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Title: The Expanse (formerly on SYFY now on Amazon Prime)
Post by: theschnauzers on March 19, 2019, 10:04:53 PM
I watched season 1 when it originally aired on SYFY three or four years ago. Last summer, SYFY cancelled it after three seasons. A massive fan campaign persuaded its international distributor Amazon to pick up the series for at least one additional season.

It is set about two centuries in the future, where the mMoon, Mars and the Asteroid Belt have Ben settled, and the three “nation planets” have built stations via corporations around some of the moons of the outer planets. Earth has the United Nations as a planetary government, Mars is independent and settlers of the Belt are agitating against the corporations and have loosely aligned. War seems imminent between Earth and Mars, when a missing person mystery leads to the discovery of something total alien to the solar system.

It’s based on a series of novels, nine so far, (think Outlander) and focuses mostly upon James Holden, portrayed by Steven Strait. It is an immensely binge watchable series, and is viewed as the best of the sci-fi genre series on air today. Amazon Prime picked up the series, personally decided by Jeff Bezos, and the first three seasons became available on Amazon Prime in February. Season four has already completed filming last month, and is due for release later this year.

It is a character driven show, much like Outlander. Well worth watching.
Title: Re: The Expanse (formerly on SYFY now on Amazon Prime)
Post by: theschnauzers on July 27, 2019, 11:16:04 PM
Amazon will release season 4, based on the fourth novel of the book series on December 13. Amazon announced today that season 5 has been confirmed for production.

The first three seasons are available for streams no worldwide on Amazon Prime videos. Season 4 will be released Amazon holds all distribution rights worldwide.