sucks to see that with kids. No kidding. I’m with you there. Sigh.

Lost: Wanda drives while Desiree bemoans their lost status. There are no signs, and no one has been able to help them. Desiree feels it is stupid to be last and probably eliminated because of being lost. She’s not whiny negative about it though, thank god, because I like them and would hate to slap her. Wanda opines that they might not be last and keeps a positive face.

Big Hearts: Double D, post-race, admit to having driven horribly, but their hearts kept them in it. They tell everyone they are using their hearts first. They do not give up, and they have big hearts. The joke here is too obvious. Fortunately, I do not even have to go there, just read on. One D decides it is heart first, body second, and the Other D jokes that it is brain third. She pauses then adds, “Boobs last.” One D says that is part of body, but Other D proclaims that their boobs are their own entity. Damn it, now I really like the more! Like Eric & Jeremy, the Double D girls laugh at themselves and the stereotype they sort of represent and also bust out of. I hate to say it, but “GO DOUBLE D.”

 Hard Drive: Ray and Yolanda’s Mat Chat entertains. Yolanda laughs at the VW Beetle they were given, saying it was before the Beatles! She claims to be a great driver, but could not get the hang of this one. Ray played Hercules to a few girls, he says, by pushing the Bugs when they needed to use reverse. Yolanda and Ray take turns explaining that the car had no get up and go (when my get up and go has got up and gone, I hanker for a hunk of cheese) and the gas pedal stuck to the bottom of the floor once. At the toll booth, Yolanda says the door handle popped off. In short, they have a total beater. I love it! She says it was amusing, and she just hit all the bumps for fun coming in to the Pit Stop. They are both very animated and cute.

Lowered Expectations: Post-race, Fran and Barry inform us they thought they’d be higher in the pack due to their physicality and years of experience. Fran says there is such a bonding already with the other teams, and they are all so physical. They are having the time of their lives and whatever happens happens. Barry keeps hoping for a chance to use experience over brute strength, but he admits the other teams seem bright too.

Lisa & Joni Parting Words: Lisa calms herself some and says she is better now than when Phil first told them they were eliminated. She says they did their best and it was a tough few days. It ended too soon, says Joni. Lisa agrees. She chokes up again (shriek) as she says Amazing Race is a great thing. Joni jumps in to say it is not her job to cheer up her sister, but it is who she is, so she did it. She knows how badly Lisa wanted to be here, so she wanted to do her best, so they’d go far. They did go as far as they did, and that is great, she says.

The Ultimate Experience: BJ & Tyler at the Mat Chat with Phil. Phil comments on how relaxed they are for being in first place. They are savoring the race and soaking in every moment. There is some comparison here to gold nuggets and eating them up. They are loving every minute of it, but they do get frustrated occasionally. However, that is always followed by getting elated. Phil asks BJ what his goal is. BJ says it was to come in first every time, so they have already been thwarted. To have fun is the second goal. Phil asks Tyler if they want the final three, to win, or what. Tyler says they want to win, obviously, but first and foremost, they want to finish the entire race, so third or better. First would be fantastic, he quips, because they could be unemployed even longer. And that, my friends, is why they get along so well with Team Frat!

Dumb Like a Fox: Speaking of Team Frat, here they are at the Mat Chat. Phil reminds them that they said they were not too smart, but here they are in the top two yet again. They are not book smart, but smart enough. They do the best they can, and it is working out. They are having a blast. The rappelling was a blast. Jeremy jokes that Eric went a little slow on the rappel and that a three-year-old girl passed him. Heh. Then, they have to tell Phil the story of the girl with the great booty that wound up being a guy. I’m cracking up, because again, these are not guys that are coming off as prejudiced or misogynistic. They are coming off as self-teasing and fun. A guy can smack my ass and joke with me all day as long as I know when the day is over, he’s not a jerk (like Lake or Jonathan). Huge difference. Phil wonders about their frequent mention of the opposite sex. The boys quickly let him know it’s not just the race. This is how they are. They joke again about not being smart, but Phil isn’t buying it.

Simply Breathtaking: Monica & Joseph try to encapsulate their experience at the Mat Chat. Monica talks about how great the waterfall was and how great it felt to finish the climb. Joseph is amazingly proud of her for it. She muscled her way to the top, and that is awesome. They sincerely go gaga for the country and how incredibly beautiful it is. Joseph says you almost have to tell people “go see it” because you cannot do it justice.

Turn the Page: Phil asks Dave & Lori what is working well for them. Lori rightly states that they work well together. They do not fight or bicker usually; they just move on and keep going. If they make a mistake, the philosophy is they just “turn the page.” What an awesome idea (and song). Phil asks Dave about the rappelling. No, Dave has never done anything really like it. As a kid in Scouts, he did like a 30-foot rappel, not the 300-foot thing he did today. Heh. He tells Phil his biggest worry was getting blown around, but he dealt with it. Lori thinks he did a great job, and she could not have done it that fast. Dang, these two really do work so well together. It’s refreshing.

Superstar: Desiree informs Phil at the Mat Chat that the Bug was awful! She calls her mom a superstar, and Wanda cheers. She admits not knowing it had a reverse for a bit. Des laughs that her mom does know stuff though, because back when she was a teenager, she wanted an old Bug for her first car. Wanda talked her out of it. Desiree is grateful now for her mom’s wisdom. She would never be able to handle it, and Wanda did a great job! This is a sweet team.

Hanging in There: Fran & Barry at the Mat Chat hang in there. Phil assumes Barry is proud of his wife, and he assumes right. He beams about her as he describes how well she did rappelling and how she got over her issues on the ascender. They were doing great, he says, when suddenly their car broke down as they turned left. Phil asks what another leg means to them. Barry is stunned and shocked both by being around for another leg and for how hard it is, since they do adventure travel anyway. They admit to not doing well thus far, but they are still in the race and exhilarated.

Sisterly Love: Lisa & Joni at their Mat Chat talk about some of their weaknesses. Joni hates planes, apparently. Joni realizes facing your fears is the hardest part, so she just did it. Phil mentions they are sorry to see them go. Sorry, Phil, I’m not. While I am sure they are nice people, I did not want them on my TV screen. Lisa chokes up again. She does her whole whine fest about it being her fault, and there’s Joni hugging her and trying to tell her they are a team and it was do or die together. Irritating.

Another week down, and the stereotypes I feared are actually being broken some, so I’m thrilled! I’m looking forward to another episode, even if it is an hour later now. See you then!
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on March 13, 2006, 10:13:00 AM
Wow they even covered the Finish line :)

The Amazing Race 9: The Finish Line, Episode 2
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on March 15, 2006, 01:18:59 AM
I cant do them all tonight but if you follow the pattern of the codes you can see the insider clips 32, 33 so on.

Job well done
Lake n Michele on Lakes High Dive

End of the affair
The Dees feel they are getting the cold shoulder form the boys

We have a winner
the Dees talk about the supid mistakes they are making

Held hostage
BJ & Tyler feel trapped in the taxi

Change of scenary
Yolanda wants to get out of Brazil

Heavy Burden
Ray / Yolanda in Russia / Taxi

No Doubt 
More RaYolanda ( cute )

  New World order
more RaYolanda

Taking a Toll
Nerds in Brazil

Nerds / Mo-Jo / Eric & Jeremy tlak about paying the toll in Brazil

Language lessons
Nerds & Hippies exchange the few gems of Russian language

What a nightmare
Eric & Jeremy , dreams of oversleeping at the pitstop.

Accent on Love
Eric & J talk about the Dees  ;)

Nice guys
Eric & J.

Worry Warts
Eric & J. more talk about the Dees

Fumbling Forward
Fran n Barry lost in Russia

Not so helping hands
Whats in a name
Wanda & Desiree

Not so helping hands part 2

Wanda & Desiree

Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: Pedaler on March 15, 2006, 07:07:53 AM
Spasibo Puddin  :waves:
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: Kogs on March 15, 2006, 08:48:17 AM
heres all of them for week3

insider vids week 3
sorry for ads
BJ And Tyler

Held Hostage (
Language lessons (

Danielle and Dani

We Have A Winner (
End of a Affair (

Eric and Jeremy

Vindication (
What a Nightmare (
Accent on love (
Nice Guys (
Worry Warts (

Joseph and Monica

(Not so) Helping Hands (

Wanda and Deserii

Whats in a name? (
(Not so)Helping hands part2 (

David and Lori

Language Lessons (
Taking a Toll (

Ray and Yolanda

Heavy Burden (
No Doubt (
New World Order (
Change of Scenery (

Lake and Michelle

Job Well Done (

Fran and Barry

Fumbling Forward (
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on March 20, 2006, 03:32:50 PM

The Amazing Race 9, Episode 3 Insider: Flag Follies
by Heathyr Fields Ford -- 03/20/2006

Amazing Race fans take note- there are a lot of things we didn’t see this week, and it’s all right here in the Insider. The Pinks and the Frat Boys ponder whether or not their flirtacion is a good idea. Lori and Dave have the mildest fight in Amazing Race history. Plus, naked Russians!

The teams are growing on me, and I’m enjoying this season more and more. Watching the Insider clips also gives me insight on what teams are about, and at times, newfound respect for them! How about that surprise double-leg so nice and early on? I loved it! I also loved the Brazil-to-Russia bit. Talk about going from warm to cold. Very nice. The ‘bunching’ which typically drives me batsh*t has been counter pointed with real challenges and true room for error (versus go find the bear at 110 EasyRace Boulevard and get a clue, then drive this freeway in this nice car). In short, so far, so good. Yay!

Job Well Done: I no longer feel empathy for Michelle. She deserves what she has in Lake, and Lake deserves her. Personally, these rednecks would be my next choice to go. If only I had the power of Philimination! In this clip, Lake & Michelle ride in a cab after the swimming task. Michelle tells him he did awesome, and of course, he agrees. He seems astounded that Yolanda was scared (er, duh, she couldn’t swim), because he did jumps like that at camp as a kid. Whatever. Michelle says she will have to pull her weight and do the next task. He says she should have done this one. No kidding! What was with her “but I might be naked” thing anyway? As she explains to Lake now, she does not have a swimsuit, did not think one would be supplied, then lamely adds she is short on laundry detergent and would have to run around wet and catching cold. Huh? I so don’t follow this.

End Of The Affair: Double D in the airport wonder to the camera if Eric & Jeremy are full of it, as they sort of blew them off at the airport. The girls think they are being shady and have better flights then they do. About this time, one of the Frat Pack leaps over to them and jokingly lets them know that they are telling the truth. As they walk away, One D & Other D are still skeptical. They mention how hard it is to be playing volleyball one minute with someone (is THAT what they call it nowadays?) and the next it’s game on. They conclude that it is better to not have friends on the race.

We Have A Winner: One D & Other D are in the back of the cab, finally on their way to the monastery after their unfortunate incident leaving gear behind at the swim task. They hope it will go okay and they can catch up. They joke that they always do some stupid, retarded mistake, and it holds them back. One D says she was just rushing and there were so many naked butts in her face she got distracted. Other D laughs that the “tits and ass” distracted One D. Pardon me while I totally crack up. God I like these two now. They then show their good spirits by saying it ain’t over til the Phil sings (my words, their essence).

Held Hostage: Okay, this clip totally amuses me. BJ & Tyler ride in a Russian cab while trying to find the Detour option. The cab driver says “NYET!” whenever they ask to stop and ask for directions. They call him a stern taskmaster and mention that he yells at them. They joke that their gear is locked up in the trunk, so they couldn’t leave him if they wanted to. Fran & Barry’s cab veers away from them, and now they are alone, with just themselves and hope. Heh.

Change Of Scenery: A short clip wherein Yolanda, driving in Brazil, says she’s ready for a change of scenery. They are having fun and have seen some stuff, have missed other stuff, but it’s time to get moving on.

Heavy Burden: Ray & Yolanda in Moscow decide the language barrier is going to be worse here. In Brazil, Yolanda spoke Spanish, which helped with the Portuguese. In Russia, you cannot even read the signs and try to translate. They hope they are going the right way. They discuss how Eric & Jeremy exchanged money for the Pinkies (Double D) and that they did not realize the boys would share a cab. At this point, I get confused, because it sounds like they’re shocked the boys and girls would share a cab, and they wonder how it will place a heavy burden on the boys with two extra people. I don’t get it, but hey. Whatever.

No Doubt: Yolanda informs Ray that after doing that swimming task, she’s up for anything now, so not to worry about her. She mentions how deep the water looked from up above. Plus, she goes on about how everyone was “booty butt” naked (or something like that) in the locker room. Er, yeah, it’s a locker room, ya know? You’re SUPPOSED to be naked. Naked is good. She says something about wearing underthings with the swimsuit.

I just don’t get this fear of the human body. We all have one. They all look different. They all have flaws (overdone plastic surgery to “not” have flaws is actually a flaw, too). I was in the locker room at the Y last week and overheard these college-age girls acting all shocked and disgusted that women were actually walking around the locker room naked. If I hadn’t been in a hurry, I would have hauled my naked, fat ass into the hot tub (where they were) and settled in with my book, just to really tweak them out. “Oh my god, not only is she NAKED, but her body isn’t PERFECT.” Heh. Anyway, Michelle, Yolanda, it’s a body. It’s okay to be nude. Seriously.

Oh by the way, Yolanda is trying to get fully dressed while in the back of the cab, so there are some interesting gyrations while this clip runs. Just mentioning.

New World Order: Ray & Yolanda, again in a cab in Russia, are not feeling well. They hope to get by on mind, not body, for the next bit until the Pit Stop. Oooh boy, are they going to be unhappy campers! They notice Eric & Jeremy right behind them and figure their method is to follow and hope to beat Ray & Yolanda at the task. Very true, and up to a point, this isn’t a bad method. However, Ray has it right when he mentions alliances can be bad things. He will not form one. If they go down, it’s together as a team, not because of someone else. They also mention that it’s a whole new game this leg, as the hippies and frat boys have been up front, but maybe not now. They are going to keep grinding and see how it goes.

Taking A Toll: This has to be the most mild argument in the world’s history. It’s adorable. Go watch this clip and the one after it, Vindication. Seriously! Dave & Lori drive in the dark and miss a turn. They have to flip a u-turn and pay a toll on the way back through. Lori tries to convince Dave to ask the guy if they can get by without the toll, since they just did a u-turn right in front of them, and it was obviously a mistake. Dave just tells her to get the money. She insists she is, but tells him there is no harm in asking. He gets the money, pays and gives her the change. She again reiterates he should have just asked. He mentions that he wouldn’t have known how (the whole language barrier thing), and she apologizes but says she would have dropped it if he’d said that initially. You can hear a bit of stress in each voice, but it’s totally not all pissy. Yes, folks, that was it, that was the argument. Heh.

Vindication: Eric & Jeremy and Dave & Lori chat while waiting for the zip line thing to open, I think. Dave mentions the wrong turn, and the boys did the same thing! And they asked about not paying, we hear, and were shot down by the official. Dave is all like “I told you so!” and it’s good-natured and teasing. “It’s the government. You don’t mess with the government!” he proclaims. She still laughs that it was worth a shot, but the boys emphatically say no. This is how people should be.

Language Lessons: Dave & Lori and BJ & Tyler share what few Russian phrases they know. Dave knows “I love you” which might not be too useful with the cab drivers, but I bet it makes Lori all weak-kneed. Lori asks one of the hippies “are you pulling my leg so I’ll say something really bad in Russian?” She so knows them, doesn’t she? I totally do not put that past them!

What A Nightmare!: Eric apparently had some bad dreams and called out Jeremy’s name, at least so Jeremy says. As they joke their way through that little Freudian nightmare, it boils down to the fact that Eric woke up and saw that it was 4:45 a.m. and they had til 5:01 a.m. to get to the mat. Yes, they had overslept and only had 15 minutes to get ready. Oops!

Accent On Love: Eric & Jeremy in the car rave about Double D’s accents. They find the girls cute and fun, and inform us that they swear like sailors. Now I totally have to like them. My former army boyfriend constantly lets me know I swear worse than many scouts he knew, so the girls definitely have a soft spot in my heart. Dave & Lori have a bigger one though. Anyway, they like the girls, find them giggly and fun and cute and cool. They joke that the girls are not typical bitchy blondes, because they’re not blondes. Heh.

Nice Guys: Eric & Jeremy notice the flag marker has fallen and worry other teams won’t see it and miss the turn off. They stop and try to get it, but it won’t stay up. Mojo passes them. I think a crew member tells them to not worry about it, since they didn’t knock it over. It takes some convincing, but at last they leave it and carry on. They are racing to the bus stop in Brazil and hope that their stop didn’t cause Mojo to get on a faster bus than them. They just feel it would suck if someone missed it. Ya know, that’s sort of sweet!

Worry Warts: Eric & Jeremy, AGAIN!, this time in Russia, mention how much easier the game would be without the girls in it. They worry about Double D too much (and not in a sexual, how-can-I-get-in-her-pants sort of way). They find the girls cool and messing around with them keeps the stress levels down, but if they did get eliminated, the boys would have one less worry. They would be strictly competitors at that point. They have fun when they are racing to win, but when racing to keep from being eliminated, they have to buckle down.

Fumbling Forward: Fran & Barry (Frankenberry. Heh. Love that) have been in the cab for 45 minutes, and they are sure they are last again. GOD. You know, I’m not going to recap this one. Here’s what it is in a nutshell: Frankenberry are whining about how they are not doing well and are in last and are going to be eliminated and how they wish they could stay in longer.

Idiots. I like you two, but I get so sick of this “we’re in last” attitude some of the teams get. Like Double D believes—it’s not over until Phil says it is. Duh.

Not So Helping Hands, Part I: Mojo runs to their car post-zip line as Ray & Yolanda show up to do it. They helpfully tell them not to bother taking their bags, but neglect to mention that Ray & Yo left their lights on. In the car, Joseph explains that it might slow them down if the battery dies. This is smart. You were helpful with something relatively meaningless, and held back on something that might have made a difference. Good racing!

What’s In A Name: Wanda & Desiree name their VW Penelope. Then they encourage her to do better. Yep. They do.

Not So Helping Hands, Part Deux: Wanda & Desiree notice the flag down as well, but Wanda heads back to the Bug. Desiree wants to help. Wanda yells at her not to bother, as it is not their problem if someone drives by it. Very true, of course. Her yelling tone gets to me and I totally tune her out though. Ouch my ears. Anyway, it is amusing to watch how she’s chewing out Desiree to get her in the car so they can get going. Heh.

That’s it for the clips. I don’t have a team I really dislike here except Lake & Michelle. Yay for real Amazing Race! I leave you with the following clip from Phil’s online blog:

Speedos, or whatever the local brand is here, seem to be compulsory for the men. It’s just not a good look on everyone. There are some incredible physiques here, but there are some who have been eating up to prepare for the long winter. From a distance, with all the folds, it’s hard to tell if anything is being worn at all. The only real giveaway is that it breaks up the pattern of hair. Still I think board shorts would look a bit out of place here.


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The Amazing Race 9: The Finish Line, Episode 3
by Teeuwynn Woodruff -- 03/21/2006

Everybody loves a clown, and this week, we have two of them! The Finish Line includes chats with our favorite Amazing Race clowns Jon & Al. The two of them chat with host Peggy and Jessica Shaw of Entertainment Weekly about whether or not it’s wise to mix racing and romance, what the challenges look like, and how Wanda handled her pool challenge.
Title: EP4 insider clips
Post by: puddin on March 22, 2006, 01:26:04 AM
 :waves: ( ok i noticed some are mixed up  :angel: )

Common Ground

While waiting at the airport L&M find they have something in common wiht BJ & T . Japan

Card Sharks
BJ & T pass time away playing cards with L&M

Just kidding

Lake & Michele

Sacasm Detector

Losing her mind
The Dees almost lose their pouch again

Germany vs Russia
more Dee's

Promise;s Promise's
more Dees

Gnome Gnome
BJ & TYler name there Gnome


Train Trouble

Reality Check

Party People

Lost & Found


Bundle of nerves

Booty Call

Big Boys

Moving on up

Put to the test

Costume change

Every woman for herself

Smarter than they look

BJ & Tyler

All Grown up

Wanda & De's parting words
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Danke schön, Puddin.   :waves:
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 :kuss: yw ..darn Phils Diary won't work as well as his Blog .
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Well I still can't get in Phils Blog for EP4 but the finish line is achieved
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The Amazing Race 9: The Finish Line, Episode 4
Title: Re: Insider Clips
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insider clips EP5

the Dish
The Boy teams in the airport

Honk if you love us the Dees

Things could be worse
more Dees

Let em have it
Dees at the Yield

Big payoff

BJ & Tyler

you gotta have friends
Mo-Jo and the Hippies

Destined to be together
The Boy teams

The Mountain Man
Rayolanda call Lake the Mountain man , they like him

Catching up
Nerds & the Frats talk .

A day at the races
More frats in wheelchairs
No threat
Fran n Barry talk about Lake & Michele , they say they are not good racers and have seen them make mistakes .L&M had a good 2 hour lead at the Moscow airport but still had not booked a flight . F&B regret pointing a clue out to L&M in a previous leg , but its a one wat street so now F&B are on there own , its a competition and they are not going to help L&M anymore .

Battle Scars
Mo-Jo & the Nerds at the airport

Wrong way
Mo-Jo also go the wrong way and encounter Phil at the Pitstop ! Phil informs them that they are second , however they have not completed the roadblock ( lol )
(http://i1.[banned image hosting site].com/skw2m8.jpg)

Parental substitutes
Hippies chat about F&B at the pitstop , they love them and think they are cool ..Fran sewed their stenchy crotched pants  :lol3:

Color him shocked
Lake & Michele chat at the pitstop . They talk about Barry & Fran at the airport in Moscow . L&M had hopes that no one else knew about the 9:30 flight that they dug up , so he said to Barry did anyone else come over here with you guys ? Lake goes on to imitate Fran  :meow: at him . Lake felt Borderline threatened , it was a complete surprise and " I usually don't react to good with that kind of stuff " . Lakes going to let it go and be the bigger person . Lake thinks Fran is doing that to everyone and doesn't understand it /
Lake is Beside himself , says she seems like a nice lady but she wasnt being nice . Lake hasn't been mean to people , he says , " I try to treat them like humans "

Still in it

Rayolanda pitstop chat

Grid Lock

more E&J at the pitstop

Sad but not
the Dees mat chat
The Dees says its been Hell , they wern't able to enjoy anything , they thought it wasn't going to be so hard ..just not what they expected .

All turned around

Rayolanda mat chat with Phil , they need to get better at directions ( no kidding )

Self preservation

more Lake & Michele at the pitsop , Phil asks about why they used the yield .
Lake says they only knew the girls were behind them and they wanted to stay in the race . It was all they had . they thought Ray and " them" were behind them but wern't sure .
Lake " I promise that if we could have chosen anyone else we would have sure layed it on "
Michele says they didn't want Ray and them to go out then Lake cuts her off and says thats enough about " them "
" The two of the teams we were with we liked but some of them have been mean to us "
Phil" well hopefully you haven't created an animoty there that might have the ablility to use the yield later on "
Michele " I hope not " there stratagy coming into the game was not to yield anyone
Lake looks awful guilty ( yeah right )

(http://i1.[banned image hosting site].com/skx0kw.jpg)
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Grazie Puddin   :waves:
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The Dees are on the finish line , link for Right now !!
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The Dees confirm the Yield was 30 minites .
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Thanks puddin for all these clips.  I haven't had a chance to watch every one yet, but will shortly.   :jumpy:  :-*
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I havent watched them all either RJ ..and your welcome ..same for Pedaler :yaya:
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The Amazing Race 9, Episode 5 Insider Clips: Double D Disaster
by Heathyr Ford -- 04/04/2006

Just how serious are Eric & Jeremy about winning the race? Why were people honking their horns at Danni & Danielle? And is there a feud brewing between Fran & Barry and Lake & Michelle? Heathyr has the scoop from the Insider clips right here.

Another Weaver-free episode of The Amazing Race (yes, I am STILL celebrating after all this time)! I’m also exhausted, having been away at a board, so I’m going to make this recap as brief as I can. All that driving and hobnobbing makes me tired, and I want to take a nap!

The Dish: Team Frat pops some wheelies in the wheelchairs as they catch up on all the scoop with Team Hippie and Team Redneck. They let everyone know that the girls (Team Double D of course) barely missed getting eliminated by five minutes, and that Wanda & Desiree were ousted. Tyler jokes that it’ll be Team Frat and Team Double D, but Team Frat quickly says no. It’s obvious to them (and indeed to us all) that the girls don’t have what it takes to get them up there.

Big Boobs =/ Big Brains: Yes, the girls are quickly falling apart. Sweet and amusing as hell, absolutely, probably quite smart under normal circumstances too. However, in the context of the race, One D & Other D have pretty much lost it by the time they get to Italy. In this clip, they drive with their hazards on (drive badly, I might add) and then figure everyone is honking at them because they are hated (due to driving badly). Then, in a fit of inspiration, they suddenly realize that they are, get this, driving. With. The. Trunk. Open. Yes, the honks were to get their attention, and they ignored them in embarrassment. It takes some serious talent to drive a hatchback with the trunk open and not notice it.

Things Could Be Worse: Double D’s chat in the car about how they could win it if stupid things didn’t happen. Seriously? You mean, if you didn’t keep making bad decisions, you could win? Wow.

Let ‘em Have It: Double D’s are at the Yield bemoaning their circumstances. The girls do try to build themselves up and not let it get to them, but their exhaustion in the race is evident at this point. This is the ugliest (and I don’t mean physically, people) I’ve seen them (not that it’s very ugly), so you can tell the stress is really getting to them.Big Payoff: BJ & Tyler are in the airport. Tyler walks, but BJ rolls around in a wheelchair. They are glad they got the ticket but Lake & Michelle were not able to. Team Redneck just wasn’t up to snuff on the internet like Team Hippie. BJ remarks he uses it more than he talks to people (if it weren’t for work, I could say the same thing!).

Ya Gotta Have Friends: BJ & Tyler chat it up with some other travelers while Michelle looks oddly on. No clue why, but she does. The boys discover some swimmers with their manager and a musician (or maybe the manager belongs to the musician, but I don’t think so). Tyler used to live somewhere one of them is from, it sounds like. Team Stoner exclaims that you have some athletes, a musician, and some hippies, the circle of life.

Destined To Be Together: I suddenly want to go all grade school and say 2Good 2B 4Gotten as Team Frat & Team Hippie decide they were destined to be racing together up front. Eric is obviously pissed at himself for not thinking of using the internet to find tickets. This is one of those clues that those “Team Frat opponents” out there should see to realize that the boys are actually serious and good competitors, not just idiots looking for a nice piece of you-know-what!

The Mountain Man: Ray & Yolanda talk about liking Lake & Michelle. They consider Team Redneck to be good competitors, but Yolanda does find Lake a bit crazy. She likens him to a mountain man who shoots you when you walk by his property in the wilderness and goes off about you doing so. Heh. Ray hopes they knock out one of the top dogs somehow, but he’s going to settle for knocking anyone out but him and Yo. Ray mentions that it will take him 3 years to earn a million so he needs that money. Yeah, whatever, dude.

Catching Up: Dave & Lori are in the airport trying to get tickets and run into Eric & Jeremy for the first time since Russia. They quickly fill each other in on the details of their escapades, such as the trips won, etc. Eric & Jeremy ask if they won anything with the gnome and seem genuinely upset no one else got something from the gnome.

A Day At The Races: Eric & Jeremy spend their lead racing in wheelchairs in the airport. This must be entertaining for the crew. Not as entertaining as say filming Survivor wherein swimsuits and buffs are constantly falling off, but still.

No Threat: I dislike Frankenberry more and more each episode. They walk by clueboxes multiple times (in multiple countries now!) and they whine all the time about being eliminated and how “this is it.” I keep expecting Redd Foxx’s ghost to bitch them out for stealing his thunder. Anyway, the team that keeps screwing up and isn’t that great to begin with starts dissing Lake & Michelle. Fran explains that Team Redneck is not that great (got a mirror anywhere?). Fran also makes a point that they have helped Team Redneck multiple times, but it’s a one-way street, and they get nothing in return, so no more help. Now see this, this I can understand. This makes sense. It also explains why she was all “get out of here” at the ticket counter. She was rude, but how can you nicely tell someone to get away? Anyway, some valid points, but Frankenberry is “not all that” either so they should just shush.

Battle Scars: Mojo and Team Nerd compare bruises from the various competitions. Apparently dancing took its toll on Joseph’s legs. Heh.

Wrong Way: The Rednecks weren’t the only team to run up the wrong way at the roadblock. Hours before them, Mojo did the same thing, still arriving at the mat second. Phil does his eyebrow and his pause then reminds them they have to go back and do the roadblock. They look befuddled then kick into gear and run off.

Parental Substitutes: BJ & Tyler explain that Fran & Barry are like substitute parents for them. They put it this way: You know those friends you had in high school with the cool parents who made you feel at home and worried about you like they were your parents, without the nazi oppressorism you associated with your parents because you were an immature twat? Frankenberry are those people. Heh.

Color Him Rednecked & Shocked: Lake post-race blathers on about Fran’s “threatening” of him. Ooh baby, shakin’ in your Reebok’s were ya? Fran’s a tough one, she is. Snort. This is a major ramble fest but it boils down to Lake is irked that Fran acted how she did in the airport. Remember, he admitted it wasn’t seemly for a doctor’s wife (whatever that means).

Still In It: Post-race with Ray & Yolanda. Yolanda talks about how she had nothing left in her, but she just let herself go racing from the roadblock to the pit stop. Good girl, that’s how it’s done. Ray mentions it’s hard, but it is a game and thus fun. Yolanda looks at it like a “live adult board game” and while on the surface, that sounds like some sort of nifty internet porn site you could find, it really makes sense. In other words, this is just a game, like a board game, with live adults running around doing stuff, and per Yolanda, when you get eliminated, you just have to take it in stride at that point. Nice way of looking at it, in my opinion. Look for my first naughty book, however, entitled Live Adult Monopoly as soon as I have time to write out all my lewd ideas!

Gridlock: Team Frat, post-race, laugh about how bad driving around Palermo was. Eric massacres the pronunciation something awful (anyone else notice how hardly anyone could say it right?) and Jeremy corrects him. They joke the girls have probably killed ten scooter drivers and need to have a big stamp that they just mark the dashboard with every time they hit a scooter. Heh. He’s bang on with their driving skills though. I’m surprised there wasn’t an accident!

Sad, But Not: Double D at the mat go on and on about how this was difficult and not what they expected. Again, more fatigue and frustration speaking, I think, because they do contradict themselves a lot. They say it was no fun, then mention they had fun. Phil of course asks them what they thought they were signing up for, and they explain that it’s just harder than it looks. Hmm, this season’s theme apparently. Well, at least they aren’t scared of leaves. They had fun, were upset, but feel good about themselves and how tough they are.

All Turned Around: Ray & Yolanda at the mat explain to Phil that they went 25 kilometers out of their way, because once they thought they were going the wrong way, it was another 15 kilometers before there was an exit for them to take. (By the way, dear readers, I grew up a pretentious little wench, and you have NO IDEA how hard it is for me to remember to use Americanized spellings. I have always used “colour” and “kilometre” and such stuff. Appreciate the lengths I go to in catching my spelling quirks!) Ray is glad it was a physical end because he doesn’t think many people can beat them in that. Phil emphatically agrees.

Self-Preservation: Lake & Michelle explain at the mat why they yielded Double D. Basically, they were left. Why they did not choose Ray & Yolanda is less clear, but it sounds like they just grabbed the first name they knew for certain was behind them without looking at the board to see who had come in yet. Michelle claims the purpose of the Yield is to get finished before someone. That’s a bit short-sighted actually. The purpose should be to get someone eliminated. Yes, it’s nice to put some distance between you and another team, and yes, you are at least possibly assured it’s not you going home that night, but ultimately, you want that team out of the race after the yield. In this case, it worked. Somehow Ray & Yolanda come up in context with racing against Dani & Danielle. Team Redneck likes Ray & Yo (though Michelle quickly exclaims they like all the teams, and Lake qualifies that some teams—meaning Frankenberry—have been acting badly today). Phil likes Yolanda too and believes she could outrun just about any man on the race.

We’re Number One: Phil asks BJ & Tyler at the mat how it feels to be number one. Oh come on, Phil! Surely you can ask a less banal question. The hippies say it is good because they haven’t seen anyone all day. They love Italy and the people were helpful. They envision being able to eat some fettucine and practically drool. Then they mention someone on the plane said that Palermo was known for eating cow guts, so they kept expecting a food challenge. They admit the person could have been exaggerating. Phil comments on the facial hair growth of Team Hippie.

Game Faces: Eric & Jeremy explain to Phil that they made mistakes, such as the internet ticketing fiasco, and they are obviously not happy about it, especially Eric. Phil seems shocked because they’ve been casanovaing around. Again, I think this is someone failing to look past the exterior goofiness show and seeing what many of their actions truly support—that Eric & Jeremy, while fun guys, are also here to do well and win. Phil jokes that Jeremy is sweating more than Eric and wonders if he can keep up. Jeremy admits his endurance is crap, but Eric stays in better shape. The Holy Hottie is looking on amusingly (and she truly is gorgeous).

Double D Parting Words: One D & Other D both learned that there is more to vacations than going to somewhere easy like the Caribbean and lying on the beach. Now they are more motivated to take trips that involve other countries like Germany and the cities therein, and actually doing things on them. They realize they can enjoy themselves doing things rather than doing nothing and getting a tan, which, one of them jokes, is bad for you anyway. This is what I like to see—some real growth from the experiences.

Girls, I am sorry to see you go because you were sweet and amusing and not quite like the stereotype you work hard at projecting. However, your racing left a lot to be desired, and that’s really how you wound up out. I was rooting for you over Frankenberry though, and I cursed my TV set when I did not have the power over the past like I should have!

All right, y’all, I’m off for a quick nap. See you next week when Amazing Race apparently moves to 8 p.m. Wednesdays. Here’s hoping I don’t forget.
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Darn CBS  :knuckles: , I thought since the show airs now at 8pm the site would update before 3am , well its 2:22 here and still no insider clips for EP7 . If someone wakes up before me ( Kogs pretty please ) and has a chance to post the links I'd be ever so gratefull  :kuss: .
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You got it puddin  :kuss:

Insider vids for week6

Eric and Jeremy

Dont Shoot The Messenger (
Fair-Weather Fans (
Almost Perfect (

Bj and Tyler

Open Road (
Follow the Leader (
Hippie Fight (
First Impressions (
The Complete Expeirence (

Joseph and Monica

Helpful Hint (
Watch Out! (

Fran and Barry

Awe and Wonder (

Lake and Michelle

Smart Guy (
Who's in First? (
Under Pressure (

Ray and Yolanda

My Way or The HighWay (
Topsy-Turvy (
A New Direction (

Dave and Lori

The Evil Eye (
Dave and Lori's Parting Words (
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Grazie Kogs   :tup:
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Kogs you saved me like an hour  !!!!! thank you  :jumpy:
Title: Re: Insider Clips
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your welcome, it took me 20 min lol :kuss:
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The Amazing Race 9, Episode 6 Insider: Farewell, My Nerds
by Heathyr Fields Ford -- 04/10/2006

Several of the writers here at RNO are in mourning over the elimination of Dave & Lori. Heathyr is no exception. However, she somehow found a way to work through her pain and bring you this Amazing Race Insider recap. Read on for all the goodies CBS didn’t show us on last Wednesday’s episode.

It’s a sad, sad episode when the whining oldsters remain, but the sweet nerds have left the building. I mourned. Sniffs. Thank you, CBS, for moving it to 8 p.m. where it should have been all along. Oh, and if you haven’t already, go read Phil’s blog. It’s quite interesting to read his thoughts as the race goes on!

Okay, mourning, thank yous, and recommendations are out of the way. Let’s have some clip recaps now, shall we?

Smart Guy: Lake & Michelle are irritating. That sums up this entire clip. Lake drives about Catania, lost and bitching. Michelle irritates him (and me). In classic Lake accent, he asks if they have street signs in this “sumabitch” and I snarfle a bit. Michelle snarks that he’s going too fast for her to see. He snaps back that he’s going 6 kilometers an hour. She says it’s too fast if you’re trying to read signs. Um, okay. They stop so they can ask someone, which would be smart, but we cut to Lake semi-bullying a native and Michelle whining that they’re wasting time because he’s not going to help them. She’s right, but she’s annoying. As they walk away, they both annoy me with their idiocy. Lake rants that those locals didn’t do them a damn bit of good. Not everyone is helpful, ya know? They call out to people driving by if they speak English. Naturally, people keep driving. Back in the car, Lake mentions that anyone who found this amphitheatre on the map is damn lucky, because he has a “damn high ass IQ” and he can’t. Mercifully, we end the clip.

Who’s in First?: Not You! Lake drives and hypothesizes who they might be ahead of. He says Ray & Yolanda. Michelle starts to disagree, but then changes her mind and says Lake is right. He knows this isn’t sincere. She tells him to stop being sarcastic because she doesn’t want to hit him on the head on TV. PLEASE DO. It would make my recapping WAY more fun! Sadly, she doesn’t. He tells her she’s negative. She claims she just doesn’t want to say they’re ahead of someone they’re not. Later on, we’ll see a clip where she mentions how scared she is to fail in front of people. I think this is the same thing. She’s never forgotten there are cameras, and she’s afraid she’ll look like an idiot if she says “we’re ahead of Ray & Yolanda” and then they wind up way behind them. Unfortunately, she’s looking like an idiot anyway, so just go with it. It’s reality TV, honey. Forget the cameras, be yourself. Anyway, Lake is fairly certain they are ahead of Lori & Dave, but not sure of anyone else.

Open Road: It’s dark as BJ & Tyler drive on the Sicilian roads. Tyler says the streets have been difficult, but this highway is great. They wish they could see it in the daytime, because it’s sure to be beautiful. Tyler shares that they see a lot of stray dogs on the highway, some running about, some in little pieces. Just. Ew. He raves some more about the nice roads and that someone must pay good taxes here. BJ quips something about the Mafia. Ah stereotypes.

Follow the Leader: BJ & Tyler mock themselves outside the closed amphitheatre, stating that all the other racers are sheep, following behind them and doing what they do. They are beginning to tell legends about the duo, BJ proclaims. They pull trees out of curbs and are 20 feet tall. They have power in their hair. And because of all this, they conclude, the teams will sign the sign up list they have left. Everyone will magically believe it must be official, or they will know it is BJ & Tyler’s doing and will respect the powers and sign up. Cute, boys, very cute.

Hippie Fight: I totally recommend going to watch this one. It amused me to no end. BJ & Tyler mock fight like girls and Eric yells from the background “I love a chick fight!” They ham it up some more with encouragement from the Frats.

First Impressions: Post-fish, BJ & Tyler drive to their next destination and discuss Lake & Michelle’s ability to do the fish task. Tyler says Lake will push Michelle to do it. BJ puts on his “Michelle-voice” and says she will cry and whine that it’s too much for her. He then puts on his “Lake-voice” and says, very quickly, “c’mon Michelle, put the fish on your back.” Tyler continues it with more Lakeisms, “smell that fish, that’s first place,” and so on. Seriously, they say, they like Lake. He led them to a Detour in Germany and is a good guy. Another clip worth watching for the Lake accents. Seriously.

Complete Experience: More BJ & Tyler in the car. They state that racing against the Frat Cats (their term) is intensive. They like Eric & Jeremy, but joke that they should step down and be eliminated. Tyler would not cry. They would see each other at race reunions where they could have a good laugh on how BJ & Tyler stole and flushed Eric & Jeremy’s passports and got them eliminated. Team Hippie feels Eric & Jeremy need to experience the back of the pack, like they did once. Frat cats need the full experience, they decide, and that includes elimination. Heh.

 Backseat Frontseat Driver: Ray drives with Yolanda next to him. She questions his excessive use of the gear shift (it’s phallic, darlin’, we’ll never quite understand). He tells her to let him drive. She keeps her mouth shut, but it looks like a major effort. He jokes that she is a backseat driver in the front seat. She giggles. She tells him to drive faster and pass someone. He tells her to zip it. They grin some more. It’s all very good-natured.

Evil Eye: Dave & Lori post-fish drive and discuss their oneness with the swordfish. It’s vintage nerd, and I mentally tear up at the thought of their loss. Sniffs. Lori believes carrying the fish was faster than trying to sell fish in a language they don’t speak. Good move. Dave enjoyed the experience, he says, and it wasn’t far to walk at all. They became one with the swordfish, he continues, and he is blood brothers with his. Hah! Lori laughs and agrees, but didn’t like their eyes. Dave says they had beautiful eyes, but Lori says they freaked her out. She gives a “yeah the swordfish. Yum yum,” wherein I detect a hint of sarcasm.

Fair-weather Friends: Team Frat drive. Eric feels good about the race so far, no major mistakes, etc. Jeremy agrees, but feels the hippies only want to ally when it benefits them. They say the hippies follow them and don’t do anything. I SO disagree with this. The hippies have beaten them a few times, and they’ve found places on their own quite handily. Hey, if they want to save some time occasionally and follow, more power to them. It’s nothing Eric & Jeremy haven’t done. The Frats go on to say it’s kind of annoying but part of the game, and they finally admit they’ve done it too. They just want to “burn out ahead of everyone like a race car.” Eric then asks the important question of where the Axe (deodorant) is. He can’t find it, so stays fishy.

Helpful Hint: Mojo show some major race smarts in their direction strategy. They run over to a guy in a scooter and ask for directions, then ask if he’ll lead them. He agrees, and they’re off. In the car, Joseph shares that they target scooters because the drivers usually don’t mind flipping around (and it’s easy for them compared to cars) and showing them the way. Monica loves it when someone else leads the way. Good move!!

Almost Perfect: First, Eric tries to tell Jeremy how to turn into a roundabout and then turn. He says it will be to the left, but they have to get to it by going to the right on the roundabout. Jeremy insists that the turn is on his right. For those not following, they are both sort of right. The turn is on the left, but once you are on the roundabout, the turn becomes on the right. Just two different ways of looking at it. Eric finally gets what Jeremy is saying and says Jeremy is right. Cut then to them post-race where Jeremy mentions you cannot tell Eric he is wrong. He always needs the last word. Eric laughs and agrees, but says he “thinks” he told Jeremy he was right earlier. Jeremy is amused that Eric can’t remember for sure. Dropping that, they say they are here to win, but make fun of themselves along the way because it’s more fun that way. If you ask them an algebra question, they’ll lose, but this is street smarts, so it is their strength. Eric quips they have two gears—stop and go.

Dave & Lori Parting Words: Sniff. Sob. Whine. Lori says the race has opened up their eyes to other cultures and people. She wants to continue to travel with Dave and later with their brood. Hah! Dave laughs and agrees. Dave wants their children to know that all people are valuable; he doesn’t want a narrow field of view as that is a hindrance. Get out, he says, and you learn how special people are all around the world. I do so love them.

Topsy Turvy: Ray & Yolanda post-race. Yolanda says Ray was really cute at the roadblock when he sailed the wrong direction, but she was scared a bit when he tipped the canoe (er, kayak, darlin’) over. She also thinks he was scared. He gives her that “who me, macho man?” look and explains that at first you breathe in a bit of water, but it’s not bad at all. Subliminally, I think he means: I WAS NOT SCARED, WOMAN! Yolanda admits she would have panicked. She is very proud of him.

Brokeback Frat?: Phil asks the boys how they feel about the girls having been eliminated. They express sadness, but it’s the first time they’ve heard it. They say it sucks, and they guess it’s just the two of them in the hotel room. Phil asks what they think of the country. They love it and wonder what natural disasters are around that might keep people from living there. Phil asks if they judge a country by the quality of its women. They laugh and agree and consider Italy full of hotties. He wonders how they have time to race and spot the local attractions as it were. They laugh and say it’s just them! It’s multi-tasking. Heh.

A New Direction?: Yolanda at the mat tells Phil she analyzes signs too much when driving. Now, they just ask repeatedly for directions to make sure they don’t go out of their way. They had Ray drive today and it went better, so he’ll keep driving. Phil asks what other teams they saw. They saw Lake & Michelle. Phil wants their estimation on Lake & Michelle as a team. They like Team Redneck and also find them a threat. Phil asks how they think Lake & Michelle get on, and Ray & Yo laugh, saying they have their own special communication. Phil claims it is at one level—loud. Hah. Yolanda likes that and claims southern kinship. Their special communication is joking, and Yolanda admits that outsiders might think it goes too far if they ever overhear.

 Watch Out: Mojo at the mat discuss their third place finish with Phil. Monica needs a lucky break to get ahead and taste first place. Joseph agrees that one small break could help them surge ahead of the dominating Frats and Hippies. Mojo feels those two know Mojo is competitive, but they’ve let their guards down after all this time being first and second. Mojo plans on taking advantage of that. Phil turns towards the personal and asks them if they have noticed anything different about each other on the race. Monica is happily surprised that a normally impatient Joseph is much more patient on the race. She thought it would be the opposite. Joseph feels the same thing about her. She waxes on, prompted by Phil, about how much she loves him and how great it is to spend time in these beautiful places with him. He agrees. They kiss. It’s sweet.

Under Pressure: Can someone please tell me WHAT Lake & Michelle have on that causes that, er, ‘lifting and separating’? I know I’m not the only person that noticed that. It didn’t have the same effect on Lake, but he’s wearing one too, and I must know the purpose. Seriously. Email me. PLEASE!! Anyway, Ms. Busty, er I mean Michelle, mentions she does not like putting herself out there to possibly fail in front of people. Hence her fear of doing anything, obviously. She’s self-conscious of failing, she says, but Lake doesn’t worry about it. Phil rightly disagrees as he thinks Lake definitely worries about losing. Lake agrees with Phil.

The difference the boys are missing is that Michelle handicaps herself by the mere thought of failing in front of people, and Lake just goes balls to the wall and if he fails, he’ll deal with the humiliation, but he doesn’t work himself up over it beforehand. Michelle probably loses sleep on wondering if her hair will be looking bad on national TV and if the dentist wives club will mock her. Anyway, Lake talks about having high standards for himself and those around him. He doesn’t expect anything from anyone else that he wouldn’t do himself. Phil asks what he does if someone is having a hard time. Lake tries to fire them up. Michelle says sometimes it makes her more nervous when he does that, but other times it’s okay. Of course, that makes Lake’s life difficult, because I’d bet there’s no logic as to when it’s okay to “fire her up” and when you have to back the hell away. Again, match made in heaven.

Awe & Wonder: Fran & Barry at the mat with Phil. Barry finds the more you travel the less jaded you become, rather than more jaded, because you are constantly amazed. They find Sicily spectacular. Fran is ready to dance with the band’s welcome. Phil asks what they tell non-travelers about the best part of traveling. For Fran & Barry, it is the unknown, the little things that just crop up in the traveling. The selling of fish will stick in their minds now, as they’ve never remotely done that. Fran raves about the people and the beauty of the country. See, when they are like this, they’re okay. I still wanted them to go rather than my nerds.
Title: Re: Insider Clips
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EP7 insider clips

BJ & Tyler

Lake & Michelle's parting words

Eric & Jeremy Mat Chat

MOJO Mat Chat

Hippie Mat Chat

Michelle & Lake Mat Chat

Group waits for the train

Eric & Jeremy clean out their backpacks

RaYolanda talk to the Frats about the Dees

MOJO talk about Rayolanda being all business and Lake , lol

RaYolanda/ Yolanda warns Lake to Chill , lol

more RaYolanda

this one is good, F&B are at the train station I guess asking someone for info and Lake butts in and Fran gives Lake  :meow:
security chases them all outside

Lake " spaz's " out while MOJO are buying tickets  , he tells them he has Euros and he wants them to hurry , lol They think he's Bi-Polar !!

(http://i2.[banned image hosting site].com/vdfrlw.jpg)(http://i2.[banned image hosting site].com/vdfrpj.jpg)(http://i2.[banned image hosting site].com/vdfs5f.jpg)

Roadblock , Barry is proud of Fran  :jam:

Lake /Michelle & MoJo talk about sharing a room in Angora  :bny1:

Lake & Michele fighting  B:) , I chose not to watch

Eric & Jeremy talk about their family

Ray & Yolanda pitstop conf

I think thats it !  :bny4:
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Post by: Pedaler on April 13, 2006, 10:19:03 AM
Efcharisto' Puddin.    :tup:
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on April 17, 2006, 09:31:03 AM
RNO's Insider transcript's

The Amazing Race 9, Episode 7 Insider: Animal House
by Heathyr Fields Ford -- 04/17/2006
Is it possible for Lake to come off as a nice guy? Believe it or not, that's what this week's Insider clips show. Also, there is a little bit of fighting from Ray & Yolanda, and another confrontation between Lake and Fran. Heathyr has all the details.
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on April 20, 2006, 08:46:47 AM

Grand tour
BJ & Tyler's escort to the insense burner

Hit and Run
more BJT

More of the Same
RaYolanda on the rion bridge  ( wont play )

Bad attitudes
more RaYolanda

Parting shots
more RaYolanda

deep thoughts

not so friendly faces
E&J talk about how miserable RaYolanda ..they hope they get eliminated because they arent fun but are super competitive ..they're cool people but don't have fun as they are always wearing their game faces .

Mixed reviews
MOJO , talk about the camping at the incense burner ..he likes it she didnt

more MOJO

Free Spirits
BJT after they are mugged   :-* ( I love them )

Big Dig

Yolanda talks about the big dig/ roadblock

Nice Guys

Number one
B&F's mat chat

Big Pain
more F&B

Heat of the moment
MoJo mat chat

Dr Phil
RaYolanda mat chat

Bad Day
E&J's mat chat

Down & out
BJT mat chat

thats it!!  :waves:
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Post by: Pedaler on April 20, 2006, 03:34:03 PM
Shukran Puddin   :tup:
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on April 20, 2006, 03:38:45 PM
oh Pedaler theres a few more ... later  :waves:
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: mswood on April 20, 2006, 09:24:35 PM
I love the clips (except the crappy quality and the damn commercials).  THey really give you a lot more information about the racers and how they handle things.

Next morning soon as I am home from work, thats what I checkout.

ANy one having problem with the Eric and Jeremy talking about Fran and Barry?
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on April 20, 2006, 10:08:59 PM
Yup that one mswood as well as a few of RaYolanda's ..I thought it was just me .
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Post by: Kogs on April 27, 2006, 09:26:40 AM
Getting to know you (
Reverse Pyschology (
Headed in the right Direction (
Incredible Journey (
Fran and Barry's Parting Words (
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on April 27, 2006, 10:11:58 AM
 :kuss: I appreciate that Kogs, thank you
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Post by: Kogs on April 27, 2006, 10:12:55 AM
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: Pedaler on April 27, 2006, 09:39:10 PM
Thank you Kogs :tup:

I wish your team was as competent as you  :-[  Two Seattle lefties and your team with all of that right handed power couldn't touch them?  What's with that?  Like the Sox, I'm leaving the great Northwest too. 

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Post by: Kogs on April 27, 2006, 09:54:16 PM
check out this thread from my fav sports website
it explains last nights game (
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Post by: Pedaler on April 27, 2006, 10:31:57 PM
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks for the link, Kogs.  It appears that there are all types of detectives in cyberspace.
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Post by: Kogs on April 27, 2006, 10:34:31 PM
my pleasure. that ump will be in chicago, he makes the same mistakes again cub fans will kill him   :lol:
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Post by: puddin on April 28, 2006, 12:28:56 AM
Kogs  just let me know there are more insider clips up , too late for me to watch them all but

link to the videos

this one

 Fowl situtation
FRAN & BARRY tried to sneak the chicken sandwiches !!the were charged  220 Austrailian money !!
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in stirring the pot

E&J are the ones pitting MoJo & BJT against each other
E: the hippies told us they were going to yield MoJo , so we told MoJo so that made some animosity there which is pretty fun because Mojo was gonna give them money yesterday err or the last leg because they didnt have any but , they decided not to because of the info that we shared with them , so now that Fran & Barry we think are gone that takes away that alliance to the hippes had too becaue the hippies were kind of counting on them because they gave them money and they were just kind of looking out for each other .
J: the eason we like MoJo is because we relate to them real well and weve been kind of hanging out with them  in the whole race know ever since the start when there was 11 teams we've had a good time with mojo and they're cool people . We've already talked about haging out with them when we get off here ,,
E: I dont think with mojo were not aaaaaa... I mean we'd rather keep them around becuase their not as you know ..I mean Joseph is a strong player and so is Monica well we cant .. I mean we just had to race them and we won . So we'd rather have somebody like them . like obvioulsy Fran & Barry have been great to hae around because we could have ran past them but Ray & Yo are pretty physical we'd rather get rid of them ...The hippies ,Tyler's pretty much a girl ..I mean he can't run I dont think at all ,I mean hes pretty much a sissy , so I mean we want the weaker teams withe us in the final 3.
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: mswood on April 28, 2006, 05:59:59 PM
YEah I couldn't get that one to play Yesterday.

So I am curious, it sounds like the HIppies did tell Eric and Jeremy that they were thinking of Yielding MOJO.  But that E & J really to get the **** going made sure MOJO knew about it.

So unless E & J Have been really poisoning these two teams, it does seem that they don't get along well.
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RNL ( Linlk  ( ) recaps last weeks insider clips .
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Post by: puddin on May 04, 2006, 02:32:34 AM
3:30 am and only 3 insider clips are up

BJT new bag
E/J buy BJT some plastic bags , handles and everything ..its payback for caneling the taxi and a bribe not to get yielded .
" Quantas quality bags "
( pretty funny )

Here comes trouble
 E/J BJT & MoJo at the mat  ( all the time the teams are swatting bugs )
Jeremy says that if someone needs pants he will give them pants , Phil says Jeremy could use soem pants hiself

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Post by: Pedaler on May 04, 2006, 12:31:21 PM
Thanks Puddin   :tup:  They appear to be working now.

I wish your CBS web monkey friends would put up more clips  ;)
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I tried testing ...

no luck yet Pedaler

psttttttt thanks for the linkies to our site from the "other" site  :kuss:
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I must have had a brain f*rt to post in the wrong thread.  Thanks Puddin.
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more clips

Calm & Collected
BJT talk about why they want to yield see the look on Joe's face

BJ: when we get to this airfield , we'll both get there at the exact same time and Tyler and I will have a footrace with MoJoJoJo and  beat them to the yield and we'll get to see Jo freak out as we yield him .
Tyler : so we decided to yield MoJo if we get there ahead of them
BJ: and purely from an entertainment perspective , if we get yielded we'll be like ( head hangiing low ) but if Joseph gets yielded he will freak out or possabliy break a plane ...or something , lol , should be alot of fun to watch .take a plane and just start smashing it with his head .
Him & eric were talking the other night ,while we were waiting for the swan bells to open , about fights they've gotton into anduh Joseph was like ( in Jo voice ) " you know one time I was in this bar and this guy and his wife were there , she called me a I just grabbed his head  and stuck my leg infront of his ..and just pushed him down to the curve and started kicking
him "  and Eric was like " sweet " . I was like what the hell are you talking about !? Like when I go to a bar I'll have a drink or two and try to talk to girls . He ( jo) is like " yeah like this one time this guy grabbed monica so I started kicking him on the ground and he curled up into this fetal position and I broke a bottle over his head ..
Tyler : Oh my God ! What !?
BJ : He's" like sometimes like one time guy , I forget what I said , this guy just punched me , broke like my front 4 teeth " so hes like " that kind of sucked " and I was like yeahhhh .

Make a Wish


Trash Talk
RaYo / BJT at the Bells

nevermind .......I give up  :meow:

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coming clean
E/J come clean about canceling the cabs

not so smart

after the yield incident Ray wants to know why E/J are called " frat boys " because caceling the cabs was a wasted move

the art of begging
RaYo beg for some money

home sweet home
RaYo decide to get a room for the night


MoJo /BJT share a room for the night !

family photos
MoJo at the yield  looking at eliminated teams photos , they also point out to Jeremy that his photo is Geeky
shoeless BJ

BJ goes tells us that he asked Tyler to pass him his shoes & socks and Tyler says the road was curvy and feels it wouldnt have been safe for BJ to drive while trying to put on his shoes .
Tyler is homesick and misses his girlfriend , when BJ blames him , attacks him , it makes him more homesick .
( sweet )


BJT talk about MoJo accusing them of playing mind games

BJ : MoJo have accused us of playing mind games with them , and I can understand its pretty stressfull for them , they're uh the first rednecks to make it this far in the race and every leg gets more stessfull for them , they probably just want to go back to their shack .
Tyler : yeah its funny that moJo think that were playing mind games with them because were just playing the game , were not trying to trick or decieve anyone ,We told them , we told MoJo that we were going to yield them if they didnt give us any money in Oman , you didnt leave us any money we ended up yielding them , and they say that were full of deceit and trickery and were just playing the race as were playing it , were not trying to trick or decieve ...I mean during this last leg we all shared a hotel room with each other and we were completely open and honest with them , tell them what we say just seems so funny to us that MoJo think that we are playing mind games when really were just being open and they think its trickery when they are just confused .


Eric /Jeremy give us confessionals as to why they each think the other deserves to win ( nice one )

Monica tells us that even though BJT apologized for yielding them but now she is motivated , she says shes not going to hold a grudge against them ( a nice short clip )

just warming up

RaYo at the mat , they tell Phil they are in good shape today because they didnt get yielded , they thought the Frats would be ahead of them and thought they would have yielded them .
RaY: see we played our hand , we invested in the " Hillbillies" when they were non elimination , we gave them some money for gas ..

again he calls them " Hillbillies " Yolanda corrects him " hippies " Ray is like yeah , right lol "the hippies "

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RNO transcribes the Finish line
The Amazing Race 9: The Finish Line, Episode 10
by Teeuwynn Woodruff -- 05/08/2006

This week's episode featured the closest mass finish in Amazing Race history! But since no team was eliminated in the aftermath, we'll have to see what Jon and Peggy have to see about the episode without one of the teams to keep them company

link  (
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: strategery on May 10, 2006, 09:27:42 AM
Hey, puddin -- this is great. I hate the CBS Insider monkeys with the power of 1,000 burning nuns, and now I can avoid them altogether.
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on May 10, 2006, 03:33:27 PM
Hey, puddin -- this is great. I hate the CBS Insider monkeys with the power of 1,000 burning nuns, and now I can avoid them altogether.
:lol: too funny ! Hopefully we don't have to wait 4 days this week for cBS to get their act together  :knuckles:
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New clips , only a few are up right now
The letter
BJT, along with the pants Yolanda leaves instructions on how to take care of them along with a B-Day wish . It was BJ'S B-DAY!!
( good clip for BJT fans, pretty funny )

MoJo parting words

Learning experience
BJT at the mat
( omg too funny , worth the watch )

No thanks
RaYo at the mat , they talk about the FastForward and no way they could have eaten the crickets

E/J mat chat
they are serious about winning the Million$$$

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Khop Khun Mak Puddin.   :tup:
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Post by: Kogs on May 12, 2006, 03:51:19 PM
Insider vids for week11

The Letter
The Dirty Dancer
The Power Of Lake
Lost and Found
Brushing Up
Rise and Shine
Monkey Shines
Moot Point
Bug Juice
The Power of Lake, Part 2
Friendly Faces
Learning Expeirences
No Thanks
Still Winners
Joseph and Monica's Parting Words
The Finish Line Part 1
The Finish Line Part 2
The Finish Line Part 3
Next on the Amazing Race
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on May 12, 2006, 03:54:10 PM
YAY Kogs !!! Off to watch a few before supper  :woohoo:
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: mswood on May 12, 2006, 08:40:09 PM
Thanks for the links.  I have given up on  This makes it almost painless.
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on May 16, 2006, 05:14:34 PM
RNO (link ) ( transcribes the insider clips ( I love that they do this ,I never had a chance to sit and watch all the clips this week ! )

The Amazing Race 9, Episode 11 Insider: I’ve Lost My Mojo
by Heathyr Fields Ford -- 05/16/2006

The racers seem to have lost their Mojo this week. Even though that appears to be a good thing, it may have affected CBS' ability to play Insider clips! Heathyr, as always, has all the details
Title: Re: Insider Clips
Post by: puddin on May 20, 2006, 07:27:18 PM
Some insider clips from the finale

Northern Exposure
BJT wonder if they should ask if they have any jackets in Lost & Found ..they are already cold and not even in Alaska yet .
E/J kill time in the airport telling BJT that they have spent time in Alaska working on crab boats .


BJT try to cut in line at the airport by saying " thanks for saving our spot " to E/J . E/J return the favor by letting the other people in line know that BJT are line cutters >

Paid in full
RaYo pay BJT back the 20 $ they gave them at the beginning of the leg . Ray jokes , I would have waited untill the next leg but I don't think they will have change for a million .

Cough it up
RaYo are in the airport begging for money , they tell everyone that they lost all there stuff in Japan ..people were kind to them , 163 dollars !
Same Flight different City

RaYo , Yo gives Ray some tips on driving from the backseat ........again

Eric is fed up with BJT shadowing them , their lead is slowly slipping away .

Talk is Cheap 
while they seem to enjoy the presence of their cab driver in alaska eric comments on how slow he was driving , Eric says how the cabbie let them escape with about r$ on their fare , Eric says they did not know that they can't beg at US terminals " anyone that tries to beg at U.S. airports are in violation of the rules , I don't know about airplanes ? Airplanes are fine I beleive ? but airports ,U.S. airports , can't do that  "

Friend or Foe
BJT Conf at the final pitstop
BJT comment on the how E/J competed with them, " its all part of the race " 
anyway BJ says that that E/J had no American money in Alaska so they shared their Burger king with them , Eric was not feeling well .
My comment , I thought so Eric didn't seem himself ..he looked very tired .

Not Worthy
E/J conf at the final pitstop
E says that they don;t feel that RaYo belonged in the final 3 " they've been just hanging back and behind ............there not as much fun as the other teams but I don't think they deserve to be there . "
J says they were never really a threat to them

Lowered expectations
E/J may chat with Phil , Phil praises them as Jeremy makes jokes .

First Place
BJT mat chat :)

Directionally challenged
RaYo mat chat ( pretty funny ) Yo says Ray is " Super Fine "

E/J final thoughts
RaYo final thoughts

Finish line